Hrithik Roshan on Bigg Boss: Photos

Hrithik Roshan was at the Bigg Boss house yesterday. The superstar was on the show to promote his recently released film Bang Bang and also seems to have enjoyed his time with the Bigg Boss housemates.

Hrithik’s presence on the show has created a bit of controversy as he opted not to make his appearance this weekend when Salman hosts the show. However, the actor has said that Salman is the ‘Bigg Boss’ of the film industry.

The episode featuring Hrithik will be telecast at 9PM on Colors.

Hrithik Roshan plays Peacemaker for Gautam Gulati and Karishma Tanna

Hrithik Roshan plays Peacemaker for Gautam Gulati and Karishma Tanna

Hrithik Roshan promotes Bang Bang inside Bigg Boss

Hrithik Roshan promotes Bang Bang inside Bigg Boss

Hrithik clicks selfies inside the House with Bigg Boss Contestants

Hrithik clicks selfies inside the House with Bigg Boss Contestants



  • Hrithik looks much fitter n younger dan dat fake abs bhaijaan … Bhaijaan must have got insecure by seeing hrithik’s charisma n hence declined to appear alongside HR.

  • after watching the bad result of bang bang hrittik understood that what is Salman khan . for that he is in big boss.
    felling bad for hrittik’s lol fans

  • Movies that i gona watch at any cost–
    4) shaukeens

    movies that i will not watch even at gunpoint —
    1)kill dill
    2) tevar

  • Look who is saying who is the big boss of the industry..Aab Toh Maan Jao!!
    Bang Bang is losing its steam too quickly. It seems it won’t recover its costs. So, pressures are on the leads, hr & kat, that took away the big chunks 140 crores budget..
    Having said that, I seriously feel the lead actors of BB should have visited Bigg Boss, KNWK & KBC before the release of the movie…

  • HR is a good guy… While the makers welcomed Hr… But our Sallu got jealous… Bang bang should collect 160 cr atleast so it can be called a clean hit

  • Hrithik has such a big heart. Dat arrogant bhaijaan has still not replied to HR’s bang bang dare, still HR agreed to appear on bigboss to improve d low trps of d shw.

  • @element this article is about two megastars-hro and I request u with my folded hands to keep ur emmy aside from this article

    thank u

  • @arjun kapur
    i have commented about epic movies like hny,ungli,pk and crap movies of crap actors kill dill n tevar.
    Keep ur khajur comments aside.
    Thank you.

  • @anand: so u think it cann’t collect 140 crores? ? Get well soon. It will cross 150 crores easily.
    Anyway, cann’t wait for today’s episode.

  • The fact is that Hrithik can’t wait for weekend’s episode because by then, it would be too late for Bang Bang..He visited on a weekday so that the collections of Bang Bang increases on weekends..

    @Nivin_Pauly, Yes. Salman’s abs is fake. The Trendsetter is fake. He is fake like your king’s fake abs. That appears clearly in the recent teaser in which the entry scene has 8 packs abs and the ending scenes has 10 packs abs. Lol! But Salman is still healthier than the skeleton king, the dad of MMS scandal boy, suffering from Anorexia Nervosa!

    @Sickrum, when Hrithik says it, it is a joke. When Salman does jokes with Shahid, Salman is serious! What a double standard! No doubt you are paglapurian.
    If Salman had been insecure, he would not have praised HNY trailer. If Salman were insecure, he would not have defended saying your king’s abs are not fake.
    Insecure is your king that unfollowed Taran Adarsh on Twitter as he can’t see the praises of Kick by Taran!!

    But no way Hrithik fans are not accepting you two as theirs because skeleton fans like u can change colors at anytime.

  • Some possible reasons why bhai has still nt replied to HR

    1. Given bhai’s distinctive tweeting skills, it is a real possibility that he has no idea how to check his notifications and hence has not seen the dare that hrithik had sent. Being avid follower of his tweet-capades, we know bhai has only recently learned to tag people. He is, however, quite a pro at using hashtags (thankfully he hasn’t come up with any yet). He knows how to retweet as well, but we are yet to see bhai reply to a tweet. A coincidence? Maybe not.

    2. The second possible reason is that he does know how to check notifications, but didn’t feel like painting. If it was anyone other than Khan, this might be considered rude, but we all know Bhai is quite a moody gent. So HR shouldn’t take it personally.
    3. Maybe Khan is miffed that HR has replaced him as the new Abs King of Bollywood.

  • @hritik haters Bang bang is going to be collect around 135 crores in first week in despite of low promotion by fox studios before releasing,less screen releasing,competition with haider,negativity surrounding nd so on…..this collection shows clearly the power of superstar the hritik roshan.

  • hahahaha look at these hrithik fans they are thinking it will boost lol search it has break all records of trp in the first episode bigg boss 8 highest trp in uk even in 5th october it has got highest trp pls care about star who is failed to give hit even with top heroine, 6back to back holidays shame on u.

  • Hrithik did not go on Bigg Boss when Bigg Boss Bhaijaan was there bcoz he knew the epic shivering with come racing to the surface n he would cry uncontrollably when stood infront of our bhaijaan…! Devil owns Jaadoo boy

  • Laut ke buddhoo ghar ko aaye !!!!! But wrong timing shud have come before release on weekend ka vaar with Salman wud have added another 10-15 crs to collections !!!!!!!!

  • bang bang get superhit…with music satalite within first week recover its entire cost…its total budget 130 cr..after 7 days collect 128 cr

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