Housefull Movie Review

Finally, after many boring films and the IPL season.. Sajid Khan and Akshay Kumar return with a film that is expected to bring back the “Housefull” hoardings outside theaters. Apart from Akshay, the film stars Deepika Padukone, Arjun Rampal, Boman Irani, Lara Dutta, Jiah Khan and Ritesh Deshmukh.

Sajid Khan, the director, has been shouting from roof-tops that Housefull will, not just be the biggest hit of the year but also of Akshay Kumar’s career! The expectations too have been high, since Housefull is the first big release in a long-long time. Does the film live up or fall below expectations?

Housefull is about Aarush (Akshay Kumar) who is unlucky and considers himself to be “bad luck”. One day he moves into Bob’s (Ritesh Deskmukh) house, who is his best friend. Bob is married to Hetal (Lara Dutta). With him Aarush brings in plenty of bad luck too and this leads to several confusing, complicated situations. He marries Devika (Jiah Khan), who is in love with someone else and married him only because of her father.

Enter Sandy (Deepika Padukone) who saves his life and Aarush falls head over heels in love with her. Does he marry her? Does Sandy’s brother (Arjun Rampal) accept him as the perfect choice for his sister? Watch Housefull to find out.

Why Housefull is worth a watch in theater (Positives)

  • Housefull starts off well and although the pace does dip a bit with the introduction of Jiah Khan’s character, Chunky Pandey’s dialogues and performance manages to keep you in splits.
  • Some of the situations are extremely funny and the actors make it funnier. Akshay and Ritesh share great chemistry and when Boman joins in, the movie is a laugh riot.
  • The leading ladies – Deepika, Lara and Jiah in the skimpiest of clothes are a treat to watch. None have much to do, Deepika and Lara quite obviously have bigger roles without much scope for histrionics.
  • The pace is pretty consistent in the second half, which has plenty of funny scenes. If you love slapstick comedy, you’ll love the post-interval portions of Housefull which is more like a David Dhawan – Anees Bazmee film.


  • Jiah Khan’s character doesn’t work and is infact one of the reasons why the pace slackens considerably in the first half.
  • A couple of scenes with the tiger and the monkey are not-so-funny and seem forced.
  • The typical homosexual jokes made popular by Shahrukh, Saif and Kantaben are getting way too boring.
  • The climax is a let down.


  • Akshay Kumar is fantastic. Its good to see the actor never really go over the top or exaggerate with his expressions. As a simpleton with a heart of gold, Akki delivers one of his best performance in a long time. Tremendous effort.
  • Ritesh Deshmukh does well and shares good chemistry with Akshay and Boman.
  • Chunky Pandey in probably being type-cast in roles that have a funny accent, yet he impresses with his ‘just-joking’ act.
  • Lara Dutta has the meatiest role amongst the ladies, she irritates at times with her funny faces but overall is quite okay.
  • Deepika Padukone with push-up bra’s and hot-pants/shorts looks sexy.
  • Jiah Khan has one song and a couple of scenes.
  • Arjun Rampal looks great and acts well. Boman Irani is good. The rest are okay.

Overall, Housefull is way better than every Akshay Kumar comedy in 2009. The film has many genuinely rib-tickling sequences and some good performances. Worth a watch.

Rating: ★★★½☆



    • I watched the movie but sorry to say i didnt like it too much. Yes it was funny sometimes… but same as other movies like DDD and KI

      disappointed with the movie and the review

    • Housefull – Movie Review By Nauman
      Posted by: BollyPlus Team, 30-April-2010, 00:10 IST

      Director: Sajid Khan

      Cast: Akshay Kumar, Ritesh, Arjun Rampal, Deepika, Lara, Jiah and Boman Irani.

      Genre: Comedy

      Duration: 160 minutes

      Akshay Kumar’s funny entertaining comedy movies are always first choice of audience. However it is 2000 (Hera Pheri) or 2009 (De Dana Dan) his every single movie opened with pack houses. But now audience is refusing his same pattern slapstick comedy. Last year CC2C, Kambakhht Ishq and De Dana Dan opened well but fell down in further days.

      Is Housefull same Typical Akshay Kumar movie or does he has something new to offer his fans.

      Lets see.


      Arush (Akshay Kumar) is jink and most unluckiest person. He believed that when he will get real love his life will change. He got marry with Deevika (Jiah Khan) but very next day she dumped him. Then he meets Sandy (Deepika) both fallen love. Other side Bob (Riteish) and Hetal (Lara) are married couple and Arush’s friends. Movie turns when Lara’s Father Baman Irani came to UK to see his daughter and he thinks that Akshay is his son in law. Later on Arjun Rampal entered in the movie who is Deepika’s brother and want to meet his brother in law. Then what all these characters play, what they show and what they hide movie is about it.

      Movie starts with introduction of Akshay which is nice treated. But soon you will surprise that this is not that movie which you were expecting. Till first half audience will in completely shock that what the hell is going on here. But movie picked in second half big time with the entry of Boman Irani. Then till climax movie is on the peak.

