Housefull 2 Review

With Housefull 2, you get what you expect. You would have seen the trailers, the previous film (Housefull) and you also know what to expect from Sajid Khan. If a loud slapstick comedy, without an iota of sense or logic isn’t your cup of tea, stay far away from Housefull 2. Oh and don’t bother reading this review either.

But the fact that Housefull was one of the biggest grossers of 2010, most certainly means, there is a huge audience for such films in India. Continuing the successful franchisee, director Sajid Khan has included more than 12 actors in Housefull 2. Does it offer double entertainment?

Housefull 2 Review

The whole point here is to keep you entertained for the film’s 150 minute odd duration and Sajid Khan does exactly that. Filled with hilarious sequences, right from Akshay Kumar’s introduction to the last wedding scene, Housefull 2 delivers unlimited laughs. The story and the situations that the characters find themselves in, has plenty of scope for comedy and Sajid Khan exploits it to the fullest.

While some scenes like those involving the crocodile and snake, were way too over-the-top, action scenes seem to have been forced into the narrative.

The music by Sajid-Wajid is good, Papa Toh Band Bajaye is catchy and easily the film’s best song. Farah Khan’s choreography is decent, but Anarkali Disco Chali is unlikely to come close to Munni Badnaam Hui popularity-wise. Cinematography by Manoj Soni is commendable.

Housefull 2 Performances

Amidst all the madness and confusion, it’s the performances that make mediocre sequences funny. Akshay Kumar stands out with a fantastic performance. His comic timing is the best, followed closely by Ritesh Deshmukh.

John Abraham, for a change, manages to express. He doesn’t get his expressions right in a few scenes, but delivers a reasonably good performance. Shreyas Talpade doesn’t get the best of lines. It was nice to see Rishi Kapoor and Randhir Kapoor sharing screen-space for the first time, they manage to entertain. As Jagga Daaku, Mithun Chakraborty is brilliant. Chunky Pandey as Pasta is funny. Johhny Lever is okay.

The girls sizzle on-screen, but have very little to do except to look at their glamorous best.

Overall, we liked Housefull 2 more than the first film in the series. The film has plenty of laughs, some good performances and keeps you entertained from start to finish. Go for it.

Rating: ★★★½☆



  • giving it three and half stars is not permissionable indicine how could you say its a good movie

  • you gave don2 only four so you think don2 was just good than this movie why indicine agneepath should get 4 stars at least

  • if don2 gets four stars it should get 2 stars really indicine once gave kurbaan 4.5 stars what is going on indicine

  • akshay kumar good in his role but this movie does not really should get such a high rating its pretty bad indicine

  • abe bad movie nahi hai yaar magar kuch to aise tut pade ki padhne wale daar ke maare dekhne naa jaye

  • very entertaining movie and every one forgot to mention a actor who played akshays father, he was damn good

  • indicine zinda bad. for all Haklu khan’s fans please shat your stupid mouths. king kumar is back with bang. SRK time is over specially after trash like Ra One. Houseful 2 18cr on non holiday day. ha ha ha ha

  • stupid we are talking about houseful2. not on khans. king kumar rocks. the real londa of bollywood

  • Nice movie ..Akshay kumar starer movie dekho…original acting only akshay can do it…chahe action kaho ya comedy..Akshay original actor hai….sahrukh khan ke fans ko nivedan hai na hi hum sahrukh ka movie dekhte hai…kharab movie ko bhi pasand karte hai..kyun ki woh bhi actor hai..mere yarron sab ko protchhan karo..ninda maat karo..sab ka malik ek hai..tum usi se kabhi bach nhi paoge

  • Ekdum bakwas movie…No comedy…Very boring..songs are just average..makers think dat if they make jokes on physical handicaped or pythor biting on male sex part ll make audiece laugh then sory u are such a looser..shame on u guys…jokes r very bad…
    What happened to u guys..u gave agneepath only 3.5 stars…it deserved 4.5 stars…plz dont compare dis waste movie with Epic movi like agneepath..

  • agnipath is not an epic.waste movie.only sanjay and rishi are good.hrithik is average,priyanka is boring.but in housfull 2 the all 12 stars did extraordinay perfomence.very good movie sure becomes blockbluster.thakyou sajid and akshay for create this wonderfull movie.

  • awsome movie….those who are putting bad comments are only intensional and nothing else..yeh saale movie mein kya dhoondte hein pata nehi. movie entertainment ke liye hoti hai and housefull2 has done it extraordinarily. kuch ligo jaisi ghatia movie acchi lagi lekin ye nahi. isse unka intenson saaf pata chalta hai….

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