Hrithik Roshan to undergo brain surgery today

Bollywood superstar Hrithik Roshan will be undergoing a minor brain surgery at the Hinduja Hospital in Mumbai.
Talking to the media outside the hospital, Hrithik’s father Rakesh Roshan said “Hrithik will undergo brain surgery at 2PM today as he is suffering from Subdural Hematoma. It is a small surgery, the operation will take half an hour. There is nothing serious.”

Hrithik also posted a message to his fans on Facebook.

“I am going to go through brain surgery today and want you to know that I am going in with absolute power to recover fast. My thanks to all of you for using the power of your mind to contribute to my life. Love you all.”

“We all know that we create a life of joy using the power of our mind. I’ve had the privilege of creating wonders with this amazing gift given to us called the brain. Occasionally one must look within and realize its value. It gives us the power to see, hear, touch, smell and taste, it allows us to conquer fear and create courage to do things we never imagined. Maybe it’s time for me to feel the power literally”

About Subdural Hematoma

A subdural hematoma (American spelling) or subdural haematoma (British spelling), also known as a subdural haemorrhage (SDH), is a type of hematoma, usually associated with traumatic brain injury. Blood gathers within the outermost meningeal layer, between the dura mater, which adheres to the skull, and the arachnoid mater, which envelops the brain. Usually resulting from tears in bridging veins which cross the subdural space, subdural hemorrhages may cause an increase in intracranial pressure (ICP), which can cause compression of and damage to delicate brain tissue. Subdural hematomas are often life-threatening when acute. Chronic subdural hematomas, however, have better prognosis if properly managed.



  • Indcine can you define the meaning of super star please, before starting any actor you mention superstar as par I know there was two super Star one is RAJESH KHANNA & next is BIG B.

  • Sad to hear about that surgery but feeling good because it is minor . May god bless you with long life hrithik and I know you will be fine . Because you are a fighter . I will definitely pray for you like all the other fans . Get well soon duggu . Because you gonna rock in krrish 3 , bang bang and shuddhi . My prayers are with you always .

  • I wish him a successful surgery and fast recovery , i know he is so strong and will be fine in few days, i hope so.

    u will get well soon my krrish

  • I hope for his best. .
    Love you hrithik.
    You are my icon. .
    Praying for your best. .
    And i pray k3 will be huge. .

  • get well soon hro….we knw ur dedication and commitment towards ur work…u r a real lyf perfectionist….wishing u all the best nd a sooner recovery..

  • all the very best to him, he is a man with a heart of a superhero, the most humble man in bollywood :) god bless you hrithik, get well as soon as possible and keep entertaining us

  • I pray ur speedy recovery hrithik…your hard work will not go waste…all ur upcoming movies will be blockbuster

  • Hrithik Roshan Has been SuccessfullyOperated… He is fine now
    Thanks to LORD..

    Rakesh Roshan: “It’s a clot between brain and skull. So, basically it’s a clot in brain. He will undergo the surgery around 2 p.m. or 2.30 p.m. In the medical term, it’s called chronic subdural hematoma. Me and my entire family is with him.”

    Minor brain surgery to remove blood clot (chronic subdural haematoma)’. Should be rock n rolling by evening! U guys have a great day too! Supersonic!!- Hrithik

    God is with you

    Fans are with you

    My Heart was broken after i heard the news but i know you deserve the place in the hearts of fans

    Guys do you know the word Hrithik Means “From the Heart”

    So we Fans will Pray from the heart that he should Get Well Soom

    For fans he is more than his films we get inspired by him from every moment and Every second

    His Strengths:
    Positive Attitude,Self-Confident,Focused,Splendid,Peaceful,Grateful,Spirited,Generous,filled with wonder,Affluent,Persistent,Friendly,Forgiving,Courageous,Friendly,Adventurous,Simplified,Faithful,Sincere,Transperancy,Never give up Attitude,Trustable,Hard Working and SPIRITUAL

    Mostly LOVE inside in his Heart will heal him Fast

  • @hrithik lover, yes d surgery is a success, thnx to god :)
    @hrithik, thnx fr mentionin dude.
    hrithik is our superhero, he vl b bck wid a bang dis diwali, wish him a speedy recovery

  • @aki, even in these situations you are criticizing him ?? come on man, have some humanity, even romance express gave his wishes, but he still wrote hrithik as hritic , may be he does that knowingly. anyways, hrithik wish you a very speedy recovery , you are very strong, we need a lot of films from you. you have done alot for bollywood, keep doing your good work, god bless you.

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