Housefull 2 – Saturday and Sunday update

After a good start on Friday, Housefull 2 continued it’s good run on Saturday with figures similar to it’s opening day. The two day all India total is Rs 27.5 crores.

On Sunday, business picked up all over. Based on early estimates from a few centers, Sunday collections should be somewhere between 15 – 17 crores.

Despite all the media-created negativity around it, the Sajid Khan directed film has been received well by the audience. Infact, almost every exhibitor that we spoke to, has had only good things to say.

Finally, we expect Housefull 2 to sustain well over the weekdays, as films that show good growth on Sunday, rarely crash on Monday.



  • ha ha akshay kumar movie did two day business which ra 1 did only on its second day king khan one day is equal to akshays two days king khan rocks

  • good for akshay but truely he is far behind to retain in top 3 actors he have to give atleast three major hits to attain in top 3

  • ra 1 on its first day had diwali but on second day it created a record but at that time ra 1 jokes were there every body saying bad things about king khan in short the film suffered the highest negativity for a movie ever in bollywood movie history in first day but after all negativity reviews what did ra 1 did on second day tells people the power of biggest superstar ever born in history of bollywood now imagine if all those reviews have not come out and it was not released on diwali day the opening would be above 30 crores which the actors like lallu and akshay can not even dream of ha ha ha ha

  • shahrukh made the worst film ever and did the best business for a single day at that day when reviews came out such a star salute to his status his king ship

  • Why are the other commenters bringing Shahrukh Khan into this again? Do we always have to compare two actors to each other? Why can’t we compare the actor to himself and his earlier achievments instead? I think Housefull 2 is a great film and surely deserves the blockbuster status it is aiming for. It was the best film of the year so far according to me and my family. I hope this film sustains well throughout the weekdays and next few weeks and crosses the 100 crore mark.

  • the grosses of ipl teams have came out and its only shahrukh kkr team to gain profit every single owner is in loss its just the king khan to attain profits even after lossing so many matches ha ha nothing matter for a thing when it is associated with king khan it goes in profit or remembered for a long time just as ra 1 global gross of 249 +3 crores the third highest grossing movie of bollywood after three idiots 365 crores and don2 275 crores

  • @arman it was indicine first to compare house full 2 with king khans movie but indicine forgot one thing every single word you will say about shahrukh the world cares for now compare this figures with ra1 and don2 globally thats why i say to indicine baat karo but srk ke against nahi warna critism to jehlna hi padega salman ke baare me bolo amir ke bare me bolo but hritik and king khan Ke baare me sirf accha bolo kyonki wo king hai ok

  • @ishqujade i understand how you are saying that indicine brought it up first, but they mentioned SRK in a different article, the didnt say a thing about him here. and they were comparin housefull 2 and don 2 not akshay kumar and srk.this time its more likely the readers that are comparing them, but last time when indicine brought srk up, all the readers went against it, but when the readers bring it up nobody says anything. im not trying to hurt anyone with my comments but im just trying to say that you shouldnt blame indicine for it.

  • and they never said anything against srk, all they said was that it was a holiday and don 2 grossed ___ crores. they never said haha srks film flopped and akshays is hit.

  • You ppl are so ignorant in your comments why do you have to compare 1 film to another or 1 actor to another akshay apni jaga hai aur srk apni jaga hai. wots ra.1s collections got to do with this film ra.1 is history now and we all know it was a crap film and was a hit due to the hype. only one khan in bollywood ajay dev khan

  • Stop comparing Guys..why bring other comparison..

    Audience has given BIG THUMBS UP..
    these films r never meant for Critics..who seek for ART films.
    HF2 has striked into my list of fav comedies..

    I am a big SRK fan..and I am very happy for Akki..he was being bashed by Sallu and Aamir fans..

    Take a Chill Sajid..!! You’re in GREEN ZONE..Audience’s verdict matters at the end..

    These media even let Ra.One creating negativity..

    Should deservingly cross Ready..!!

  • Now it will cross 100 crores surely.Its good news for Akki.Because Rowdy Rathore will get historic opening now.

  • Ham SRK fanz yhahan pe shahrukh ko is liay laa rhay hain k akki fanz b ra-one k waqt sallu aur aamir k fanz k saat mil kr srk ka mzaq urtay thaiy yaani SRK k khilaaf sb ak ho jatay hain is ka mtlb hai ye log kisi k fanz nhi sirf
    SRK haters
    SRK lovers<3

  • This is for all the bullshit’s who are comparing the collections made by the films but just find out that in how many screens they have been released.Housefull 2 was released in 2700 screens and collected 13.5 crores on its first day whereas our great cartoon khan’s ra one & don 2 were released in 4100 above screens each which means nearly double screens to hf2 and grossed hardly 14.5 crores on there first day.Now stop fighting and use ur brain and laugh out loud.

