Hrithik Roshan unveils animated movie ‘Kid Krrish’: Photos

Bollywood superstar Hrithik Roshan, on Tuesday unveiled ‘Kid Krrish’, the animated movie based on his popular superhero movie series ‘Krrish’.

Talking about the launch event, the actor said “The only difference between the two is that ‘Kid Krrish’ is better than Krrish. Kid Krrish’ can jump and do everything without any help. The similarities, I feel, is we have the child alive inside us. Both my kids have seen the first movie of ‘Kid Krrish’ and they have fallen in love with it. So it’s already successful.”

Filmmaker Rakesh Roshan said, it is for the first time that a Bollywood character will be immortalised with an animated version “The character of Krrish has been idolized by every child in India and has become an iconic superhero. We believe that Kid Krrish will be the new superhero for a whole new generation of children and a benchmark in animated series of live action films”

Kid Krrish will be aired on October 2 at 12PM on Cartoon Network .

Hrithik at Cartoon Network - Krrish press meet

Hrithik at Cartoon Network – Krrish press meet

Hrithik Roshan at Cartoon Network - Krrish press meet

Hrithik Roshan at Cartoon Network – Krrish press meet

Hrithik Roshan at Cartoon Network - Krrish media meet

Hrithik Roshan at Cartoon Network – Krrish media meet



  • people are criticising about vfx and saying its copied from hollywood movies but still haters gonna watch this movie and add collections!! eagerly waiting for k3

  • wow he is looking handsome as ever . Its a great idea by team of krrish 3 . It means that it will be a complete entertainer for kids . That just shows the popularity of krrish franchise and hrithik roshan that is why they are doing telecast on 2nd october (gandhi jayanti ) . by the way kid krrish interesting title .

  • It will be beneficial for both the parties. I might watch it, since it would a brand new Indian superhero unlike many others.

  • Hrithik is the most looking man in the world.
    Plus,he has talent and a good personality.
    K3 will get highest opening ever.
    And animated krrish is too cute.

  • @rohit ,@hrithik:i am a little nervous after watching the trailer of ramleela which will release on 15th nov. Willn’t it affect k3 collection? ?because ramleela is looking quite promising.

  • @nipun – Not much. 12 open days in festival season is more than enough to create new records. Most of the high budget movies are capable of recovering it’s cost in their first weekend itself. CE took just one week to cross 150 crores nett in India, and just over two weeks to beat 3 Idiots record despite of sharing the screens with OUATIMD from its 2nd week. At the end of the day, it’s the response from the audience which matters the most, if it’s positive word of mouth then most of the people would have watched it already in it’s first 12 days itself due to increase in multiplexes all across the country. If it gets a very positive response, then it won’t lose many screens to Ramleela. It wouldn’t have ran to packed houses after 12 days of its release anyway, people will keep coming as long as the content is good, otherwise even an open month can’t help if the content is poor. So, I think it shouldn’t. Furthermore, Krrish-3’s release date isn’t fixed yet, it’s either November 4th or 1st.
    I liked the trailer of Ramleela as well, btw.

  • @nipun,@rohit, ram leela wont have any effect on krrish 3 as krrish 3 has 2 open weeks plus k3 is much bigger film for ram leela to compete with, both films will have smooth run without any problem.

    about kid krrish, its as usual a fantastic marketing strategy by roshans, Krrish is now the only superhero in the world whose animated avatar was derived from live action avatar, usually its the other way around.

  • @Rohit yes wht you said was True

    @Nipun One thing we have to do strictly was feel,talk,breath,listen and watch only for Krrish 3 that all
    Because before they brought that kochadayein may release so i thought it will damage the movie in south so i kept on contacting hrithik and ehsaan roshan(b/o Rajrsh roshan)through twitter so that they may take charge but i then realize what to worry about other movies instead of conc on our movies

    See Ranveer isnt a Boxoffice opener only the magic of SLB,DP,Trailer was the reason for this movie
    Just if we get good WOM as good So no movie can stop its collections

    Note:Sometimes Trailers are different from movies we know the track record of SLB films how they perform even though they were much feel good movies

  • waste movie. ll be rejected in first week only
    the only person who can pass Chennai express records is SALMAN bhai. not even AMIR

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