Hrithik Roshan and Sussaane heading for divorce: Statement

Hrithik Roshan and his Sussanne, who have been married for over 13 years now, have ended their marriage and 17-year relationship. An official statement from the actor has confirmed the same.

“Sussanne (Khan Roshan) has decided to separate from me and end our 17-year relationship. This is a very trying time for the entire family and I request the media and the people to grant us our privacy at this time. I do not wish this news to disempower my fans and the people about the institution of marriage in any way. I am a firm believer in this institution and respect and honour it at the highest level. I thank my fans for all the concern and prayers for my health. My treatment is going fine. I should be able to resume my life in every way very soon. Thank you”

Hrithik Sussanne Divorce

Hrithik Sussanne Heading for Divorce

Hrithik and Sussanne haven’t made any public appearances in recent times. There were rumours that the couple started living separately a month before the release of Krrish 3.

Hrithik married Sussanne Khan, daughter of actor Sanjay Khan, on 20 December 2000. The couple has two sons, 7-year-old Hrehaan and 5-year-old Hridhaan.



  • Feeling worst :'(
    still i’m not able to believe. .don’t know what to write. .but it’s very sad news.
    Never expected and wanted it. .

  • I am feeling lost. .
    I request everyone to respect both hrithik and suzanne and let them live their own life happily.don’t give abusive comment .
    It’s hard to accept the truth.but i wish both of them a very good luck for their coming days:(

  • Strength To My SuperHero, His Family & His 2 Lil Kids. We Should Let Them Have Their Own Privacy For Time Being & Wish Everything Be Fine Soon !

  • I remember Salman said as advice for Hrithik “GET OUT OF IT”when Karan asked him about Ranbir nd Katrina!!I want to knwo what he meant by that???

  • How sad. I feel sorry for the kids. They will be suffer the most. Hope hrithik and Suzanne try to save their marriage for the sake of the kids.

  • There were rumours if divorce during kites release because of hrithik’s affair with Barbara mori. Sad time. It is surprising that SRK managed to save his marriage after his alleged affair with priyanka chopra.

  • What eva happens it happens for Good. Hrithik Deservs better. Now Girls Go Grab Hrithik. Limited Stock .! WE Be with you always Hrithik!

  • this is the saddest news for me for this year..
    But i respect their decision as they know better what to do with their life………
    All the best Hrithik and sussane for your future……..

  • Hrithik said during Diwali that his wife and kids loved “Krrish 3” then what happened after that ? i think Sussaane was angry that Hrithik broke Srk’s record bcoz Srk kissed Sussaane in Zee cine awards 2011 and Sussaane said she loves Srk in Koffee with Karan.Srk should be blamed for this divorce.

  • sare bharat wasiyo ka apman karyega. bachcho ka chahita krrish kya khak bachcho ki jaan bachayega jo apne chote chote massom bachcho ko apne saath nahi rakh sakta. I hate hrithik roshan and rakesh roshan. please don’t make fool us now. RIP KRRISH SERIES.

  • @sachin
    really u r so obsessed with srk . u don’t have even 1 comment without mentioning srk name . i think u remember srk more than his die hard fans also .
    sussane done right thing. roshan family big fraud. anyway sussane can’t waste her whole life with stammering person .

  • @Sachin 11, Do you have any brain Moron? Why blame SRK without any reason? Your IQ level is too low.. Go home brainless Kid, you have gone mad.. I feel very bad for Hrithik..

  • Huhh.. Sad news
    So who cheated whom.??
    Or was it just both of dem got tired of each other…!!
    Btw its really heartbreaking.both looked cute together
    P.S. – I wanted priyanka n shahrukh together… But it seems srk is a loyal husband

  • i m really feeling so much bad,cant say or cant think anything,on dis,i thinked lost cried but i have to face the reality,i hope hr sir and susanne man took the r8 decesion for their selves,as their mature enough,bt i really respect hr sir s decessipn every one face ups and downs in life,quickly as hr sir and as we all his fans,lovers well wishers, can over come it, may allah bless two of them

  • Most of the love marriage ends up with divorce!. Why is that?. Is it bcuz guys change after marriage and girls expect the guy to be same even after marriage?. However, marriage is just a piece of paper to show society. The actual marriage happens when 2 people love each other if it’s not there then it’s better to saperate

  • ‪#‎ SanjayKhan‬( father of sussane )
    When asked for his reaction, Khan told PTI: “Like any other normal couple they also have some issues. Just because hrithik is a superstar, doesn’t mean he will not have personal issues. They both are intelligent and wonderful people. It’s just that they need space. Of course this is not a closure.
    “They respect each other. To resolve issues, may be this is what they thought was good,” he said…
    so friends still there is a chance of patch up…
    pray to God Allah or Bhagwan !!

  • @sachin11
    why do u always attribute anything to srk
    yash chopra died —srk
    h r divorced—– srk
    grow up loser

  • Hrithik is handicapped coz he can’t do anything without his father’s help. I don’t like Hrithik as an actor but I thought he is better husband. But at the moment I think he is nothing else. No actor or nor good human. No respect for such evil-doer.

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