Hrithik Roshan on Bigg Boss without Salman Khan?

If rumours doing the rounds are to be believed, Hrithik Roshan will make an appearance on popular reality show ‘Bigg Boss’. However, Hrithik and Salman will have no direct interaction, as Hrithik entered the house mid-week, spent some time with housemates and left.

Ever since Salman’s comments on one of Hrithik’s critically acclaimed films Guzaarish, the two actors haven’t shared a warm relationship like they did before. Salman’s remark that even dogs wouldn’t watch the film hadn’t gone down too well with either Hrithik or director Sanjay Leela Bhansali.

During the last episode of the show with Haider star Shahid Kapoor as guest, Salman had jokingly said that although he taught the ‘Bang Bang’ star how to gym, Hrithik did not teach him anything in return. Salman later thanked Shahid for teaching him how to dance, adding that Hrithik had not taught him.

While most stars took part in Hrithik’s Bang Bang Dare contest, Salman decided not to respond.

Jacqueline Fernandes, Salman Khan, Kiran Rao, Hrithik Roshan and Abhishek Bachchan

Jacqueline Fernandes, Salman Khan, Kiran Rao, Hrithik Roshan and Abhishek Bachchan



  • Selfish Salman…

    All these Khans are used to giving such comments and take a dig at others
    He danced with shahid for 2 min. and said Shahid taught me dancing!!! Lol

    If u want to learn something from HR,go n learn ACTING!

  • Salman shouldn’t have told bullshit about Guzaarish.
    Atleast Guzaarish did 30 crores of business. What about disasters like marigold? Main aur mrs. Khanna? London Dreams? Yuvraaj?

  • I don’t think HR should go to BB8 as collection won’t boost by that now. They(HR and kat) should have earlier gone there and to CNWK for promotion.

  • Well Big Boss is not Salman’s show, he is just a representative who comes and lecture on housemates twice a week. Otherwise, it’s neither his shows nor he has investment in the show. Besides, did Salman go to Hrithik and ask him to teach some dance steps?? if he did, then even the hater of Hrithik will admit that Hrithik has such a heart to help him learn the dance. Does he expect Hrithik to come to him by himself and tell him that “I want to teach you dance, so get ready”?? nobody does that. When Hrithik had to build up his body, he went to him for help, now if Salman needs to learn dancing, atleast he has to ask him. How come Hrithik will know if Salman wants to learn dancing if he doesn’t convey his desire to him??

  • salman did not responded to bang bang dare cuz uski fatt gyi…..
    in terms of acting skills and quality movies

  • gd to see hrithik maintaining his dignity.but he still hv avoided making an an appearance in bigg boss8.anyways I will b watching that episode bcz I hv become a fan of this new season of bigg boss that is much better than the previous seasons

  • Well they are friends and surely Salman will take up his dare…….also since now he is visiting reality show he can also visit KBC and comedy nights. Actually its a good strategy, since the film had huge buzz prior to its release it was not so much necessary to visit the shows. Now since the buzz is coming down promoting it would keep it fresh in audience mind.

  • hrithik should b doing more films.he is too young to b so selective about films.hrithik plz sign more films.v will b missing u next year

  • Salman doesn’t need support of 2nd tier actors like hr to learn anything like dance, fitness..etc he’s too good at those..

  • @BKThullu, Don’t be jealous about Khans.
    I don’t know who’s right and who is wrong, but why show jealousy and. spread negativity about Salman or SRK. You do it often. :p

  • @ thullu we dnt want quality icecream acting from our peoples man so dnt give advice and take positive his comment. his meaning he dnt wanna accept hr’s dare and he is senior of hr give him resppect.

  • @babaji Shahid is the baap of Hrithik in terms of acting.
    His acting in Haider was better than all the performances of Hrithik, including Guzaarish, JA and others.

  • @saky:If salman does’nt need anything to learn..then why he is crying too hard that “Ammi ammi HR did’nt taught me anything :( “

  • salman fans were criticizing srk for calling aamir half actor…
    but they will never see salman saying bullshits about hrithik…..

  • Salman and SRK have a harsh sense of humor but with good hearts .

    With the media today they should leave that old school and work on their diplomacy.

    SRK fan :)

  • OMG! This isn’t a rumour. .it’s true! HE HAS ALREADY COME TO BB8. .wohoo! Today/tomorrow is the episode. .wow. . .

  • Hritik dont know how to promote his film and going now in bigg boss after a week is like begging people to watch bang bang.We want our king to promote happy new year before its release

  • @arjun kapoor kill dill is sure shot flop. tevar will be epic disaster. emraan will tramp youngistan by his foot with superb movies like — ungli, tigers , mr. x (3d) , humari adhuri kahani , azhar biopic , murder4 , udta punjab , battameez.
    then after back to back flops, ur youngistaan will again go back to back to demand 10 min roles in multistarrer films like fanny with yrf and dharma. lol.

  • @arjun kapur 2 states was hit due to chetan and alia. In gunday , arjun kapur was 3rd lead. Fanny became huge flop with deepika. Arjun kapur nothing without yrf and dharma. Ek villain is ritesh hit. U bashed emmi on saif ali khan article. Get ready . I will bash crap younistaan on every page.

  • That comment kutta bhi nahin dekhne gaya was made by Salman for Phir milenge and not guzaarish.but media toh media hi hai.

  • @indicine when is dis episode expected to be aired? BTW Nw dat bhaijaan vil not feature in this episode, i vil be surely watching this episode.

  • Yes , its officially confirmed…in 9th October’s episode Hrithik will be there in the bigg boss house…and he will give some interesting #bangbangdare to the contestants…can’t wait for tomorrow…

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