Hrithik celebrates the success of Finding Fanny with Ranveer, Deepika, Arjun

Finding Fanny has dropped significantly on its first weekday at the box office, but that didn’t stop the makers of the film from celebrating its success.  Present at success party was Bollywood superstar Hrithik Roshan who joined Ranveer Singh, Deepika Padukone, Arjun Kapoor, Ileana D’Cruz, Naseeruddin Shah, and several other film personalities to celebrate the 20 cr weekend business of the film.

Check out the photos.

Hrithik Roshan at Finding Fanny success bash

Hrithik Roshan at Finding Fanny success bash

Hrithik Roshan

Hrithik Roshan

Arjun Kapoor, Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh at Finding Fanny success bash

Arjun Kapoor, Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh at Finding Fanny success bash

Ranveer Singh, Deepika Padukone at Finding Fanny success bash

Ranveer Singh, Deepika Padukone at Finding Fanny success bash

Ranveer Singh at Finding Fanny success bash

Ranveer Singh at Finding Fanny success bash

Deepika Padukone at Finding Fanny success bash

Deepika Padukone at Finding Fanny success bash

Arjun Kapoor, Deepika Padukone at Finding Fanny success bash

Arjun Kapoor, Deepika Padukone at Finding Fanny success bash

Arjun Kapoor

Arjun Kapoor

Ileana D'Cruz at Finding Fanny success bash

Ileana D’Cruz at Finding Fanny success bash



  • Really happy to see my most fav star hrithik celebrating success of arjun’s film.feel really happy.I knw fanny isn’t a big bo success but with all the critical acclaim and decent bo performance it is surely a success

  • I have several times insisted my son Arjun Kapoor not to throw party for the 20 Crores weekend of the film and not to put me into shame. Everyone including Indicine knows and accepts that it is failure. It will need at 40 crores to call it a success. But my stubborn son, Arjun, has never listened to me. He also fired back to me saying “Aap Ne Mere Liye Kya Kiya?”

    Dear Anil Kapoor and Salman Khan, please help him get on the right path. Hosak Tha Hai ki he may listen to you guys! I am really ashamed! He also keeps chanting youngistan!

  • Well in just about few days time……Even Hrithik will be hosting a grand success party for #BangBang which will break almost all Bollywood records. I think whole bollywood would be present but I doubt the attendance of Salman and SRK because they know they cannot achieve the feet which Hrithik has climbed. #Hrithikrules always

  • Watched FF today..i liked it!!!
    It comes as a refreshing film when normally we get the same masala every doubt the film is slow and jas few boring moments,my friends did’nt liked it a bit!
    Cinematography is superb..performance wise,pankaj kapur is brilliant followed by naseer n DP,Arjun is good too..background score is nice..i smiled almost throughout the film.
    So FF gets 3.25/5 from me!!!

  • Success? lol, the film has crashed on Monday.

    Why do they have these fake parties? May be just to fool innocent financers of future.

  • Will watch Finding Fanny tomorrow. Happy wid the positive responses for bang bang album.
    My rating for bang bang album:

    1.Tu Meri: it’s a catchy and energetic romantic pop number. I found it even catchier after listening to it repeatedly.

    2.Meherbaan: slow,sweet and soft. Great vocals. Great composition. Good lyrics. Video is a treat to watch.

    3.uff: i loved the harshdeep kaur’s part more. It’s a unique compotion.

    4.title track: not loud, but stylish,catchy and classy. Benny Dayal has given complete justice to it. If you love english songs, you will find it good.

    over all, 3.25/5.
    Nice,but expected better actually!

  • hr looking better than previous photoraphs where he looked dull. i feel he is a real life hero if i talk about his attitude simple and sound as a human i like him. he is better than overactor and egostic srk.

  • Humshakals team also celebrate success party then its common FFF celebrate it, don’t underestimate the power of youngstan

  • i think Ranveer is more happy than Arjun!!lol……
    ny way now a days most of the films throw a success party even before 7 days of release!!FF is following the same way…….ny way FF has gotten the good reviews from almost all;so hope it will become an out and out Box Office Hit!!……..All r looking great!
    Love You HR!!! Best of Luck 4 BANG BANG…

  • @Nipun; very honest & unbiased review!!……according to me Bang Bang Music is more appropriate for multiplex audience than mass audience! however i like It

  • A success party? Humshakals team also threw a success party. We know what happened. I for the first agreed with @Romu New Yr.

    @Saurabh, why have Salman and SRK got to achieve the Hrithik’s feet? Don’t they have their own feet? Are they disabled? Disabled is the one that can’t walk without the help of his papa most of the time.

