Hrithik breaks Aamir’s record, reclaims top spot!

It all started with Ra One, as Shahrukh Khan most-ambitious superhero film fetched 35 crores for it’s satellite rights. Later, when Rakesh Roshan announced Krrish 3, the Ra One record stood broken as Star TV acquired the rights for a whopping 38 crores.

About a week later, Aamir Khan’s Dhuan claimed the top spot, as the satellite rights of the Reema Kagti directed film was sold for about 40 crores.

Now Hrithik, who just finished a successful stint on television with Just Dance, has reclaimed the top spot with Agneepath!

According to Times of India, the film has fetched Rs 41 crores. Mumbai Mirror quoted a source as saying “Agneepath is hot property in the industry today. The promos have got a great response. Everybody is looking forward to seeing Hrithik playing the legendary (character of) Vijay Dinanath Chauhan, the role that Amitabh Bachchan did in the original. That’s the reason the channel did not hesitate in shelling out Rs 41 crore. Even Aamir Khan’s film with Reema Kagti and SRK’s RA One have fetched lesser money than Agneepath.”

A source from the channel said “Yes we have bought Agneepath at a huge price but I can’t speak about the economics in print. We had a couple of options but we went for Agneepath because we firmly believe that all of Hrithik Roshan’s films except Lakshya have done tremendous business on satellite. The promos of Agneepath are a rage right now and that’s why we put our bets on this film.”

The media created Hrithik Roshan vs Aamir Khan battle is from over though as Aamir’s Dhoom 3 is likely to fetch an astronomical price! Still, for a film like Agneepath, 41 crores is huge!

Top 5 Satellite Prices for Bollywood movies

  • Agneepath – 41 crores (Hrithik)
  • Dhuan – 40 crores (Aamir)
  • Krrish 3 – 38 crores (Hrithik)
  • Ra One – 35 crores (SRK)
  • Bodyguard – 30 crores (Salman)


  • I still stand firm that Ra.One was brought for 40Cr..every A to Z Bollywood website has written this even Wikipedia..

    Still if Agneepath can rake in 41Cr..Can Don2 be far behind..
    I knw D3 will smash satellite records..but then YRF film starring SRK Katrina and Anushka is their too..Family Films do extremely well on TV..K3G KKHH ..DDLJ..all still bombard the TV when they come..

  • And we have pretty reliable sources that confirm that Ra One was sold for 35 crores. Even Times of India confirmed that a few days back. About wikipedia, it’s user edited. Don 2, yes.. Could get 40 crores or more :)

  • Ok..Indicine..But it has’nt been confirmed..officially..
    ‘coz I visit and read a lot of articles..that too from trusted sites..and almost everyone said 40cr..

    Let’s see when the official figures are disclosed..

    but Agneepath geting such high ..quiet unexpected..

  • and Indicine plz moderate my comment..which has link of new Ra.One poster featuring Arjun Rampal..
    Its posted on Raftaarein Song’s topic

  • ashkaran doing fake publicity of raone.
    Indicine:but satellight rights of bodyguard is only for five how many total price of bodyguards satelight right?
    finally ek tha tigers satelight rights will be fetch in over 50 crores

  • Vinay..yaar ..Sallu ka time gya..
    No one interested in watching sallu films especially in south india..coz they’ve already seen the orignal films..from which Sallu ripped make his films..

  • and for that fake publicity dialogue..DUde I am SRK’s right hand..using which I thrash those who speak shit against king khan..

  • every website had declared that RA.ONE was less valued than KRRISH 3………….dream on guys.Now Hrtihik is going to rule our industry for next 10-15 years………:)

  • woahhh lipun..
    Please..Khans..have overtaken Roshan..who was once becoming threat..Now for the fourth position..
    Ajay ,Ranbir,Hrithik are battling..and ranbir is a bit ahead..due to very good BOXOFFICE results

  • Yeah I am srk’s right hand jus se who masturbate keres hai. Srk’s time is over. These stupid people think ra1 is going to break all records. Let’s bet … If Ra1 does 17 cr or less on day one then this stupid Srk fan who claims he is right hand of Srk is going to leave this site forever. This insecure Srk fan will not bet because he knows he will lose like his fav losser SRK and he will not be able to bash salman khan. Ra1 is a disaster full of world famous Srk hamming just like his film DUPLICATE. This movie is going to go tees maar khan way. He thinks that salman’s time is over, dude 3 back to back atbb movies is not Childs play and as he said these movies were remakes even then they did150,145 and 125 crs business. Imagine how much business ETT will do as original story and made by Srk’s fathers yash raj films. Wake up before it’s too late. Look at Srk’s face in all the promotions he us doind and his face really looks fucked up. He needs Botox or something really quick. They say ra1 has 3000 vfx and trust me 2990 have been used on Srk’s face to make it look a little better. R u guys blind or something cant u see the red spots on his face and he looks 50 years old or even more. He regiment needs another plastic surgery as the previous one has lost it’s effect.

  • @aaskaran @indicine and srk fans Ra.One sattelite rights was sold at 50 cr how you may Ra.One’s music launch was also sold at 15 cr while no other film sells rights of their music launch so I think indicne is right at 35 cr bcoz it was a collabrative deal btwn music launch and sattelite rights of film

  • shut up jealous ashkaran
    salu looks older tthan shahrukh khan
    salu is bald his eyes are very out to out as if someone is stangulating him and his face is so old
    you are insecure salman khan fans will become srks after ra one and don 2and you ll be alone watching ur remake fucked up salwoman khan

  • Hey Duplicate Aashkaran..U r back..To get insulted…

    @Joe..He is my duplicate who is against comments are always for SRK…

  • AT 45, Shah Rukh Khan is looking like he is, well, 45. Which is not a bad thing unless you consider he helms glamour- driven Bollywood where the hero must always look fighting fit and young, at a time when rival contemporaries of the same age group, Aamir and Salman Khan, are miraculously looking not a day older than 30.


  • u all sallu fans are fucked up. Shut up u guys, u are all sons of a bitch and bastards.. will rock the theatres and kick all of ur A**

  • Very smart! 3 Idiots satellite rights were sold for 35-38 crores. Economic Times, Financial Express, Screen, all reported about it since it was the highest price ever paid for satellite rights for any Indian film! But media playing dirty games again, excludes 3I and even includes Bodyguard! Even Aamir’s Ghajini’s satellite rights were sold for 30 crores – as reported by Economic Times and Mint. But articles are being written to prop up other stars and belittle Aamir’s films! Record todna hai toh sach mein todo, media mein gol-mol articles publish krwane se kya hoga?

  • CAmps for sure exist in Bwood..their are two teams

    SRK and one is Anti-SRK (Salman,akshay,Aamir and rest)..

    and the humorous thing is that..the combined powers of Salman+Aamir+Akshay..could’nt even bring down SRK..

    and SRK has been proving again and again..This time Ra.One and DON2 would be speaking for King Khan..

  • i am in Team SRK.
    Hey @Aashkaran, i heard that had already collected Rs.137 crore as a pre-release revenue, beating previous record held by 3 Idiots which raked Rs 85 crore. Is it true @Aashkaran?

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