Hrithik Roshan – Only Indian featured on Facebook!

Hrithik Roshan was the only Indian to be featured on Facebook’s official page as the world’s most popular social networking site celebrated 1 Billion active users.

Hrithik, who’s official page has 2.6 million likes, was featured alongside some of the most influential personalities in the world.

One billion means a billion thoughts, a billion voices, a billion dreams and a billion opportunities to make a difference. Having access to connect with a billion people is a gift like no other. They say change begins with one, but imagine when a billion people unite – the power of their combined energies can be limitless – Hrithik Roshan

Only Indian on Facebook

Only Indian on Facebook

Hrithik Roshan on Facebook

Hrithik Roshan on Facebook



  • Sallu created Earthquake in facebook when he joined. And they featured hrithik? How much money went under the table?

  • Is there any logic to include hritik? Dont bark salman fans they r right.salman has 6 million likes in 33 days.he deserves. And Also A R rahman bt not hritik who has 2.6m in

  • Now this sallu fans r saying it paid news. Lol
    Srk award jeete toh paisa diya, HR fb page par aaye toh paisa diya. Tumhare bhai ko bahar koi nahi pehchanta.
    Aur jalne par kitna dukh hota ye crap minded fans se better kaun janta hai.

  • Challenge Hritik can not beat salman in any country.despite being much older than hr salman attract more people across the globe.come on haters which country u want start?

  • Hrithik is the Only International Star we hav … nd After this much of Popularity he’s Very Kind ! n dats make him diffrent from others ..He deserve it .n as Shekhar kapur told dat HR will be the first 20 mn Dollar star frm India ..Mark my word .d Day ll come soon !! Love u Hrithik

  • Hrithik is a child infront of Srk.
    Just think if Srk arrives on FB… Ha ha ha…

    At the time of KNPH everyone said Srk finished & blah blah…
    But he is nothing more than a overrated actor…only hit if father support.
    No match with Srk.

    Watch on Diwali JTHJ first 2days = Agneepath lifetime.

    And Krish3 will be big flop because Chennai Express will release on Diwali 2013.

  • We HRITHIK Fans never take interests in article about salman and srk because we ignore these cheap & crap stars infront of greek god HRITHIK.
    But its nice to see insecure fans of khans constantly visiting articles about god HR.

  • @jack

    You are half true means cheap actor Salman.

    Srk is King & your Hrithik is just a servant in Kings Kingdom.

    You cant ignore Srk & you can sure watch JTHJ on Diwali mark my words.
    Thats the power of King.

  • @jack . . Next 100 yr no one ‘l match d popularity of 3 khan s . . Hrithik is very far behind 3 khan s . . Nd 1 more thing dont abuse other actors . .

  • @srk
    in superhero films
    krish- praised by critics and went blockbuster.
    Ra1-slamed by critics merely just hit
    in period films
    jodha akbar- super hit and hr’s act is widely praised.
    Ashoka-super flop
    in action films
    dhoom2-blockbuster hrithik won many award for film.
    Don2-superhit crap movie copy of many hollywood films.
    Srk is nthing infront of HR.

  • @jack . . . Ur comment does ‘ve any sense of meaning . . . . Debate it with worth info rather than stupid comparison. .

  • ha ha Salman ..guys i dun wanna Talk abt a Star (? lol) who Gave 49 flops in years ..n dis is d worst period of Bollywood , n dats y h making Blockbusters …cheap south remakes ,n 100+.. wait for sm tym dis ll end v soon . one child can sense what kinda acting skill he has . so dont waste ur tym for taking abt dat salman he’s nt even worthy ! HRITHIK nd Amir is d only Hope for India ..n dey are doing kind of Class work . nd everyone knows it .. N Classy muvi n work is nt for senseless Brains , dats itt !!!

  • Hrithik is the best lookin Indian actor…he is charismatic and has that international look…He is the best actor in the countryas well…So well deserved Hrithik…U r the best

  • Srk fans stop creating fight between salman n hrithik fans.tumhe dusra kuch aata bhi nahi.hrithik is one decade after khans so obvious his fan following less dan dem.but respect for aamir n salman

  • Those sayin that bribe has been taken in this matter, Get a spine you stupid fellas.

    If your Sallu is not capable of making it on a stage lyk this than accpt it rather than barking on othrs.

    Those sayin that HR is a Superstar only becoz of his Dad,
    you loosers D:2 (blockbuster),Jodha Akbar (superhit), ZNMD (superhit), Agneepath (blockbuster), Lakshya (hit), K3G (blockbuster)
    were not rakesh sir movies.

    So stop barking
    Nd 1 more thing, Sallu n Srk can never dnce lyk HR, nt evn in dreams

    Buzz off haters

  • hahahahaha….:D I can smell here some fans are burning here.. :D…whteve i dnt care Bczzzz I knw who is GOD 1 nd only HR… <3

  • I m also hrithik fan n 2 all hrithik fans….hey aamir n salman hv many bo records,u cant deny their day hrithik also reach there,but srk always self proclaimed king n his fans r irritating,cheap.abhi tak bo pe kuch kamal nahi dikha paya aur badi badi fekate rehte hai

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