Hrithik Roshan to undergo another brain surgery?

There are reports that Hrithik Roshan has had a relapse following a brain surgery that removed a clot in his brain. Apparently, the actor has been suffering from severe headaches post-surgery, due to which he has decided to go to the United States Of America for treatment.

Not too long ago, during the promotions of Krrish 3, the superstar had said “Right now I have a huge headache. Even the vibration of my voice as I am talking to you gives jolts to my head. I take it as a part of my life. In time I will be fine. I was supposed to be okay by now, if I had taken rest as the doctors had recommended, but I got busy with the promotions of Krrish 3”

However, when contacted, Rakesh Roshan denied reports of Hrithik’s visit to the U.S.

Hrithik discharged from the hospital

Hrithik discharged from the hospital

The actor underwent a minor brain surgery to remove a blood clot (diagnosed as Subdural Hematoma) on July 7th 2013. Four days later, he was discharged from the hospital and was advised complete rest for at least a month.

But his extreme commitment towards his home-production Krrish 3, meant that the actor had to travel to Hyderabad on July 27th to unveil the first look poster of the film. Since then, he has been promoting his superhero film all over the country and overseas.

Here’s wishing Hrithik a speedy recovery!



  • God Bless The SuperHero ! He Get Mild Headaches At Times, But He Should Not Ignore Them. Get Well Soon Duggu !

  • Nothing Can Happen TO GOD . Leave these Movie Bang Bang And Shiddhi . God needs to rest he has all the time in the world to Break Records n set new ones. Right now it doesnt matter if Katrina or Kareena are replaced in his movies. If he needs rest he’ll have it . Get well Soon.

  • Why so many brain surgery for our duggu? ?oh god,please give our duggu full power. .get well soon hrithik. .our best wishes are wid u. .

  • Too many weightloss pills. Too many multivitamins & supplements to get that 27 inches 8 packs ab. Hrithik takes 14 pills a day with his inhuman training methods. The results are showing. to much for even a superhero.

  • @khan, whatever you commented, that alone differentiates hrithik fans from others. we never comment such things for others, this article is not about records or films, atleast don’t comment rubbish things here. he had worked too hard for 3 years to get that body. never speak without knowing things.

  • He is a true fighter and i really love his never say die spirit . If this is true then the shooting schedule of bang bang and shuddhi will be postponed but work is not bigger than health . I know that the team of both the movies may be impatient because they have been waiting for many months but they know he is the star of both the films and hence they will wait . I hope he gets the best treatment from the doctors in usa and his problem should be solved once for all . May god bless him and give him the courage to fight this problem as he is a fighter . I don’t know why people comment so shamelessly even in such articles. This shows how they are mentally sick but whenever bang bang and shuddhi will come it will just destroy all the records as recently done by HR with krrish 3 . Get well soon krrish you are the real superhero .

  • u may be hater of any star..but speaking bad abt his health is indeed shameful nd characterless human..nd @khan user is 1 among the list..

  • dont wrry hrithik..u r king of hearts..our all prayers r with u..u will gt soon v well nd dance nd act like dream..we will wait fr u till death..

  • according to trade experts figures, K3 has broken ce’s record and is now the highest grosser of all time. according to boi, K3’s total collections are also 206+ cr, ce acc to boi was 206 cr, so either way K3 has broken ce’s record. so TAKE THAT bloody haters !!

  • Take care of yourself Duggu,,, take as much rest as you want but only start work when fully fit,,, we fans would always support you

  • this guy Khan who wrote bad about Hrithik in this article is an idiot. Atleast don’t write bad about HR when this article talks about brain surgery. Hrithik has a huge fan base and your comments are not well taken.

  • I think he should take at least 6 months rest. There is no hurry to come back. Let stunts men play his remaining part in Bang Bang, and the other film which has not started can be pushed back to mid 2014. You cannot play with brain surgery because the brain is the vital organ for the whole body.

  • Wish for your speedy recovery. Bollywood’s hottest and best Handsome guy undergo to another brain surgery!! We feel sad.

  • its been 5 days, my comment not getting published!!! if u have any personal problem with me…open it up…we’ll deal personally, and i love to do that.

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