Hrithik Roshan on 1st Anniversary edition of Noblesse Magazine

Widely regarded as the most good looking man to grace to the silver screen in India, Bollywood superstar Hrithik Roshan flaunts his classic looks on the 1st anniversary cover of Noblesse India.

His latest release ‘Bang Bang’ has done well at the worldwide box office and the magazine highlights the same with ‘Back with a BANG’.

Hrithik Roshan on Noblesse India Magazine Cover

Hrithik Roshan on Noblesse India Magazine Cover

Hrithik Roshan Noblesse India Magazine Scan

Hrithik Roshan Noblesse India Magazine Scan



  • Superb picz….
    Smouldering Hot as Always….

    @WTF & Shaggy…
    Dumb haters first learn to calculate tax.. Fir baat karna…
    Producer fig of Bang Bang is 226.12 Cr Gross & 158.29 Cr Nett…
    Use a Calculator dear… 158.29 cr is 70% of 226.12 cr.. . Which tells us that tax is 30% on avg…
    Keep Barking….
    Hrithik Rules forever….

  • He is so hot….Paris Hilton is so taken with him. It is useless comparing him with other bollywood stars……….he surpasses them in looks………I can not imagine any other actor performing better in BB. Anyway he has age on his side……..the others are really looking old………. Katrina and him were hot together. Let us hope Paris does not take the Kohi Noor of India away.

  • @Babaji : Thats why Salman is called as biggest Entertainer in B Town. His name is enough to make people laugh & enjoy even in a dark movie like Haider !!!!!!!!!

  • @Anand : Dont expect much from Indicine until end of October. There will be numerous articles about only Srk until HNY release. Just wait & watch !!!!!!!!!

  • Hrithik is a complete actor..He can do anything effectively…a legend in making.Bang Bang is one of the movies that brought cheers in the face of his fans…i watched this movie twice in theaters…loved it. This movies easily deserves to be over 200 + collections in Indian box office. It will be a big mystery of why critics have thrashed this movie….But lifetime of 170 crores is a good collection too. It will be a big wait for his next movie coming in 2016….

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