Hrithik Roshan to create games for fans, signs multi-year partnership deal

Bollywood superstar Hrithik Roshan has become one of the first actors from the industry to take a step towards the gaming arena. He has joined hands with Nazara Games, a mobile game publisher, to make games on his action-filled onscreen life in Bollywood.

“Gaming has become a major influence in the lives of today’s youth and knowing that, I have decided to use that platform to engage with my fans through my digital avatar. My kids are going to love it and so will my fans. So look forward to being a part of it,” Hrithik said.

Hrithik has signed a multi-year partnership deal with Nazara Games to develop different digital gaming experiences for his fans, extending his engagement in a new interactive format.

The games will based on some of Hrithik’s biggest action blockbusters like ‘Dhoom’, ‘Bang Bang’, ‘Krrish’ and ‘Jodhaa Akbar’ where he was seen performing various sword fights.

“The love for Bollywood in India is huge and gaming is a natural extension for celebrities like Hrithik to engage with their audience, we will work with Hrithik closely to bring differentiated gaming experiences for his fans.” Manish Agarwal, CEO of Nazara Games, said.

Fans can expect to play Hrithik Roshan games in 2016 itself.

Hrithik Roshan Mobile Gaming Still

Hrithik Roshan Mobile Gaming Still



  • Great Going Hrithik Sir….
    Always a step ahead of others…
    Innovative idea…
    Hrithik Rules Hrithik Rocks…

  • HR looks dashing n cool in his 3D Avatar.
    A grt actor , grt performer n also a grt human being .
    But his Fans r lil bit confuse all d time, i guess. Ye log kiski taraf dari karte hai samajh nahi ata. ????
    But kuch bhi ho waiting for #HRGames
    Best of luck
    52 days 2 go #FAN

  • Wow !!!
    I also like playing games ..
    These days I play call of duty black ops 3,
    Witcher 3 the wild hunt , dead space 3.
    Witcher 3 its protagonist name is ” Geralt of viria the white wolf ” perhaps it has the best storytelling I have ever seen ..
    A story of a girl called ciri …
    Btw, waiting for mohenjo daro…!!!!

  • Multie Talented Actor…it will give huge Publicity for Hrithik films…He Also Achieved better fan following than fan less khan…And Also his body better than loltan…
    waiting Hrithik roshan games…
    Eagarly Waiting for Fan..
    Duniya ka Sabse bada superstar ka sabse bada Fan
    #Fasal kerala

  • MOHENJO DARO the biggest film of 2016 will be biggest blockbuster of Year 2016

    hope MOHENJO DARO will earn at least 300 Cr

  • SRK was the first with HNY game and now again with FAN game. He is the pioneer when it comes to using technology for films. He was the first to use a 3D camera with Dilwale. First in the world to try something like FAN. He experimented a lot with Raone too

  • he did good Action in dhoom 2 n bang bang but still because akshay is there so nobody calls him action king because this title is already registered by akshay kumar by his daredevil image nd nvr seen action in bollywood….
    hoping high action from mohanjodaro.

  • It will be a hige hit among youth and kids.

    But Indicine you are missing more important news on HR. His film wih Kabir khans produced by sajid nadiadwala which rumours suggest will have Deepika in it. Do post an article if news is true.

  • That’s a great picture of him, if he really looks like this in the game, then it must have good graphics. Looking forward to it.

  • @Fasal I am sure you are nly getting enough sleep because aamir is giving you lots of insecurity. That’s the power of biggest Megastar aamir khan. No one can ignore him. Even in hrithik’s articles hakla fans cant ignore aamir. That’s the power of ultimate megastar who rules everyone’s minds. No one can match him.

  • @Fasal Keral – mindless fan of Foolmaker actor… and u forgot to say that HR have fan following more than SRK and his body is better than Skeleton fakeabspacks.

  • Salman khan ko Life me ek baat se bahut dard hota he
    By Hit & run case’s this question

    Kya aap car chala rahe the?

  • An excellent promotional strategy by Hrithik. This will ensure that his films get the right attention, despite the fact that he does very few films.Best of luck to all Hrithik fans for these games!

  • Also,I feel that Yrf should use this strategy for SULTAN.It would be a good way to promote the film.Waiting for SULTAN#Eid2016

  • Way to go Duggu! All the best!

    @Romance King …Yes Dhoom2, Agneepath, Jodhaa Akbar, ZNMD all were directed by Rakesh Roshan. And by the way what is the problem if Rakesh makes BBs with his son as a lead? Rakesh was already an established director even before he launched HR. Its not like he started wearing director’s hat from Kaho naa..pyaar hai…so you think it is only because Rakesh directed the films of Hrithik (KNPH, KMG, Krrish, K3) they became BBs..? So why each and every Rakesh’s films before KNPH did not become BBs? Do you have a concrete answer for that? Or do you think Rakesh and Hrithik is casting a magic spell on movie going public to lure them and watch their combo films in huge numbers so that the movies will be BBs? Any answer?

    Based on yours and many other dumbos’ logic here…Fardeen Khan and Uday Chopra should have been in the same position of HR…but why not?

    Dude..I will help you with an answer…Rakesh knows better than any other directors how to project and make the best out of Hrithik as a commercial hero….its as simple as that…the quality of the film won’t be great but commercially it will be a huge winner.

    Anyways keep on dreaming with your logic…cheers

  • THe GREAT HRITHIK ROSHAN HEre he is yes presenting the grand look of the elegant charming dashing stylish evergreen eternal charming powerful yet delicate we hrithikians love him adore him so so so much tat noww our heart has also become gold like of hrithiks i appeal to all hrithikans now to not yes to not bash fans of any star whether its srk fans salmans fans aamirs fans bcoz there is a huge difference between we hriThKIANs and fans of other stars even if they bash we hrithikians noe from now on we will give ans spread love .. plz hrithikians promise mee .. be like hrithik plx dont spread hatred spread love as much as u can love ur country i. india .. plz spread this mesaage to as many people as u can LONG lIve HRItHIk ROSHAn long LIVE WE HRITHikIANS

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