Humshakals Success Party: Photos

Stars present at the event: Ritesh Deshmukh, Esha Gupta, Ram Kapoor, Sajid Khan, Vashu Bhagnani, Vijay Singh

Location: Bandra

Ritesh Deshmukh at Humshakals success party

Ritesh Deshmukh at Humshakals success party

Esha Gupta at Humshakals success party

Esha Gupta at Humshakals success party

Ram Kapoor, Esha Gupta, Sajid Khan and Ritesh Deshmukh

Ram Kapoor, Esha Gupta, Sajid Khan and Ritesh Deshmukh



  • @romance new year what? I can’t stop laughing. Said best in action? He was unfit in action. Race was akshaye khanna all the way. And race 2 was John abraham’s show.saif is worst action hero. Samir,Salman and hrithik are much better in action than said. Ex. Dhoom 2,dhoom 3, ek tha tiger,ghajini and kick. Said’s phantom will be flop. Because said is unfit in action movies.

  • @anand:i am not interested. Navin’s comments are like sajid khan’s films. BTW,what’s the reason of bringing my name here unnecessarily? ? N some morons like navin are bashing hrfans for giving updates about bang bang.everyone has ri8s to comment. .NAVIN UNCLE IS GETTING INSECURE DAY BY DAY.

  • Saif is worst in action movies. Aamir, Salman,hrithik and akshay are much better than saif in action movies. Phantom will be flop. Saif should stick to rom com movies.

  • Oh no now again sajid will come with a pathetic film in next 2 years like housefull series and humshakals in the name of comedy and might be name of his film would be fullshakals. @romance you are continuously commenting in favour of this ridiculous film because of saif, my question is did you seen humshakals if yes than give your genuine review. Talking about Saif yes he is underrated but his few big films bombed at boxoffice which may take him in top 5 if they clicked. Yes he is good in Rom com but comparing him with Srk in romance is a joke itself. Srk is best in romance and its a fact. In action yes Saif is better than Srk, in Race he is simply fantastic. Srk looks great in action when he is fighting for his love like in CE climax when he fought with Thangabali the intensity in his eyes justifies the scenes but when it comes to movies like Don,ra1 etc where his fight for another reason his characters failed to leave mark for me. Even earlier in films like koyla,josh etc.

  • @navin, let c is Bang Bang Will be kites or another Dhoom2, otherwise u have to know Kites earn more than veer, double of London dreams, Dont ask about mamk, yuvraaj, kites is hit and 2nd big hit in oversease from 2010,
    and i know kick will be another same action fi8 movie in which salman copied Hrithik and wore an mask with ti8 chaddi baniyan :D unlyk stylish suit of Krrish, let us c ur fake body showing star what can do with another copy and average acting :D let me dont force to insult ur bhai.. Best 4 ur oldiest bhai

  • @dark minded dark boy:
    okay,srk n hro are not dat gud in comedy. But i don’t think there is any need of dat for dem.
    Based upon acting,todays’ best superstars are
    7.salman(winner of bad acting)

  • @anand babu Thanks buddy but it was YOU who came up with Ratoon Point One comment and just for that I will forever be your well wisher n continue to enjoy reading your future observations on the diminishing intellect of the Paglapurians….!

  • @sick rum -finally the KICK has hit the spot n you have reached breaking point- you clown the best comedy of last 2 decades was Ratoon Point One bcoz your Sarkar looked more EVIL than Arjuns comical Ratoon and that made audiences Roll On The Floor Laughing Out Loud……!

  • @nipin senior Such an impartial list by you but its not surprising you do what you do bcoz you are afterall a ‘nipin’ so here let me give a more balanced n accurate list of Best Superstars Today based solely on acting…!

    1- Aamir
    2- Ajay
    3- Ranbir
    4- Hritik
    5- Salman
    6- Akki
    7- Shreyas Talpade sorry Sarkar Rukh Khan

    @akki fans The few of you out there might not agree with Akkis ranking but to you I say:- “was Akki even acting in films like Boss, TMK, K786, HF2 or was he just being himself…? Salman bhai can be himself in so many movies but difference is bhais charisma charms his audience while Akkis lethargic attitude drives audiences loopy.

    @paglapurians Sarkar CANT act- hamming n bleating dont count- you know this so no debate plz…! Thanks

  • @nipun its great from 2nd/3rd position now Aamir moves at no.5 in your ranking and there is no surprise for us that soon he will comedown at last even below than Salman in your rating. Lol. Who told you comedy is not needed. That’s why Hr is complete actor for you but not for us. How can be someone be complete if he not shown any skill on comedy which is most popular zoner. Great system dude.

  • Not interested in replying navin.
    @sky:gave dat comment for dark minded darkboy. .as for comedy,hr hasn’t done any comedy movie so far. .in znmd,it was a genuine fun and hr was gud. .
    BTW,in comedy, it’s akki>rk>ajay/amir>salman>hr/srk

  • @nipin senior Dont reply to me bcoz quite frankly I get more sense n objective responses from ‘baby nipin’ and ‘nipin junior’ than I ever got from you…! Your contradictions knew no boundary n as someone rightly said Hritik is a ‘complete actor’ in your opinion despite lacking considerably in comic timing or humur relief…!

    Contradictory in the dictionary should just have a pic of you holding your 2 babies n that will be self explanatory…! ;-)

  • @sky i watched humshakals on saturday, it a nice 1 time watch film, comedy is good but housefull much better. Saif is no1 in romcom n srk in romance, also saif is a great actor watch omkara.

  • ha ha,jealousy is at it’s peak,it”s a other article and salman’s 3rd class fans are making jealous ids and abusing KING SRK here and good to see how Indicine is allowing such comments,shame!!!!!!!!

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