Hrithik Roshan’s statement on Krrish 3 Collections

Hrithik Roshan has slammed those in the industry and trade, who have been unnecessarily targeting the Roshans over the box office collections of their 2013 blockbuster Krrish 3. 

The superstar, who has been in the news for all the wrong reasons in the last few weeks, has also officially declared the domestic and overseas collections of Krrish 3.

Krrish 3 has done a business of about 244 cr India and around 55 cr overseas. I wonder who these people are who have been so affected by these numbers and my success. Are they the ones I call my friends I wonder? I would like to tell them that they need not ever be insecure about another man’s success cause all they need to do is concentrate on their own hard work which in turn will help them achieve what they want.

Some from the industry and certain sections of the media are hell-bent on putting me, my father and ‘Krrish 3’ down. I have maintained my silence until now but these derogatory manipulations need to stop.

In the meantime stop manipulating the press! Believe in karma. As my father and I do. And one last thing about my father and me as a team – WE’VE ONLY JUST BEGUN!



  • Do good movies…you have been a class actor…don’t go behind controversies…leave it….don’t care rather posting statements

  • Good to see Hrithik cleared all confusion.I always said before and after “CE” release that in 2013 the competition is between “Dhoom 3” and “Krrish 3” for highest grosser and CE will be end up at third position and exactly the same has happened.

  • It doesn’t matter what others Feel/Say I Strongly believe that Hrithik and Rakeshji will not fudge box office numbers. If HR says it 244cr Nett India then it is 244cr Nett India.

  • So it is clear that that after giving a highest grosser after many years our King’s movie still ended up as third highest grosser of year

  • So that means Lungi was blown already in Diwali by “Krrish 3” but many were not accepting and those who were not accepting their Lungi was blown in Christmas by “Dhoom 3”.lol

  • Well done Hrithik. It was high time, that required u to come out strong against these sore losers who can’t digest others success, instead they try to pull u down for their own satisfaction. I loved the way u smashed these pathetic morons. And I’m telling u this again,its ur near and dear ones who can’t stand to see u succeed, yeah u know whom I’m talking about. Yeah its the stereotype khans and their chamchas. Hrithik has never put himself in box-office game or race to the no.1 sh*t. That doesn’t mean anyone can down play his success and what he has achieved. Hrithik is way ahead of all these cheap practice.

  • I agree with Hrithik, the trailer which went viral on youtube and still holds the highest viewership status is naturally supposed to be the record breaking opener but the BOI has tried its best to ruin the party. 16 crore opening day was ridiculous and BOI made it more doubtful when they changed the collection into 18 withing two days. Specifically, I couldn’t stop laughing at BOI report when I saw that they reported Krrish 3 to have collected about 18 crore on opening day from 4,000 screens across India with the same occupancy rate of Ram Leela that also collected 18 crore on Day one from more or less than 3,000 screens. Isn’t it heavily doubtful and ridiculous??

    Right now I am sure from the reading of the post that Khans who are dominating the industry from one side took it as threat since they saw the success of the first trailer of Krrish 3 having overwhelming response around the world and decided to put a full stop to the point where it will look like an average film.

    A film that has such huge response, a film that is highly rated by both critics and audience, a film that has been released in more than 4,000, a film that could collect more than 31 crore on its fourth day of release can not end up at 177 crore which is heavily marketed by the agents of Khans through BOI.

    I clearly blame it on SRK because he must have been insecured about his CE record being broken by Krrish 3. SRK is someone who can not think of others crossing him, SRK is someone who can bring cheap things in movie to get more attention from audience (like inviting all bollywood stars in one song or impressing the fans of Rajnikanth in South by praising and worshiping him in his own movies or songs of the movies). The man who is that kind of insecured will surely take such step to prevent others from crossing him.

    Anyway, I hope Hrithik has understood how the industry can go against him so he should be very careful about Bang Bang because nobody will be able to stop Bang Bang crossing the collection of Dhoom 3. Bang Bang is bigger movie that all Dhoom series and Fox studio is backing the movie to give all technical support to match the one from Hollywood. Mark my word first day collection of Bang Bang will be 50 crore. Hrithik must take initiative so that next time the industry insiders can’t get caught red handed if they try to do it once again.