      Worth of the movie:

      • Direction wise Sajid showed his self a genius and mature director. Every character‘s get up talking accent, dressing, execution of story is fantastic.
      • Akshay Kumar this is escaped from his slap stick image. He did a very good job in a decent way.
      • Some funny scenes in first half and totally comedy in second half is worth of the movie.
      • Songs situations and picturazation is fantastic and all songs especially Dhano and O girl sound good.
      • In credits there are few new scenes which are watchable. Audience can’t walk out until screen switched off.
      • Chunky Panday and Boman Irani were best as compare other cast.Especially worth of Chunky’s small role was bigger than all others.

      Hilarious Scenes::

      • First scene of Akshay is fantastic. His face expressions make you laugh.
      • Akshay’s encounter with Vacuum cleaner is simply superb.
      • Chinky Panday stole the show his 10-15 minute small role is key of the movie.
      • When Boman came to UK after every single scene make you laugh.
      • Climax when laughing gas leaked.

      Weakness of the movie::

      • Main problem is expectation. In promos movie is something else but in actual Sajid offered something else.
      • First half is quite boring and there are just a few funny sequences.
      • Jiah after 15 minute of movie disappeared completely. She has just one song and four five scenes.
      • Jiah is trying to give divorce to Akshay and her father Randhir Kapoor does not know even he does not know where his daughter is and where is his son in law. This is hard to digest.
      • Climax could have been better. The why Sajid finished looks like He just want to complete it. And he left the interest in the movie.


      Housefull is well written situational comedy movie. It is not out and out comedy but it has lots of comedy sequences. Sajid’s scripting and direction is superb but in first half he was trying to make story and introduction of all characters which was quite boring and this is the main problem of Housefull.


      3 / 5

    • Housefull – Movie Review By GZP
      Posted by: BollyPlus Team, 28-April-2010, 12:40 IST

      Sajid Khan’s first movie Heyy Babyy worked big time on box office. Sajid is very confident about his second venture Housefull and according to him Housefull will create history in Hindi cinema.

      Lets see what Sajid has to offer us.


      Housefull is about Akshay who is a loser, a jinx and his main occupation is working in a Casino where his job is to walk around the place and just his presence is enough to bring people’s bad luck. He has been told that once he gets married all his luck would change. He wishes to marry Malaika Khan who ends up dumping him because his bad luck was rubbing off her. Arjun Rampal is Malaika’s brother. Ritesh is a close friend of Akshay, lives in London and is married to Lara Dutta. Lara and Ritesh work for Randhir Kapoor. Randhir Kapoor wants his daughter Jiah Khan to marry an Indian man and only then she will get his inheritance.

      Lara has issues with her dad Boman Irani who lives in India. Akshay gets dumped by Jiah Khan, tries to commit suicide and ends up meeting and falling in love with Deepika. Deepika is also Arjun’s sister. Confused. Don’t be…it is all related in such a good manner that it is quite entertaining.

      Scenes to watch out:

      • First meeting of Akshay and Jiah.
      • Akshay’s encounter with the monkey
      • Akshay with the tiger.
      • When Akshay meets Deepika.
      • Boman Irani’s introduction.


      • Akshay is great. His role is good and he acts his part very well. He is in his comfort zone from funny moments to emotional scenes just wonderful.
      • Lara Dutta and Deepika both look lovely and act well. They have bigger roles as compared to Jiah Khan. Jiah has also done a good job.
      • Ritesh is fantastic. Boman is great once again. Arjun looks dashing and has acted well. Malaika has a small role to offer. Chunky Pandey is hilarious.


      The director Sajid is excellent. Dont forget to sit through the closing credits where you can see him directing them. Some great scenes and yes he has improved from his ‘Hey Baby’ days.


      • The movie slowed in some places but picked up.
      • The story is a bit complicated.
      • Some scenes were a bit boring but there were not too many of those.
      • Climax could have been better.


      Before the credits Sajid has paid homage to the greatest filmmakers of his time Prakash Mehra Hrishikesh Mukerjee, Ravi Tandon and others. So I guess when you watch the movie you really can’t find that many negative points. It is an entertaining movie. It is a comedy about mistaken identities. It is very well directed movie. Above all it has some great acting by some great actors/actresses. Watch it!


      Housefull will put houseful boards in cinemas!

      3.5 / 5

    • hey indicin e: whats ur take on thunderous opening of Housefull ?? what is ur expectation of weekend , first day , first week and overall buisness???

    • its nice movie…a good timepass…and it has got the opening according to its name….its housefull everywhere….


    • I watched the movie last night, it was super movie, as i said before it will be first blockbuster of 2010

    • @akki_theking,@kumal: what about audience reaction-mixed , good or bad . iam going for it tommorrow

    • I watched housefull… I predict this will be a FLOP…

      Akshay is a good actor, he shud stop making trash movies….

