Hrithik Roshan launches Bang Bang Mobile Game: Photos

Present at the event: Hrithik Roshan

Hrithik Roshan launches Bang Bang mobile game

Hrithik Roshan launches Bang Bang mobile game

Hrithik Roshan

Hrithik Roshan

Hrithik Roshan at Bang Bang mobile game launch

Hrithik Roshan at Bang Bang mobile game launch

Hrithik Roshan at Bang Bang mobile game press meet

Hrithik Roshan at Bang Bang mobile game press meet

Hrithik Roshan promotes Bang Bang

Hrithik Roshan promotes Bang Bang



  • wow.

    feeling sorry for shahid
    reality is people are interested in entertainment and bang bang is that entertainment.

    why the hell people would go and watch the literature boring movie like haider. bhai yeh to hum school mein bhi shikhte hain. and literally we have been getting bored. music is like hell. even awesome duo can’t recreate the music which could have been saving grace for the movie.

    vishal Bhardwaj . don’t make offbeat boring movies and try to establish your self as DIFFERENT.

    though I m an srk and hr fan I would still watch many salman movies like wanted & dabaang than to watch the boring movies like haider and matru ki bijli ka mandola.

    aneways. all d best Shahid. I m ur fan too but not of vishal bhardwaj sir’s.

  • @babaji stop praising hrithik.a great man like hrithik doesn’t need ur praise.u r just using hrithik to shield urself of the embarrassment that akki has given u in past 6 years.bfr k3 in every article u used to only praise akki and suddenly after k3 u hv bcm a fake fan of hrirhik and hardly tok about akki.shame on u.u r neither a hrithik fan nor a true akki fan

  • Fanny flop. Arjun kapur = 0 (without yrf/dharma) emraan has ouatim , tdp , dtbhj , gangster , aksar as hits outside bhatt camp.

  • A unique and never-done-before promotional strategy!!! Bang Bang roxx..
    He is not looking like the friend of Jaadu of KMG in 2nd last pic. He is looking like 20 years old.

  • @ pandeyji hr isnt competing with khans cuz he respects all of them. he is looking tired becuz of hard work he did for bang bang dnt you think he looks bad becuz of bad lighting on his face.
    @ thullu no he isnt looking fabulous photofrpher didnt do his job honestly.

  • @kapoor arjun on every article specially emraan’s ur first comment is waiting for fanny dvd, emraan should do rom-com … Whatz this ?? Have u lost ur mind after flop fanny ??????

  • bang bang is coming with a kolkata,all single screens and all most 100% multiplexes are booked by bang bang,bachchan and place for haider in bengal.and read the article about fake 6 packs abs of salman khan in if pioneer of body builder of bolly can do this,than what about tha publicity hungry over actor,shaharukh khan.he is the most unfit actor and using vfx show naturally impossible 10 ridiculous.

  • @pandeyji he dznt need 2 compete with any khan.. he alone is better than all 3 khans combined…
    hr has better looks and body than salman….
    hr has better onscreen charisma and acting abilities than srk…
    and he is equally versatile as amir…
    above all he is the best dancer… hr shud go Hollywood instead f competing with khans having blind fan-following..

  • In a recent poll, of Shah Rukh Khan, Aamir Khan and Hrithik Roshan – who has a hotter 8-pack? Well, you have given your verdict. By acquiring 56 percent votes, SRK has whizzed ahead of Aamir and Hrithik, who have got 17 percent and 26 percent votes respectively.

    The results are quite surprising, if you ask us. Honestly, we expected Hrithik to rule in this poll. But it looks like masses are mighty impressed with SRK’s newly attained 8-pack abs for Happy New Year.

    Even Aamir, who was hiding his 8-pack for PK all along was not able to impress the masses when he finally revealed them while shooting for a song in Nashik recently.

    All said and done, apart from calling him the King of Bollywood, it won’t be wrong to call SRK the King of abs as well.

  • @Arjun kapoor
    I know you are in a state of deep mental shock after the horrible performance of fanny n daawateishq,so i was expecting these sort of comments from you.
    And plz do check my comments once again,you will find my honest opinions everywhere before k3,after k3..!!!
    I don’t need to praise him always,even i said he was looking weak in one of the articles..
    Whatever i feel is right,i say it!
    What do you mean by “you hardly talk about akki”…go to the shaukeens motion poster page…
    i am not like who post irrelevant comments …

    I know what is your agenda,u always seek huge amount of LIKES for ur comments..
    and don’t need to show your fake love towards akki,hr,aamir,srk….worry about ur youngistaan!!!

  • arjun kapoor- u said the truth … babaji( he is salman fan, and SRK hater, in short he is BHaitard ) and salman fans navin, pachin 11, anand- local will attack u now but im in support of you… i always bash badly these three navin ,old MAN babaji and anand_unoriginal

  • @@@Babaji ka sonething We all knw U hate Srk…Bt ur comment is always baseless and itso irriratating all the time..I thing u r totally illitrate about bollywood…Whatever U Bark fact will remain same from 1990 to 2014.Only khans r rulling the bollywood Till Gajani realise srk was way ahead of other two…From recent few year they are giving some sort of competion to SRK..Ur fav HR or Akki Never been in the race…Now the competion is going Only within Srk sk and amir…And after the realise of HNY u will hide ur face then u will give excuses lyk HNY hit bcs of Deepika….lol same lyk ur previeus comments..U knw what happend with Fanny….U r too illitrate u r ready so say om shanti om was hit because of deepika…lol..Expecting some logical comment frm u in future…

  • @sahir,shaharukh khan did not only win best physics poll,he will even win the poll that is who best suits’its entertainment’ title character!

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