Hrithik Roshan’s Statement on alimony issue

Actor Hrithik Roshan who has maintained a dignified silence up until now, has released a statement to the media, targeting those who constantly intrude into his private life. He has also rubbished reports of Sussanne claiming 400 crore as alimony.

Hrithik’s Official Statement:

“Disgusted with all this manipulated Alimony bullshit in an effort to tarnish reputation. When people separate, they DON’T STOP being FAMILY! When a man is too strong to be affected or attacked, they target his family instead. No one DARE attack my family like this. This is my sincere request to all that have intruded into my private life like vultures trying to use my separation to project their own frustrations. Please stop this unethical and immoral behavior. Sussanne has not demanded a single penny so the question of ‘Alimony’ does not arise! She is an independent working girl and heads her own self built design company. Our relationship never was and never will be about money! How dare some people attack a person’s identity and character and then turn it into a joke is unfathomable and downright disgusting! Stop trying to dig for dirt where there is only peace, love and harmony because that’s the kind of people we were brought up to be by our loving parents. It is sad that I have to put out a statement like this but sometimes the truth needs to be louder to obliterate the lies. Shame on all of you who wrote about this and shame on all the people who had a good laugh about it.”

Hrithik Roshan

Hrithik Roshan



  • Though I being a hater, really liked the way he responded to the alimony reports…atleast something positive for him that he has saved 400crs now…

  • absolutely true @hrithik shame on those people who don’t understand the matter of heart and shame on the media.. may ALLAH bash them so they will learn how to be good to you and your family

  • Well said hrithik. As a person I like u. Sussanne doesn’t need money cuz she is a daughter of actor sanjay khan and has her own business.

  • Hrithik we support you fully..let the haters bark…ultimately they will be banged after bang bang…keep rocking!!!

  • It was bound to come . Hrithik is a honest, humble, talented and most importantly has patience but when anybody tries to bring down somebody continuously then he is bound to get angry . Past few months have been very bad for him – Brain surgery, separation, controversies regarding the manipulation of Krrish 3 ‘ S collections and now this Alimony rumour . But don’t worry Duggu we are with you always and we will be always with you .

  • This may be punishment for K3 manipulation. 185 –> 244 crs
    I think all this is publicity for Bang Bang. Hrithik needs something to be in the news. Dont be surprised if such statements keep coming till Bang Bang release.

  • I m eagerly waiting for 2nd October when hrithik will bang all haters.there has been far too much nonsense said about him by a section of media and netigens.bang bang has huge hype around it and is releasing on a very lucrative will dfntly b a huge blockbuster with first 5 days around 140cr and lifetime 300cr while boi will manipulate 100cr this time to show that hrithik has again failed to cross 200cr.haters like @tiger,@navin@romance will again spam indicine with manipulationpur,papa boy etc comments.

  • Biggest slap on hrithikhaters and biased me media. .SHAME ON THOSE MORONS WHO CREATED THE FAKE NEWS N MADE OF SUSS N HRITHIK. .Seriously,i hope hrithikhater die alone.

  • Seems like HR hired ‘Nipun’ to write this message.
    “Shame on all of you who wrote about this and shame on all the people who had a good laugh about it.”
    Looks like Nipun’s language. Only mention of Lootera is missing.

  • Feelin bad foh hrithik.
    y ppl r tryin to bring him down.hez a good man
    Also I dont think sussane gonna do such cheap things n wil demand 400crs as alimony… if she wants she wil hav an out of court settlement as hrithik n sussane both hav lots of respect foh each other n she wil neva try to tarnish his image in the media

  • The reason y hrithik is my most fav star is not just bcz of his superb films,great versatile acting and killer looks but instead bcz of his off screen personality.he is extremely down to earth,philanthropic(he doesn’t need to wear being human t shirt to show his human side),motivational and honest.he has lot of haters in the media who r jealous of his success but he still never insults them as he believes that work speaks louder than word

  • @ Indicine u edited my comment y? simply those who living their lifes happily cant able to feel pain of divorcy. m with i hr as a human.

  • dear hrithik fans I don’t know krrish 3 collection
    which is 244 cr is real or not.
    but 70-80% people believe in boxofficeIndia
    collection and I’m one of them.
    for me krrish 3 collection is 188 cr.
    if u take any film of Wikipedia it shows always
    boxofficeindia collection.
    and everyone knows the final verdict for movie is
    given by BOXOFFICEINDIA.
    krrish 3 was blockbuster.
    verdict is much much important than collection.

  • FINALLY, so happy for Zayed Khan & Fardeen Khan. Not jobless anymore!Can spend rest of their life counting 400Cr tht Suzanne brings home…

  • Sir don’t b sad..we always stand by you…only some retards n cowards will do these kinda acts…you are multi talented n very successful n 1 of biggest megastar of Bollywood so its obvious that some jeolous people are trying 2 pull u down by spreading fake rumors…they will have 2 paid for that….


    Hrithik rules n rockssss !!
    #BangBang all time blockbuster…

  • I don’t know why akki releasing his film after eid
    I mean
    2012 – joker on 31 Aug where eid on 20 Aug
    2013 – OUATIMD on 15 Aug where eid on 9 Aug
    2014 – entertainment On 8 Aug where eid on 29 July
    2015 – Singh is bling On 31 July where eid on 18 July.
    two of them are already a huge flop.’
    every time he selected bad release date.
    I really really hope that entertainment will not be flop.
    I want to see it will be average or above average or semi hit or hit.
    love u akki from the fan of Salman and aamir.

  • Feeling sad for Sussanne that Hrithik will not give a single penny to her but 1 thing has become very good for Sussanne that Hrithik now can’t force her to watch Bang

  • it’s really shame on everyone who is trying to make fun on these kind of report and very well said Hrithik sometimes truth should be louder.

  • Though I am a hater, I wont call Bang Bang as a disaster. It will do 100 crs. It will be a flop not disaster. Best of luck to Hrithik.

  • All the best, Duggu, but someday you must admit who creates controversies around you. You are going through a similar period like Salman did in the last decade.

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