Hrithik, Hrehaan and Hridaan return home from Maldives: Photos

Hrithik Roshan†and his two children Hrehaan and Hridaan, returned home after a quick vacation in Maldives.†The superstar was spotted at the†Chhatrapati Shivaji International airport in Mumbai.

Surrounded by security officials, both from the airport and his personal body guards, Hrithik was seen holding his sons close to him.

In between a shooting schedule of his upcoming film ‘Mohenjo Daro’, Hrithik took off for a vacation with his two sons, mother Pinky and sister Sunaina.

His next film releases in theatres during the Independence Day weekend next year.

Check out the photos!

Hrithik Roshan with his sons Hrehaan and Hridaan

Hrithik Roshan with his sons Hrehaan and Hridaan

Hrithik Roshan and sons at the Mumbai airport

Hrithik Roshan and sons at the Mumbai airport



  • He has a looks of Hollywood actor. If I was a Director, I would have experimented with his looks. According to me, his best looks belong to Kites followed by D2 and KNPH . He also looks very Good in all films.

  • May God bless him and his sons..His sons going to be next generation superstar..
    Way to go..Hrithik we are always with u and u inspires us all..Hope that Mohenjodaro will be his best performance of his career..And also it will be 250 cr+ for sure..And also hope that he will do more films..We want 2 movies of him on 2016..

  • I feel really sad for Hrithik..he must be hurt deep inside coz of his divorce..still he works so hard each day!!
    MohenjoDaro is an EPIC in making,it will be around 2hrs long unlike Ashu Gowariker’s previous films which were too long..

  • He is going to train his kids under Tiger Shroff ,
    Now wait for the future Khiladis of Bollywood!!

  • Lol

    “If I was a director….”

    Lol you would struggle to direct as you would be too strict trying to include a Lootera like plot or add pink lips thus missing the whole point. Anyway first concentrate on turning your critic apprenticeship with krk into a full time gig and leave the directors chair to those more qualified…!

  • he is also very down to earth guy.
    an actor having most classy looks of all time with whom women dying to be with. how on earth is it possible that suzzane left him for someone like rampal ,the most unlucky women.

  • Hrithik Roshan = 3 Khans + Rajnikanth+ Dilip Kumar + Sanjeev Kumar+Akshay Kumar+ Ajay Devgn + Ranbir Kapoor+ Arjun Rampal+ John Abraham+ Varun Dhavan + Sid Malhotra+Emraan Hashmi+ Arjun Kapoor+ Tiger Shroff+ Leonardo di Caprio+ Brad Pitt+ Ryan Gosling+ Christian Bale+ Robert Downey Jr+ Johnny Depp+ Heath Ledger+ Bruce Willis+ Bradley cooper+ Marlon Brando+ Robert de Niro+ Liam Neeson+ Ian Mckellen+ Tom Hanks

  • Lol…who is msn? Too funny comments.. keep it up.
    Good gor his sons. I hope he doesn’t repeat manipulate collection with mohen jo jadoo. Epic movie coming next year…according to babaji.

  • @jadoo4ever

    You forgot to include Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse in your list…. I would argue against including Scooby Doo and Darth Vader as quite frankly they cannot be matched/ rivalled by anyone…!

  • The kids are adorable and I just hope they only inherit daddys looks and not brains as they should be able to work out the tax needed to be paid on 244cr earnings….!

  • i think some Uncle is biggest fan of HR….he just can’t ignore any Article on Duggu and also brings the topic of HR in other articles too!! lol…kp it up uncle ji……….. ;-)

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