  • Slap on haters’ face.
    Now haters,don’t cry. .
    I don’t care about BO.i want good movies and k3 was a good movie. Hats off to rakesh sir and greek god for making such a wonderful movie with an amount of 90 crs only.

  • I don’t know what’s the problem of haters with hro. HR has shared good relationship with all actors.may it be SRK,salman,amir,akki or ranbir.

  • Well Done Hrithik! Now all these Haters can stop being insecure and stop posting craps.Its someone inside the industry itself who is being affected by the success of the RoshansThey always want to see KHAN’s at the Top.Such Morons.I would say well done Hrithik.

  • Well done Hrithik Roshan!!!!!!!!!
    We all Hrithikians believe in you
    Haters of Hrithik are confused admirers ,they hate their choice of actors because Hrithik Roshan is a reflection of what they wish their actors should have been ;D

  • Well done Hrithik Roshan!!!!!!!!!
    We all Hrithikians believe in you
    Haters of Hrithik are confused admirers ,they hate their choice of actors because Hrithik Roshan is a reflection of what they wish their actors should have been ;-D

  • What happened to Hrittik!!!!
    He has changed so much.Now he started telling rubbish on press.why don’t u concentrate on ur work,dear????
    He is behaving like some faded stars who got success after a long period time and his other contemporaries actors don’t want him bounce back.
    I really didn’t expect hr doing this…
    Plz,be the hr whom we still love.

  • I salute you hrithik sir, jealous khan & his fan always jealous to you. Great job done by INDICINE to track k3 real BO

  • Sachin11, before the release of CE, you said it won’t even touch YJHD. What happened about that, Ha Ha =D flop prediction.

  • that’s just frustration of HR…..because everyone within trade is making fun of there manipulation….
    though K3 was better than CE but couldn’t beat CE…nor YJHD….However, D3 broke all records….
    so 1 thing clear…HR is behind AK,SK,SRK & RK….in term of numbers…..or i shall say that all K’s(last initial) are ahead of him…

  • Hrithik is most honest person of the Btown, salute you sir, salute you for your hard work. Its KHAN fan made controversy supported by some jealous trade like boi.
    Shame you haters

  • Now it should be clear to every SRK,Salman and Aamir fan…that Krrish 3 collected 244cr…
    It was i think mainly due to some SRK fans and srk favoured trade analyst,who did’nt believe CE’s collections broken so easily..
    Top 5 grossers of the year:
    1)Dhoom 3: 271crs*
    2)Krrish 3: 244crs
    3)CE: 227crs
    4)YJHD: 189crs
    5)Ramleela : 117crs

  • @sachin11 True and you will recall how we in tandom stated that both Rohit 3 and Dhoom 3 will surpass Crappy Express’ collections and battle it out for top 2 spot in 2013…! Our belief and prophecy came true…!

    @all lungiwalas Accept the fact that your crappy Thakurs records have been smashed not once but twice and before Indicine post the 1st Anniversary of Crappys Express’ release, Jai Ho, PK and Kick will continue to knock Chennai Depress out of the Top 5 All Times Highest Grossers list…! ;-)

  • This is clear attack by Hrithik on SRK…
    Now it can turn into rivalry…
    Hence from now;
    SRK vs Hrithik vs Salman

  • So All the Khans N othr production houses Tryin to save thr Records.Eventualy Truth comes out . If a Person like Hrithik who is knwn to be realy calm n good n have to Fights with any one at all. Come out with statements like that you should know right away that it is the Truth. He clearly knows Who these ppl are Who r Tryin to Drag him down. As he said that its so called Friends Who r thryin to save thr Records N doesnt want him to succesed. Hrithik fans r not Stupid to Fight ovr whos top or whos Best . We dnt want to save his records. Bt we stand my the Truth. IF hrithik say’s its 244 crs then it is. We dnt need any other X person sayin other things. Maybe othr Stars need to Act bt or make Btr Film rathr thn tryin to show him n his films in a Bad way. N Finally Millions of fans of hrithik Stand By him. wait for 2 OCT 2014 He’ll Show you who is the express , dabangg n idiots of Indian Film industry

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