Hrithik Roshan on Men’s Health – August 2012

Hrithik Roshan has been featured on the August 2012 edition of Men’s Health. He talks about fitness, bodybuilding and how to gain and maintain the fab physique that he acquired for his 2013 release Krrish 3.

Pictures below!

Hrithik Roshan on the cover of Men's Health Magazine - August 2012

Hrithik Roshan on the cover of Men’s Health Magazine – August 2012



  • lallu’s bodyd is nothing in front of hrithik’s body.If hrithik comes in front of lallu, lallu’s muscle will blast like balloon.

  • Hrithiik has fantastic body. lallu mallu srk’s body looks like a dhakkan kangla in front of Hrithik. Hrithik rules

  • Hrithik se smart,dashing,handsome,loving dancer,best actor a perfectionist kahi dekha hi nhi yaar,,he is best even hollywood se b best hero

  • Hey fools do you really have minimum knowledge about bodybuilding.Salman khan’s physique is appreciated worldwide & many international bodybuilders met and had photographs with him as he is the only Indian hero to be voted as seventh best looking men on earth and only hero to maintain pure muscular body from the past 20 years approximately.
    However hunks like sanjay dutt & john abraham themselves admitted that Salman khan has got the best muscular body in bollywood.Then how can you compare hrithik with him who trained under him & learnt ABCD of bodybuilding near him.
    I request to all the fools not to comment such meaningless jokes further who is no near to john.

  • OMG…what a body….just mind blowing…he’s damn sexy…i just want to be like hrithik…he’s so handsome and dashing as well….bollywood’s very fortunate to have a actor like hrithik…hrithik rockss….love you alot hrithik….

  • @Marz past is past I guess thats salman is no. 1 today. when salman was young he has the perfect body which nobody will ever have because it was god gifted but i tell you what I like hrithik too so i got no problem with him currently no doubt hrithik has the best body, its just that you are a srk fan that is why you gotta bring salman name on hrithik page. hritik I know you are gonna rock with krissh 3 and to all srk fans have some self respect stop creating rift bw fans

  • @sameer your one of the biggest fool salman helped hrithik for 3 months (can’t see anyone build body in 3 months) hrithik`s body which your seeing above its trained by international(kris Gethin) trainer for krrish and you say salman can’t be compare give me a break your talking when salman was young but not salman who is 45/46 years old coz if you see his latest pictures then I’m sorry its full of fats bublas and bulky same as sanjay dutt or sunny deol where hrithik has perfect phisic and height which is enough for salman and don’t forget girls will find him more sexy then salman

  • @vinay as far as I know salman mia is overrated actor in bollywood history forget about bollywood but bollywood history and you say he has powder body so you want fats like salman have eg bublas and bulky like 45/46 year old where hrithik has young( boyish) body first learn then talk

  • Hrithik is unique and only the international star india has got so be proud
    And why salman khan fans have become jealous are they insecure remember salman is 45/46 years old his days are numbered and I am happy for him though I don’t rate him as an actor but happy for him he deserves every praise after difficulty he has gone in 10 years professionally and prsonally where he is comming to an end of his career including shahrukh I know khans fans will be upset with me but in reality they have left 3/4 years to play heroes in screen they look dadys with young actesses specially shahrukh looks older then most actors

  • Hey fool of fools you have wrongly named king of kings.Go read some fitness or muscle magazines and books then you could find the difference between a muscular body of salman khan and lean body of hrithik.

  • lallu FANS has no respect for other stars like akshay, hrithik etc. u can see that in akshay’s post or even hrithik’s post. ALL they say is ‘THIS MOVIE IS GONNA BE FLOP ‘ thats it. I am not the one who brought salman into this page and even u lallu fans do this right? u bring srk in other pages to. I have respect for salman BUT NOT THEIR FANS, WHEN THEY ABUSE SRK, WE ALSO ABUSE AND I MYSELF ALSO ABUSE HIM LIKE OTHERS. Why sould we sit and watch salman fans commenting against srk all the time?

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