“Hrithik is a bigger star” – SRK gets candid

Shahrukh Khan gets candid; talks about his real life love story, his kids, on being ticklish and Hrithik Roshan.. Read on…

Dilip: Do you ever plan to make a movie on your and Gauriís love story? And if you do, will Gauri act in it?

SRK: Thank you for asking me this question. I think I have included parts of my life in many of my films. And now if I film my own love story my wife will leave me. Itís not a great love story. But even though it might be an ordinary love story it seems extraordinary to us. Iíd like to relate this to my upcoming film Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi. So no, I do not think I will make a film on my love story. As even if I did, I donít think Gauri would act in it . She thinks I am not a good enough actor.

Kirsten: Are you ticklish?

SRK: I donít know. I used to be ticklish. But lately nobody has tickled me. People donít come up to me and say ĎHi Shah Rukhí and start tickling me. But even if I was, I wouldnít tell you. Because my kids will find out. They are scared of me tickling them, so I donít want them turn around at me. But Kirsten, I think Iíll ask someone to tickle me and find out.

Ashwin: Do your kids like your Rab NeÖlook?

SRK: My kids think I am very Kal, which I think means uncool. My son feels my pants could have been a little higher to make me look even more uncool. My kids saw the film. My daughter cried, she felt sad for what happens to me. So yes, they do like my look but I think they prefer the six-pack abs.

Aditya: What if Rakesh Roshan approached you for Karan Arjun 2 with Salman?

SRK: I donít think Mr Rakesh Roshan would make Karan Arjun 2. He would rather make a Krrish 3 with Hrithik Roshan. Now he has a bigger star at home. We are lesser stars. Anyways I think I am too old to play either Karan or Arjun. And I donít think Mr Roshan would be making it either.

Dinesh: What do you think of Aamirís eight-pack abs and Johnís butt?

SRK: I have lately only been noticing Deepika, Bipasha and other heroineís bodies and butts. I donít check out guysí butts or eight-packs. When I want to see a great butt or a six pack I look at mine. I am glad they (Aamir and John) have great butts and abs. But I havenít gone down as deep as maybe you have. I feel shy looking at men.

Note: Questions from Buzz18 readers. Its an external interview, which we thought our readers would find interesting.



  • Haaa haaa, it it damn funny to read sometime this kind of interview. But one thing to notice is that the title of this article is simply named to attract readers, n if u read carefully this article u will not find any match with what SRK told about Hrithik. Why Indian media is like this?
    Also, I really have doubts on this interview from SRK as I think the author added some dialogues n sentences from his own to attract the net surfers.

  • And this conversation, about Hrithik proves that Shahrukh isn’t an arrogant or a jealous actor as some haters try to stick these labels to his character, but a humble one who considers some other actors bigger than him.

  • Shahreen: they do this coz they want to ruin him.. jealous ppl and want Akshay to be crowned as the new King of bollywood.

    Akshay must be the King of comedy although I don’t see him as a comedian man, and if Shahrukh’s days is over now.. so the crown must go to Hrithik.. he’s the only one who deserves it.

  • SKR is great! I have to admit that he did look a bit uncool in Rab Ne but it’s all part of his character and I think it suits him well (his character I mean)……
    PS That line where he said I feel shy looking at men, in the interview, cracked me up 4 sum reason

  • Every actor make his reputation by his talent .So hrithik is hrithik and shaharukh is shahrukh no one is bigger but they are best in their position. Both the actors are known for his distinct style personality good looking.

  • Akki is All Rounder n Best Performer in Every Field . [ Jo Muh se kuch bole aur kare kuch aur vaisa humara akki nahi ]
    Naam Hai Sidhu . Chandni chowk 2 china it ll break all records at b.o . just wait n watch 4 akki enemies .

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