  • My friends have seen this comedy movie. They said it a rollerball comedy flick which clicks and makes you tired at the same time. They say it is better than the first HF released a few years ago, but contains same loud and same overacting by the senior fellows. The heroines, they are made to look trendy, so as to compensate visible shortcomings. I infact entered the theatre a bit late when first half was almost over, but that was not a proper timing to go in. However, one can easily recollect what might have happened.

    Some of the songs are groovy rest is just average which the front benchers enjoyed to a greater level. Akhshay Kumar usually tests patience of audience by rendering silly lines in silly style but this is not the case with HF2 he presents his lines with bearable comic strengths. Sometimes the comedy gets a bit too much and looks and sounds senseless rollerball with many loose ends, but still it did deliver some funny notes.

    The biggest problem with large cast is that each individual does not an opportunity to perform its best and rather rely on talents of others which makes a movie look like a wild cocktail

    Lesser cast with better comic script and better deliverance would have made this movie a lot better, this feeling did crop up with most people who appreciated the laughter so depicted in a loud bashing style as of the first HF.

    Sometimes one wonders for what purpose these heroines are inducted when they have little to deliver in a movie with mega format, falls flat. However, ZK looked very attractive rest of the gals are OK & are just fillers.

    The movie delivers mish mash comedy but loud and uneven rhythm as frequently shown was a bit annoying.

    In our region, the ticket sales were earlier stable but after the evening shows it declined, at main theatres.

    With the type of comedy stuffed in the HF2 it should hold /bring audience for some more time.


  • Yes…this is wat akki can do…
    He is on d way to shatter all box office records by fourthcoming ROWDY RATHORE …:-):-P

  • Raone was the biggest flop movie i have ever seen in my life..why u guys kip praising SRK, Akki is average star n his movies does average …fact file Housefull2 is a HIT movie ra1 biggest flop!

  • Well said prem ra 1 was promoted from world cup onwards thats why it did that collections and that too on huge 4100 screens.where as hf 2 released on 2700 screens still its weekend collections r in range of 45 to 48 collections. Even though it was released with ipl ra 1 released in who is the biggest star akki or haklu khan.still haklu khans believe haklu is biggest star .very pathetic.

  • the different between Ra One and Housefull2. Ra One was trash movie of all time. and for all Haklu khan’s fans! please don’t bark like crazy dogs. this is just beginning. wait for next Akki RR. you all need to visit mental hospital, because Haklu khan has already beaten by salman and Aamir. SRK is Over

  • was the worstest movie of bollywood ever….it’s budget was 135 cr and it collected 115 cr. HOUSEFULL 2 released during IPL with competition from regional movies….still the weekend is 42-43 cr.which is a great achievement . critics watch the movie free of cost take snacks and put their bad comments. it is the audience who invest money to watch the movie. and the audience response is mind bogling. i m still smiling when i remind the comic scenes …. sure shot blockbuster …. and one very important thing akshay delivers 4-5 movies in a single year .and srk does a movie in a yr still akshay has maintained a fabulous record. tell srk to do 4 movies in a yr and see what happens. in past he has always failed e.g SWADESH,ASHOKA,BILLU,RA.ONE, and many more

  • hf2 got more screens than don2.please serach google.theskb could u please tell us ta names of srks flop movies?according to u ter are many more!all r saying Ra1 is a crap movie.still it collectd more than 100 cr.its only because of srks star power.imagine if it was done by someone else it wont even collect one leave srk alone and carry on praising ur own fav.stars.

  • Monday 9th April 2012 14.00 IST

    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    Housefull 2 has been hit by around 4 crore nett over the weekend due to the IPL matches and regional films. In Punjab it has lost around 70-80 lakhs due to Punjabi film Mirza – The Untold Story. In Nizam its a loss of around 50 lakhs due to Telugu film Racha.

    The IPL is hitting business by around 5-7% on a daily basis when there are two matches on a day which has been the case since the release of Housefull 2. IPL has taken around 2.50 crore nett out of its weekend business.

    If it was not for the IPL and two regional films the film would have gone towards 46 crore nett which would be in the range of the opening three days of Agneepath and Don 2. A 40 crore nett plus total was always expected going by the pre release buzz while 45 crore nett plus would have been a fantastic result.

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