Hrithik Roshan shops at Salman Khan’s Being Human Store

Hrithik Roshan was one of the first superstars to shop at Salman Khan’s Being Human store in Bandra (Mumbai). Apparently, Hrithik has always admired Salman for his various charitable initiatives.

A source told Hindustan Times “Hrithik went over to the Being Human store in Bandra a few days ago. He is the first big star to have gone there. He was at the store for some time. He looked around and was happy with all that was on offer. He really liked the initiative”

Salman Khan Hrithik Roshan

The actor who is known to maintain cordial relationships with all his contemporaries, had a public fallout with Khan when Guzaarish failed to make a mark at the box office.

Reacting to Salman’s ‘not a mosquito went to watch Guzaarish’ comment, Hrithik had said “Ive always known Salman to be a good man, someone Ive looked up to and admired and still do. Hes always been a hero and always will be. But yes, its not heroic to laugh or make fun of a filmmaker (referring to Sanjay Bhansali) just because his box office collections are not up there with yours. In my opinion a hero never gloats. When you are super successful, it should in fact make you more gracious and loving.”

Soon after the controversy, Hrithik and Salman patched up. The Krrish 3 star was even spotted visiting Salman at his residence before his surgery in August 2011.



  • Very Good.
    Hrithik did good publicity for “Being human” .
    I admire his generosity.
    My blessing to “Being Human” NGO .

  • For your kind information Salman infact ridiculed his own movie “Phir Milenge” at that very place. he said that movies like Phir milenge & Guzarish—- no body went to watch it.
    Since the very beginning your site has been against salman which is very much visible in your articles.
    Bansali and salman have been great friends for a very long time.Only close friends can say anything to each other. Bansali himself has said recently that salman will always be very close to his heart.
    And salman has always praised Hritikh for his acting.
    Bansali has known never to repeat actors in his movies but he and salman have worked in three. That says it all.

  • hrithik roshan is by far the most humblest person in bollywood, even if some one comments on him or his movies, he never replies back rudely, respect to you hrithik ! so hrithik and salman good buddies

  • Looks like Hrithik Roshan has purchased some Being Human T shirts from the store bcoz a light Being Human T shirt is more powerful,attractive and comfortable than heavy Krissh outfits.

  • @sachin11, being human t-shirt more powerful than krrish outfits ?? really ?? from which planet have you come dude ?? don’t speak illogical things . what relation does this article have to do with krrish outfits and beinghuman t-shirts ??

  • Hrithik is the only top actor who has maintained cordial relations with all other actors in bollywood, according to him indulging in fights due to box office collections or small fights is too childish, this industry needs unity to evolve into a much better industry, if all actors would help each other , then things would become more easy, ego shouldn’t be there

  • If you see hrithik`s time in industry everyone has nice things to say about him, even the Great Dilip kumar after wathching JA, very few fans abuse or hate him but a lot of fans love him it doesn’t matter if they are akki of srkians or bhaitards fans etc, he always recieves love from them on twitter, he is one of a kind!

  • Hrithik is Human Being and Salman is Being Human. Hope Salman becomes a Human soon. Salman have this problm that whatever he says others shud take it sportingly, but he forget that most of them are senstive, they have a feelings and it hurts when something being said against them or their films. Salman wants everyone to believe that he is rough from outside and soft inside so that he can say whatever he wants and get away with it.

  • @harsh u r speaking illogical by asking me from which planet i have come bcoz i m from the same planet in which u live and by powerful i mean that i have seen thousands of people wearing Being Human T shirt but not seen even a single man wearing Krissh i m not a Hrithik hater.i hate only Srk and i hope Krissh becomes blockbuster.

  • @sachin11 no offence to salman or being human, krrish was the first bollywood film to ever merchandis its kits etc, and earned more then the actual film that’s how it was in demand and its popularity all over the world, infact Hrithik was the first actor to be made his krrish doll in london and were sold more then expected, mate you need to find some information before gloating, Aamir fan here!

  • @sachin11, ofcourse one wouldn’t wear a heavy krrish outfit at home or while going somewhere , lol !! being human t-shirt are meant to be worn evrywhere coz its a clothing line, krrish outfit is not a daily clothing , its for a movie,similarly, one wont wear the heavy outfit that salman wore in veer :P
    yea good wishes to both hrithik and salman.

  • salman said right about
    Guzzarish !! Yeh Movie
    Kutta bhi Dekhne nahi
    jayega because it was for
    human not animal and salman
    too had not watched :D

  • Great news to see Huge commercial Stars of bollywood in good terms

    In my point of view hrithik is a god so god likes to patch up with every human being

    Bang Bang takes The King and Queen of Bollywood dance to Greece for three sizzling songs !

    “Katrina and Hrithik have made it clear they aspire to achieve a different dancing chemistry this time.- Ahmed Khan

  • Both are rockstars !!! One is undisputed ruler of BO n another will rule Indian Cinema. I am a fan of both, these two good looking n good humans too unlike some self proclaimed king (for soroop n his mates) who is insecure with Hrithik !!!

  • @Indicine : There was no need to mention Salman’s comments about Guzaarish on this article. Yes, Salman said it but it was for Ash n Sanjay Leela Bansali not for Hrithik !!

  • 1 st go jail, follow indian rules salu you is human being?.most of the people know you will get jail thats why you doing this….acting was very poor try to do best please

  • I hope some reatrds know that SRK and Hrithik are really close friends. Stupid people up here have no sense. And I don’t know why drag SRK in it all the time. At least he has achieved more than what you have. I wonder what good have you done in your life. Same goes for Salman haters. They both have achieved huge success on their own. And this SRK and Salman haters haven’t achieved anything but they will still keep barking like they have seen some huge success.

  • @hrithik and others- Yeah some of you have already mentioned how Salmans ‘anti Guzarish’ comments have been excessively taken out of context and been misrepresented. That story is out there in full public domain but really there was no need for Indicine to once again misrepresent the facts and bring them back on this particular article which clearly illustrates that what went before is now water under the bridge…! Once ‘foes’ become ‘friends’ then why one would want to bring up bad blood is beyond me and looks fromthe outside to be a spiteful act. Sorry Indicine for having to say that but Please do not unneccessarily try to create ill feeling between 2 sets of supporters in the hope of benefiting another actors dwindling support base and fading star cough cough excuse me whom shall remain nameless…! You do a great job 99.9% of the time but lately you havent published a large minority of my comments and I havent even started using profanity…! :-(

  • @cute hero : Do u call insulting elders of industry as Achievements? Do u call backstabbing God Father like Yash ji as achievement? Do u call stealing dam water from drought hit district as achievement? Do u call abusing a poor watchman as achievement? Do u call firing an employee (who happens to be best friend’s brother) of 12 years service of his no fault as achievement? If yes, surely srk is greater achiever than everyone.

  • @cute hero Great name but real lack of class- no need to use profanity. :-(
    @indicine Why permit such rubbish from ‘not so cute hero’ when you moderate my Grade A Garbage and bogus 100% pack of lies which contain no profanity?

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