I am not scared of failure, my future films can flop: Sajid Khan

Sajid KhanAs a child, Sajid Khan saw his father’s journey from glory to gloom and admits it taught him not to get carried away by success or guided by fear of failure.

“I have seen a lot of failure with my father. My father (Sajid Kamran Khan) was a very big filmmaker in the 1950s and 1960s. He used to make those black and white Dara Singh films. They were good films, but he never got the respect,” Sajid told IANS in a group interview.

“That time he didn’t work with Raj Kapoor and Dilip Kumar; he used to work with Dara Singh. Although he (Dara Singh) was a big star, he was known as a B-grade stunt star. But the films were successful with the audience. But then my father saw failure and at that time I saw people who were with him suddenly disappeared,” he said.

Talking about the family’s struggle at that time, the actor-director said losses were big.

“We had four flats and we sold everything. We didn’t even have a phone. So, I am not scared of success or failure. I don’t get carried away with success. Your identity can’t be success or failure. You are your own identity. I had even said that in the future my film can flop, but not me,” said the 41-year-old.

“The fear of failure should be there. But it should not guide you. When you get scared of failure, you start taking other people’s advice very seriously… feel that there is no greater thing than destiny,” he said.

“I used to make fun of other people’s films. I used to be stupid… But when I look back at that Sajid Khan, I want to tell him to keep quiet,” he said and added that he has learned a lot from his sister Farah Khan, a choreographer and filmmaker.

“I never interfered in her life. But I knew she would be an achiever. I learned a lot from her. I learned a lot in terms of how to evaluate your life. I was a crook. I used to lie and was almost in jail. But when work started coming, life became easier,” he said.

Once he entered the showbiz, Sajid knew he will make a film which will be successful.

“I am a safe filmmaker. When I write a story, I feel that there are some points which bring in nostalgia. I don’t want to experiment. I am making films for the audience. My films have been super hits and I always knew that I will make a super hit film. I don’t think it is overconfidence,” he said.



  • Sajid Bhai now emotionally blackmailing us??? sajid i loved ur tv shows, better do something good in ur future movies or just quit.

  • First he said his films will never be flop..but after himmatwala’s poor performance..he has changed his words and now he is saying that his future films may flop..atlast his over confidence has reduced..

  • Only thing I can say is ” rassi jal gyi , bal nahin gya” . He is talking about future films. He should say his present film is flop ! He wants sympathy now. Why didn’t he tell about failure of his dad when he was giving back to back super hits !


  • Actually he is Trying to hide whatever he had said before the release of himmatwala by taking his fathers name, dont have to tell abt ur father bcoz we audience have nothing to do with that just say sorry My audiencefor this time im unable to deliver and satisfied u but next time Will definetely try
    As simple as that just like salman who is in a supereme form, he always days that we made movie now hope to satify My fans

  • He should’ve thought like this before making those overconfident statements about Himmatwala. Poor Sajid! Anyways I wish he makes movies with a fresh script, rather than remakes. Doesn’t matter them being unrealistic comedies, but the story has to be convincing. Plus I don’t think Sajid is good enough in making these old fashioned movies. Please Sajid, make a movie with modern flavour;like Heyy Babyy & Houseful Series.

  • Its make no difference from one flop … I always support u , keep i t up your next movie surly will be BB. and pls remade to Disco Dancer also.

  • Sajid is a entertaining director no doubt but filmi viewers punish sajid for his over confidance and the film get poor opening beacause ajay lost srk fans of jthj and sos clash and salman fan can’t tolarate to watch non sence massala in other actor thats why sajid face his 1st failior, he failed at bo as people not interested to watch 80decade. No doubt sajid is a entertaining director, his next film feature saif ali khan, nabab of bollywood, big b and retesh deshmukh sure a blockbuster. Sajid saif will rock at the boxoffice.

  • well here is a thing everybody become cocky when they taste success and i dont get the point here that why most of srk fans here are trying again and again to pick on him. if i recall during the promotion of raone cocky srk said G.one G stands for his wife and “one” stand for his status in bollywood and he wasnt no. 1 in 2011 it was salman and than look what happened later raone did only 115 and its distributer share was half less than budget. hrithik also during promotion saw when movie kites got good opening he slammed critics and said my dads evey movie got 2 stars but it became blockbuster. even shahid kapoor said that mausam will be his highest grosssing movie, saif also said that cocktail will his hundred crore movie, i means so what if sajid says his movie is going to be in top 3. everybody has a right to sound their opinion. move on guys, live and let live, dont spread hate, sajid made a bad choice and sufferring it.

  • this interview was made before himatwala realese …after himatwala sajid will not come out from his home after all he has to return large money back to audience….even last line he say all my film were superhit..it is for audience..i really wanted to know what he say now???????????????

  • Excuse, but I am surprised that Sadzhit says also others that his movies were a success. Forgive, but abroad (where I live) its movies don’t love, and on the Indian comedies nobody goes because they are put by such directors as Sajid Khan and David Dhawan.
    Still I don’t know how these stupid comedies can be popular?

  • please cancel saif ali khan for your next movie and request akshay to act. the movie will be block buster. Ajay not able to save you. then how can saif. Only your movies with akshay only become hits

  • Sajid really needs akshay again!!! his savior…. :) n @alsaka, can understand about sajid, but u mentioned David Dhawan!!! oh common, he has proved many times dat hw accomplished he is with comedy genres… so better search for david dhawan films and u will come to know.

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