      Apparently he shud do action movies like GHAJINI n WANTED…..

    • housefull is a well written and well directed movie but its all about Akshayism..
      almost all actors have done a good job specially boman irani and chunky panday.
      akshay acted well but he is not looking as good as always,depika has also done a good job and looking so beautiful but i cant say same about her outfit..and i like panauti song,a good situational song, i must say that some seens are very irritating..
      overall good timepass movie…
      3.5 / 5

    • i think its like chandni chawk to chaina or de dhana dhan. very sad sajid.

      my rating 2.95 out of 5.00

    • @ indicine
      aap logo ko nahi lagta ki kuch galat ho raha hai..hardly 15 comments hai wo bhi housefull jaisi movie ke liye…yakeen nahi hota ki yehi wo site hai jab wanted,veer aur london dreams ke 1000 se jyada comment hue main har 1 hours pe site cheak karta tha…ab halat ye hai ki maine phoonk 2 ke review page ko jab open kiya to waha 15 din bad bhi kewal 6-7 commments hi the…aur yaha housefull me mere bad kewal 1 comment hai,jabki 10 hours nikal chuke hai…indicine you have to worry about it…

    • I didn’t hv any plan to see this movie and the reason was “the trailer” wasn’t encourging, but today, while shopping in a mall, I met some friends who saw the movie, they loved it and found it very funny, so they told me that I’ve to see it and that the movie is even better than DDD!..well.. I told myself: I liked DDD and if this movie is something better than DDD so I’ve to watch it.
      I left my shopping immediately and went to get a ticket to see it, lots of audiences were there for the movie, I was just telling myself: Hope that it’s a good movie, hope that I’d find it nice and wl enjoy it, as ppl r saying, when the movie started, in the first 30 minutes I thought it’s not that good and felt that Akshay is playing Laurel & Hardy movie! that black and white short american old movie, and I think everyone knows Laurel and most of u did watch him, but then, after 30 minutes I started enjoying it and found the movie funny.
      Akshay’s acting was good but I don’t know why the director didn’t change his hair style from the starting till the end!!
      Arjun Ramal was so good looking and elegant in this movie, he really deserves to be in some leading roles.
      For first time I saw Lara acting.. she did good in this movie

      Allover, it’s a funny movie, nothing less than 3 Idiots, will be a super hit for sure

    • And yeah.. all the indian audiences were enjoying watching it, burst into laughter, specially in the scene where Depika brings a black baby for Boman Irani and he thinks that this baby is his grandkid.. that was the funniest scene in the movie.

    • And yeah.. all the indian audiences were enjoying watching it, burst into laughter, specially in the scene where Depika brings a black baby for Boman Irani and he thinks that this baby is his grandkid.. that was the funniest scene in the movie.

    • please tell me why akshay is called aarush in every sajid khan film …??? i will see this movie today hopefully aftera download ..and post my review.. be prepared for a lashing.. i hope it is a class act or else i will make a mincemeat out of it .. and i will see where the bursts of laughter are..!!! if it has made certain foreign sections of the world burst into peels of laughter ..hum to desi hain.. i must be made to laugh.. all of u please pray to god that i too laugh

    • @megha ; i hope ur hosuefull movie gt corrupted and u fail to watch it

      hey great , goin for the movie in 15 minutes , 2consecutive akki movies liked by fathiya . great , i mean it has something . personally i didnt find DDD thatt good

      @tina: yes tina we like such comedise because we like to laugh on small and even silliest and stupidest of things becoz of so much stress in life . i dont knw abt u but yes i dont let any opportunity to laugh and have fun let slip

    • Megha: comedy movies r light movies, the purpose is to make u laugh ( if u want to enjoy it go to cinema, don’t watch it online, you won’t enjoy it) but there’re some low grade or silly movies which never make u laugh but feel disgust e.g. All the best, Golmaal, Welcome and many many bollywood comedy movies which u feel pathetic while watcing! and there’re some quite good.
      The main reason for me to watch Housefull because it was Sajid Khan’s direction, he’s funny, he makes me laugh when I see him on stage on any award function, there4 I enjoyed watching Heyy Babby, but Housefull is better, I can say the 3 latest comedy movies for Akshay were all good movies, Singh is Kinng, DDD & House full, but I never agree 100% and say that all the scenes in any comedy movies were good or were funny, I didn’t like the last 10 minutes of the movie Housefull, in the Bukingham palace where everyone laugh in the movie, everyone laughed in the palace ( and you’ll know the reason while watchig it) but it didn’t make the audience laugh! no one laughed at this scene

      And I forgot to mention about Malaika Arora!! was it her first acting and didn’t do any item song in this movie!! I think so!!!

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      Manish, did you submit a review in the user review section? Was it your own review or copied from somewhere? Talking about this page..

      Fathiya, you should submit your review there with a rating.. :)

    • @indicine
      thanks for you reply..main phir se indicine ko veer wale dino me dekhana chahunga..

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