Hrithik – Sussanne file divorce, mother gets custody of kids

On Wednesday morning, Hrithik Roshan and his wife of 13 years Sussanne Khan Roshan filed for divorce at a Bandra family court. The couple, who have been together since 1997, have two children Hrehaan and Hridaan.  

The final hearing of their divorce will take place on October 31st 2014, after which Sussanne will get the custody of their children.

Their lawyer Dipesh Mehta said “I am representing both Hrithik and Sussanne; they have filed for divorce by mutual consent. The counsellor has submitted the report and the next hearing will take place on October 31. The custody of their kids, Hrehaan and Hridaan, has been awarded to Sussanne.”

Hrithik Roshan with wife Sussanne and kids Hrehaan, HridhaanHrithik Roshan with wife Sussanne and kids Hrehaan, Hridhaan



  • Shame on hritik.. U can’t take care of your wife..she was ur childhood love..hritik gone bankrupt after krish3 though movie turned hit but could not do as per expectation.

  • This is so sad. I thought they were a perfect couple. Still the reason for their divorce isn’t clear. Does anybody know why?

  • If they are happy with their divorce then let them do that. Divorce happens with mutual it’s all will live with mother and hritik will meet them time to no worries! !
    Now i would wish them good luck for their future.

  • It all happens after mutual agreement.we ppl should wish them luck instead of bashing them for it.

  • What is this indicine
    “Hrithik and his wife of 13yrs”…lol

    I think it is right that children’s custody has been given to Sussaine,she can take care of them better than HR,also HR hardly finds any time due to his busy shooting schedule.

  • Kids awarded to Susanne? Divorce in India is just as bad as the west! The parents shud get joint custody…………………………awarding mother kids child support and alimony is nonsense, at least Hrithik can afford it, but what about the common man who suffers???

  • i believe the custody of the child should be given to both parents hrithik n suzanne not to only one parent only yet suzanne is the mother n the court will favour on her side however both can spend time with each other while hope they settled their problems n do not get divorced if everything goes out well

  • Bitter sweet news. Now I think both Roshans and Hrfans will learn a lesson and stop manipulation and senseless commenting respectively.

  • It depends on people’s mind whether they take it positively or negatively.
    According to me ,they are the owner of their own life. If they find happiness with separation,then let them do that. And it’s better to live separately if someone doesn’t find happiness wid living together becoz kids would be affected by their quarrel. .i wish them all the best.
    @sht:just like ur name,ur comment was a shit. Divorce happens wid mutual agreement.and u don’t know what the reason behind their divorce is. So u cann’t simply blame hro only.
    Morons like @loki don’t even deserve my replies. Whatz need of bringing k3’s collection topic here?

  • Sad news, but its their decision so they know better than anybody else what is good for them. Best of luck to future of Roshans. Hope they both will come together again.

  • @sht Just because they divorce u automatically point the blame on the man!!! How typical in this society we live in, how do u know he didnt take care of her? Everyone knows HR to be a kind, good, gentle, humble man, isnt there a possibility that SHE is the one at fault!!!!! We saw her recently on indicine getting tattoo and partying, maybe she wanted to be ‘independant’ and wanted ‘freedom’ like so many modern women want these days!

  • @nipun I know it is very sad news for both. And I m strictly against this divorce. But due to some hritik and akshay fans who always talk negative about srk without any reason I forced to write it.

  • @shit
    Showed your class!!!
    K3 collected 244crs and if u go by BOI,still it was a how HR gone bankrupt????

    Actually,SRK was bankrupted after RA-One…

  • this doesnt affect me….i m a die-hard fan of HR, bt its their prsonal lyf…we shudnt comment anything other than wishing both gud luck! being single..hrithik will be more focused in his carrier. hope we fans will get the best of him from now on….

  • @babaji, U are such a moron, how did SRK go bankrupt with Ra One in 2011 and yet both he and Gauri Produced CE not so far after in 2012/2013!!!! CE was produced from his own Production house in 2012/2013, so how cud he hav gone bankrupt with Ra One in 2011? Take some thought and research b4 u post nonsense plz!

  • @shit:well. To be honest,hrithikfans are very much neutral.but what should they do if srkfans like @loki,@romance,@danish n salmanfans like @virat kohli,@vicky bash hrithik.
    We have to reply them. And except me, i haven’t seen any hrfans like sumeet,hrithik my hero,aaryaan,rezme116,shaksham, etc ‘s filthy comment on non-hro articles. .

  • @babaji ki Lully krish3 was most expensive movie…and sold on huge price base on prequel but couldn’t live up to its expectation which was his best bet and moreover ranbeers yjhd did better business than k3 not only in India but overseas too despite facing competition and released on non holiday. No need to bring ra1 here it half of the cost recovered from merchandise and did better in overseas than k3.
    @triniman..I rarely comments and my those comments are never agenda driven against any actor but some fans unesessorily commenting on every comments sections against srk wether his involvement in it or not.

  • Omg wat hrithik has done.. he’s a national icon n if hes involved in such activities.. Wat his fans wil learn from him… he’s promoting divorce in india….his loyalists wil b influenced by this move of his dereby increasing the no. of divorce cases in india
    shame on u hrithik foh dat
    PS- borrowed from a previous article in which some diehard hrithik fans like babaji etc wer shouting shahrukh shdnt do that.. How could he. Same goes foh hrithik.. No matter wat how could he
    Shahrukh lost his match dats y he was expressing his anger (according to some which was unpleasant/wrong) on the other hand hrithik’s marriage failed(wateva the reason b) so unwillingly he too influenced his fans na.. .. Dat too in the wromg way.I hardly find any difference between both.
    Btw @babajee I havnt said this b4 but k3’s collection wer always in the range 192- 195 crores includng tamil n telugu n its a fact.. Bcoz several reasons clears this.its just that u wanna believe the other figure.n plz dont justify sayin it has maxm youtube likes most hyped movie etc etc.. Jab tak h jaan too held the previous record.. But its collections wernt dat impressive.btw k3 actually was a crap copied from several holly flicks. N yup too was declared hit by boi so no losses to srk n if u can call the richest star in india bakrupt den we can even say k3 was a disaster.

