Housefull 3 Review

The Housefull franchise is known for being a crowd pleaser with no apparent regard for the intelligence of the audience. It is not supposed to make sense. You go to the theatre willingly, spend your money willingly knowing fully well what’s in store, and then come out laughing (or not?). So when the third part of the franchise comes out, it fills you with hope that it will be a laugh buster. Does it stick to the formula of the franchise and is it funny? Do the new directors of the franchise – Sajid-Farhad deliver? Time to find out.

Story: Batuk Patel (Boman Irani) has 3 daughters and lives in London with them. They are dumb bimbettes Gracy, Jenny and Sarah (Jacqueline Fernandes, Lisa Haydon and Nargis Fakhri). They have put their father under the impression that they are traditional Indian stereotypical daughters. But things go haywire when they fall in love with Sandy, Teddy and Bunty (Akshay Kumar, Riteish Deshmukh and Abhishek Bachchan). The three young men want to get rich quick and resort to absolutely insane methods to get rich. Story-wise, expectedly, there’s nothing much although there are humorous side stories involving Sandy’s dream to play in the EPL, Bunny’s vulgar rapping skills and Teddy’s wish to be a racer.

Screenplay and Direction: Director Sajid Khan has been replaced in the franchise he created by Sajid-Farhad who have written movies like Golmaal, Chennai Express, Dilwale and directed Entertainment. Housefull 3 is funny if you’re in the mood for such humour and if you decide to not nitpick much. Yes, it is derogatory to a lot of demographics but that comes with the territory of such films. It has some genuinely funny laugh-out-loud moments but Sajid-Farhad aren’t able to keep up the same tempo throughout the movie. The film falters after the interval and then picks up pace towards the climax (which moves at breakneck speed and is hilarious).

The cinematography and production design of Housefull 3 gives the film a big canvas and makes it look like a big budget movie. It is shot rather well. The editing is also tight, and the visual effects are decent. The girls look ravishing and the boys look smart. Housefull 3 doesn’t have chartbuster music but the music doesn’t hinder the movie. Songs like Fake Ishq, Pyaar ki Maa ki, and Taang Uthake make the film flow and doesn’t impede the pace. They are harmless but unnecessary.

Acting: Akshay Kumar is the the clear star attraction in this ensemble movie. He seems to be having the time of his life (a break from comedy movies must have helped). His comic-timing, like always, is the best among lead actors in the industry. Abhishek Bachchan is deadpan funny but his Nandu Bhide remains untouched. Riteish is at his comedic best. Boman Irani and Chunky Pandey do their best and so does Jackie Shroff. The girls don’t have a lot to do and it’s funny how the makers know that and utilise them well.

Conclusion: If you expect a fun movie devoid of any logic and if you aren’t offended by silly jokes, then Housefull 3 should be right up your alley. However, if you expect intelligent writing, smart puns and logical gags – don’t even think of watching the film. Ditto for the ‘over smart’ pseudo intellectuals, who purchase tickets knowing what to expect – yet complain about the ‘IQ’ levels of the film.

All in all, Housefull 3 sticks to the basics of the franchise and follows the formula to the tee without overdoing the zaniness. If you are a fan of the franchise, then go watch Housefull 3.


  • It sticks to the hit formula
  • The lead actors are in fine form with special mention going to Akshay Kumar
  • The production design and cinematography is high class
  • The music is harmless


  • The pace falls off in the second half
  • All the gags aren’t funny
  • The actresses have nothing to do
Rating: ★★★☆☆


  • very well said indicine
    ” Ditto for the ‘over smart’ pseudo intellectuals, who purchase tickets knowing what to expect – yet complain about the ‘IQ’ levels of the film.”
    seems to be an honest review and i think the film will be very entertaining
    also audience response is very positive
    going to watch it today

  • Nice review… Superb hatsoff….! @indicine …..!!..

    Hf3 has positive wom n ppl enjoyin in theatre in which i watched….fdfs….!!..

  • People are LOLing so hard in the theatre.
    All the jokes aren’t funny but, you can’t expect a comedy to he funny ALL THE TIME.
    A great one time entertainer! Watch with family/friends. But, not alone!! And you won’t be disappointed.
    3.5 from my side. Akshay rocked it, again!!

  • Yes those who show off, about the IQ in these type of movies, should be away from writing the reviews.
    Some movies are for entertainment purposes.
    Industry needs this movie to be successful, so that comedy genre could return .
    All in all , Housefull 3 may not be a blockbuster, but can be a Hit !
    Lifetime predictions – 110 crs.

  • Hahahahaha you nailed it @indicine…
    Especially to those pseudo intellectuals like @nipun maharaj…

  • Trust me movie is Hum shakal 2. I have capacity to watch worse movies but this movie was INTOLERABLE… money from this mess….even start is just 35% occupancy….I am afraid post IPL success record is in danger

  • nice reviews we can’t say it negative or extremely postive its just positive reviews and opening is looking good so be ready for a huge numbers on first day

  • Superb and honest review… hats of to u…u know the pulse of readers and business .unlike the so called intellectuals…keep it up..

  • Nice review indicine.

    Conclusion part is for Nipun and his dear aunt Anupama Chopra ;)

  • It is going to be SUPER FLOP. I saw this crap first day first show. same bottle with new colour water. Hum shakal returns

  • Superb movie it will attract both classes and masses …. Sandy and Sundy is best character i have seen ….. akshay will split every one whith his splended comic timing…

  • At the press conference of Do Lafzon Ki Kahani
    when Randeep was likened to Akshay for acting
    in multiple films in a calendar year, the actor said,
    “Akshay Kumar gets four hundred times more
    money than me. There is no other difference.”
    Randeep, however, went on to express his
    admiration for the Khiladi actor. Praising Akshay
    for being a real game-changer, Randeep said,
    “Akshay is one actor who is really evolved with
    every film. He is the most evolving actor that I
    have come across . From his action image he did
    comedy and now he is choosing films that have
    good content. I am glad you are comparing me
    with Akshay. He is an actor who is always
    looking for growth. I look up to him.”

  • @indicine i lost trust on ur reviews when u give 4 stars to kick and prdp and 3.5 stars to bajrangi bhaijaan

  • Yes all songs r good to watch..pyar ki ofcourse best but now I m addicted to malamaal sung by mika..Watch it multiple times nd you will start liking it a lot ,not for Thande nd devdas Type Ppl like @Nipun Devi.

  • @AMAN From where reviews are positive? On PK planet? Most of the critics are bashing it . Indicine is more of Movie buff rather then critic . They appreciate a movie for wht it is !

  • First correct your review. I have found of this awful movie. Constantly depressing and left me feeling lonely that I even ended up spending nearly two hours in the toilet (hope it’s a rumour that Akki’s next movie with Neeraj pandeey named toilet. Cant really stand another torture).

    Housefull 3 is totally useless and how everyone who likes it is slightly broken internally.😆😆😅

  • @indicine tu apne aap ko bada critics sochta hai mc…lol housefull 3 is utter crap and will be disaster…

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