    Everybody knows I dislike SRK. And I hate his attitude. But tell me what is the one thing that SRK and Salman need to achieve that they have not achieved. What is the special thing that the spoon-fed baby roshan has achieved that Salman and SRK has not achieved yet?
    15 years in the film industry, but just 19 films (20 including Bong Bong)! Out of 19, 9 are utter failures! Out of 10 successful movies, the biggest 4 successes are with the papa roshan. Out of the remaining 6 successes, 4 are multi starrers (if we don’t include mission Kashmir). What has he achieved? He dares not do films in fear of failures, let alone doing adventures himself alone. He can barely do 40 films in his whole career. He’s in his forties now.
    Well, at least thanks Salman Khan for his 1.5 years efforts to give Hrithik a fabulous physique for Kaho Na Pyaar Hai.

    Hrithik thanked Salman Khan after receiving his first Filmfare award. Hrithik said “Salman has contributed in my life in many ways.” Don’t you think your icon is saying the truth?

  • @shaggy: you cann’t compare as both are different. Bang Bang title track is not very loud like salman’s bang bang. But it’s catchy and stylish. As i have mentioned, if u love listening english songs you will luv it. Btw, salmanfans have a habbit of liking only loud tracks(my observation!).

  • @Yuvraaj, ‘overactor’….tu toh ais bol raha hai ki salman Ko bahut acting aati hai…dont worry our bhai hamms with perfection, oh sorry!! overacting kya, bhai ku tu acting bhi nhn aati…enjoy craps like jai ho, kick, ready, bodyguard, dabbang with overacting of your bhai…watch tere naam too, b/c our bhai was hamming in that too…

  • @Anand Orignal…….please get some English tips.
    Feet doesn’t always mean the walking feets…….Its the Height of success which Bang Bang would acheive…..Which would be unbreakable…..Thats what is meant by achieving that feet…….

    Also you add Orignal to your name but english looks very UN-Orignal dude…..get it right next time or if u don’t just ignore the comment as its for the smarter people……..

  • @nipun, in my opinion your review for bang bang was little baised….if i will ask you to rate indiawale than you will rate it 3/5…but i don’t understand what was something better in tu meri…

    my rating would be :

    tu meri – 3/5

    meherban – 3/5

    i think meherban is for me 3, because i rate songs like pehla nasha As 3.75 to 4 tu meherban kya hai…but it was your view on it which i appreciate…

  • @ Anand Un-Orignal

    Never judge an actor by the no. of movies done, Salman even know an A of acting and if he does why no awards till date…..Also SRK after Chak De! what has he done, overacting in all movies………

    before you comment on Hrithik just have look at his past……Stammer Problem…….some back related issue Scoliosis……..And now Best actor…… Best Dancer……most hardworking person, all his Co-stars and Directors agree on that……He fought all the odds Became an Actor…… He is an inspiration for all that nothing is impossible, hardwork and determination is what matters, everything is achievable.

    And you say he 19 20 films in 15 years……..just cut the Crap man…..its called perfection but You being a Salman fan are way away from that…..just dancing like a monkey (as Salman does in his movies) make you oh salman ahh Salman……..

    He is the Best…….and Bang Bang will prove it……

  • @Anand…First of all I Respect Khan trio and there success and hardwork…
    But If u think that Hrithik is successful only because of his Father then friend u need a Reality Check..
    Knph,Kmg,Krrish and Krrish 3 all these 4 movies are biggest hits of HR career so as of Director Rakesh Roshans.
    And in all these movies HR’s Acting as well as Overall Performance praised by everyone…He showed his presence and Extreme Hardwork in these movies…
    And HR did only 20 films till now in 15 yrs because he himself restricted from signing more movies because he chossed very unique roles which needs extraa preparation…
    And Finally about his multistarer movies Except kkkg all others like Dhoom2,Znmd,Agneepath all did well because in which X factor and Hero is Hrithik…
    So pls Appreciate Hardwork of Hrithik..

  • @ saurabh its ur khushfahmi cuz hr need to do more successfull movies if he wanna come close to Salman, aamir, srk. he is best in his gen star.

  • @YYmithaiwala:

    yes,i would rate 3/5 for indiawaale. Main thing about tu meri is it’s a unique composition and it’s getting catchier with each time when i am listening it repeatedly. The background music of it was fab. As for indiawaale,i have seen the video in which i would vote 3/5 for it. Yet to listen the full audio. For manwa lage, i would rate a generous 3.5.

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