  • @ Nipun Madam !!!!

    Now all this bulllll shitss come out of mouthh…
    The truth is he failed to maintain his relationship,
    but to be frank so sad news for them and for us….

  • I am not interested in writing lengthy comment for blind and moronic haters.
    How many times they will talk about k3’s collection? ? These srk’s slaves like sht were bashing boxofficeindia at the time of ce. But after k3,boi became their favourite site! !
    If roshans can manipulate figure,so can the boi. Initially it was boi only who showed much lesser figure. Then khanfans specially srk’s servents barked against k3’s collection like never before and created huge negativity over it. SUCH 3RD CLASS PEOPLE THEY ARE!
    roshans are honest. They aren’t backstabber,selfish,egoistic and arrogant like SRK. I can blame srk and srkfans for k3’s collection. This overacting ki dukaan,srk used to be my 2nd fav. But these moronic media and srkfans have made me a hater.
    Zetc is controlled by komal nehta. He supported k3 and told in a episode dat k3 has already beaten ce. But this moronic biased chennal ignored that completely. Hrithik has already cleared dat k3 has collected 244 crores.he also stated dat his friends are even backstabbing him. Hr is a humble and honest guy. Why should they manipulate? ? If manipulation was their real purpose,then why they worked hard for 3 years?
    When ppl can believe d3 day1 figure was 36 crores,then why cann’t the believe k3’s 25 crores of day1? ? If u moron think dat ramleela’s weekend collection was more that k3 wid less screens,less ticket price and less hype, then even god cann’t save your mind.
    This time it was something wrng wid boi not roshans.
    And dear indicine,please allow my comment. I have also a feeling towards my icon. I am here to defend him.

  • @nipin senior, @sht, @trini, @babaji ki lungi- you morons need to get of the high moral ground n saddle something equivalent to your status like perhaps a donkey (sorry Mr Donkey but ride these jokers across the border n dump them there please)…!

    Custody is awarded to the mother in most divorce/ seperation cases but this is a mutual agreement so surely Hrithik will get access to his boys at frequent intervals. As another user said Hrithik has a job which is unique n unlike most ‘common mans’ 9-5 job- working all hours n long consecutive days without a break so for stability its right Susanne gets the kids n Hrithik can see them when he chooses to do so. @trini you’re an idiot so keep your western ideologies out of this you mug.
    @sht pure shit eminating out of your mouth so grab a bottle of mouthwash n clear out that smell.
    @nipin senior You drunk who spouts anti khan nonsense on every single ‘khan’ article just accept your medicine n accept ppl will abuse hritic bcoz of morons like you talking shit on their stars articles. Doesnt matter who started it bcoz you reciprocate it so you deserve abuse back.

  • @nipun oohhh really..??
    Dats the problem wid u guyzz…
    If anything bad happens to a star shahrukh did it.. U shd knw he was also involved in k3 n he too requested his fans to watch k3 n he wil come next diwali(indicine released an article too regarding dat).
    shahrukh n hr are really good frnz no matter wat.. Politcs is foh aamir
    N btw tell me if k3 collectecd 244 crs y its territorial breakdown wasnt available..???
    N u talking abt boi.. Let me tell u xcept indicine n koimoi all the trade magazines are quoting the lower figures… Indicine even gave an article clarifying dat.. N u shd also knw komal nahata is hrithik’s personal trade analyst who handles his PR Work.. If u hav any queries plz visit boxofficemojo n search an article regarding truth abt k3 collections.. N u r comparing ramleela.. Wid k3.. Every one knws wat was the truth overseas…If k3 was dat much anticipated movie den y did it plzz dont give xcuses like in overseas superhero genre isnt dat popular.. Remember even collected 9.2 million dat too in 2011

  • 54 crores in 450 screens is nt bad as far as overseas box office is concerned.
    There are two chances for the difference btwn official and boi’s figure.
    1.either roshan manipulate the figure
    2.or boi lower it
    no one can manipulate 50 crores.can u imagine the tax for it? It will be more than 15 crores. Hritik’s statement clearly proves all. Even once srk told dat ce has collected 227 crores which was also producer figure.

  • @indicine, I am writing for U to see this, what INJUSTICE on this site!!!! U allow a person to abuse me with insults and when I reply with the SAME insults u do not post it!! Well u can take this facist bias site and shove it u know where!!! And dont worry karma exists, one day u wud want to defend urselfs and wont be allowed to!!!! The ull remember the injustice u put on others!! I am gone to bigger and better things!! HATERZ!!!

  • Only they know whats goin between them, i know Hrithik never ever be reason for this saperation E1 he told on his fb’s official fan page that his love always same for his wife suzzane ane if she is happy for saperation then i will do for she’s happyness….
    We dont have to care about them, let them live as they want… Hrithik did each possible thing to save this relation, and he did everything for his childrens happyness…. Definately somewhere suzzane was wrong….. Aur yaha jo kutte bhok rahe hai wo apne maa behano pe jake bhoke

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