Hrithik Roshan – Sonam Kapoor in ‘Dheere Dheere Se’ Song Video

Low quality version of the ‘Dheer Dheere Se’ song, re-composed by Yo Yo Honey Singh, featuring Hrithik Roshan and Sonam Kapoor is out.

You can watch the high quality version of Hotstar (Click here).

The song from yesteryear classic ‘Aashiqui’ is a tribute from T-Series to their founder Gulshan Kumar.

Watch the song and tell us what you think.



  • Video is good, Hirthik is awesome but song is pathetic I mean the singing, better they should take Kumar Sanu the original singer.

  • I cant help but imagine Emmy sir in this song. He would be as good as Hrithik or even better than him in this song. Both Hrithik and Emraan rock.
    For me
    Hrithik Roshan=Emraan Hashmi

  • Chi yukk!! Recording isnt that proper!! Bad choice for the role of singer yoyo!! Someone with a high pitch must have sung it!!

  • Dance Hrithik>Emraan
    romance Emraan>Hrithik
    acting Emraan>Hrithik
    action Hrithik>Emraan
    dialoguebazi Emraan>Hrithik
    charm Emraan>Hrithik
    box office Hrithik>Emraan
    critics Emraan>Hrithik
    So for me Emraan Hashmi is better than Hrithik. i like both. But Emraan is simply better.

  • Disappointed. Why Yo Yo ? Why Remake ? Why Rap in this classic?

    They should go with, Ankit Tiwary, Arijit Singh, Javed Ali, Mithoon, Armaan Malik, Shafqat Amanat Ali, Mohd. Irfan, Jubin Nautiyal, Papon or nothing then Salman Khan. But Not Yo Yo.

    We can prepare old one instead of this, but yes, picturisation is really good.

  • They killed the song brutally! Why did they do it? From now on, every time I will listen to the original song, this rip off song will haunt me!

    No more remakes please!

  • The video is a slap on the faces of people who said Hrithik is bad for romantic films.
    Look at those expressions and eyes man. He rocks big time. The song is OK and should gain more popularity after repeat hearing.
    But the video belongs completely to Hrithik. He has nailed it yet again. If he is doing Aashiqui 3 it will something to watch.

  • Had to go to Youtube City in PAglapur to hear the song but not seen video- above link/s not working for me…!

    The song by Honey singh was okayish but the rap part ruined it for me. No way is it close to the original in terms of vocals but lyrics werent too bad but when original was already perfect then why the need to change anything.

    For the audio only a 2. Liked some bits but not others.

    Ok time to find the video somewhere n see how jadoo boy n Sonam shaped up.

  • navin uncle got reminded of his jawaani days listening to Dheere Dheere song.flashback for him,how romantic were those days.A navin full of vigour and energy used to be a rockstar those days.

  • Good song but there was some shivering involved and nostril were outraged for few seconds too,otherwise good song.

  • Didn’t liked the audio at all…
    Instead they should have taken Kumar Sanu again.
    He still has a soothing voice…

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