Hrithik Roshan snapped with his kids: Photos

Stars present at the event: Hrithik Roshan, Kunal Kapoor, Hrehaan Roshan, Hridaan Roshan

Location: Lightbox

Hrithik Roshan snapped at Hollywood movie screening

Hrithik Roshan snapped at Hollywood movie screening

Hrithik Roshan snapped with his kids  Hrehaan and Hridaan

Hrithik Roshan snapped with his kids Hrehaan and Hridaan

Hrithik Roshan

Hrithik Roshan

Kunal Kapoor

Kunal Kapoor



  • hes a very good father…never misses a chance to b wid his kids inspite of his busy schduled

  • he look poor in 1st pic
    remind me of HR of koi mil gaya
    kunal kapoor look better than HR in these pics

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    Haider should take patli gali and change its release date or else be ready to buried alive, R.I.P!

    #BangBangOnOct2 #Hrithikingrules

  • its a 5 day weekend so hope haider will also see a decent opening….coz bangbang is way bigger than haider… d only concern is d screen share…

  • Haider might be a washout….
    It will be bangbang fever this Oct.
    Now we have got a good excuse like srk fans,that Bang bang did this much even with clash…
    Also i feel V.B’s films are too dark to succeed on Boxoffice..

  • Bang bang may b not top grosser of the year bcz clashing, but definatly in top 4 grosser, if haidar move from 2 oct then it has best chances to collect for top grosser..

    as always He is responsible father towords son carefull, lovable…. Sm days be4 salman fan said he is looking bad widot makeup l0l, just look at 3rd pics which 1 is closer captured n clear..

  • Hrithik is the most good looking superstar. Kunal kapoor also looks great. . Both HR and kunal are much more gud looking than salman n srk n @sanjay.

  • @Babaji then what was Kaminey!? It was a Hit at B.O thanx to an awesome mind bending script and music!!!
    Omkara and Maqbool, despite being flops are classics today!!! :)
    7 Khoon and MKBKM were craps!!!

  • @babaji haidar is a dark horse like barfi, ramlela or 2states, i don’t want to pridict before the trailler

  • @baba ji ka thullu there is a difference in star power of Ajay and shahid, Ajay is a much bigger star than shahid,Shahid doesn’t come in the big league..if haider will be a washout that’s just cuz there is no A-list actor,it will also depend on content..meanwhile Hrithik is an A-List actor…if singham 2 would clash wid Bang Bang,it would be a different story.

  • Bang bang will be superhit and Haider will profitable movie..the reports are quite good of Haider.

  • @sid_original

    Kaminey was Semi Hit,and too it released on Eid.
    There were huge expectations from it but it did’nt do too well despite getting such positive reviews.

    I am not saying his films are crap,but they will find difficult going at B.O

  • @romance
    There are films with good content that have failed at b.o like lootera,dedh ishqiya,guzaarish etc.
    I think Haider might fall into that category,and has even clashed with Bangbang..
    Shahid is one of my fav. too,i want this film to be a hit,but chances are minimal
    Producers should have released it a week later…

  • @babaji kaminey is not released on eid, but haidar already create buzz as shahid got blad, btw if trailler will become good like ek villen then anything can happen, don’t underestimate it

  • This year Shahid career almost finish. Last year south god PRABHU DEVA save shahid career but this year no chance. Shahid my 7th fav hero but now come 9th position. Any way KICK atleast collection 250cr, IE collection 90-110cr, S R collection 140+cr,B BANG collection 200-230cr,HNY[as per srk fans estimate 350+cr] but my predictions 190-220cr,AJ collection 85-105cr and PK( deadly combination with Amir and raju sir) collection 250+cr.

  • @babajee ki lungi

    “Lootera nipin” will be happy tonight after reading that you too thought lootera was a good content wise film- 2 ullus are in universal agreement for once while the rest of us strongly disagree and think Lootera was crap just like most of your akkis recent movies…!

  • @MYANMAR YANGON ok lets see, bang bang can’t beat besaram mark my words n haidar will recreate the same magic like kaminey.

  • @Romance chomu, good joke bro, keep it up…ha ha ha, Bang Bang ka hero Hrithik hai HUMSHAKALS ka saif nahi hai aur woh shahid bhi nahi hai. Let wait n watch mr.chomu…

  • @Navin uncle
    Care for ur bhai’s films which only his fans like and Akki’s recent includes Holiday n Special 26 which are better than any other film sallu has done in his entire career…

  • he is gud father, but suzzane is not good wife for him. God bless them,
    @indicine when pk first poster releasing?

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