Hrithik Roshan on the cover of Exhibit

Bollywood superstar Hrithik Roshan, who recently separated from his wife Sussanne Roshan, is featured on the cover of Tech magazine ‘Exhibit’. The ‘New Year’ special edition includes Cars Of Tomorrow, Unforgettable Tech Moments of the year that has gone by and also the 7 Hits and Misses of 2013..

Hrithik Roshan Exhibit Magazine Cover

Hrithik Roshan Exhibit Magazine Cover



  • Greek God ! 2014 is gona be BangBang . it has 5 National Holidays :D Frm 2 -6th OCT. Ranbir will Know his Aukat after that. N Im 100% it’ll efect HYN Business too! Have A BangBang New Year !

  • Its wonder than now for dhoom3, boi give same figure as distributes but it was too low for krrish3, even according to boi_magazine, krrish3 hindi version touch 200cr.

    -Manipulation of collections which caused big sites to stop reporting bo figures

  • @nipun alcoholic Hrithik looks good but you need to learn from him, stop with the binge drinking and start talking sense on here, every other page….!

    Hrithik all the best for 2014 and may God give you one or two new fans who unlike some disgraceful ‘alcoholic’…!

  • Vow…Looking perfectly as a F1 Champ…This is why he is called Greek God….By the way…A Happy New Year 2014 to Indicine & its viewers. Hope we continue to debate on our Star Success.

  • @navin:whatever i say, i say with honesty.
    I like every actor including Srk,amir,ranbir,akki,ranveer,ajay.
    I don’t like salman’s recent films. What i feel,i write. .

  • woowwww looking g8 favvvvv mind boggling as always hr sie,r,sir i 2013 is just good for u in films, bt i believe sir 2014 will be good both box office and personal life of urs ciz we fans r everyday praying for u sir.

  • hrithik is an overated actor.he is not a superstar.he has no fan following in b and c centres like Salman or shahrukh even akshay, Ajay, ranbir are bigger superstars than him.his krish3 didn’t even cross yjhd.bang bang will sucks infront of jagga jassus.

  • Bang bang has 4 national holidays so 30+ cr
    4 day and that dhoom 3 record broken
    hrithik roshan rocks in 2014 also

  • Wow !!!!! Great look and personality !!!!

    @nipun : Thats your opinion. You also need to bear guys like G.One who bashes Hrithik on every article. What comes out from you will surely go back to you !!!! Accept that you are a Salman hater.

  • Wowwwwwwwwww. Hrithik looks fantastic (he married too young) – still very young and absolutely talented. I have been your greatest fan from KNPY. I wish you all the best for the future…..please do not remarry soon. Your millions of fans love you. (I just hope that in 2014, SRK fans turn a new leaf and stop bashing all other actors – SRK does not like that himself).

  • @AO
    You Hrithik fan have no saying on the biggest superstar ever. Even if all other actors fans dont watch his movies still he gives blockbusters. SRK’s name is enough to make a film hit.

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