Housefull 2: 6th Highest Opening weekend

Despite stiff competition from the IPL and major regional releases in Punjab and Andhra Pradesh, Housefull 2 has taken the 6th spot in the all-time top opening weekends.

The figures are similar to Ready (Salman Khan), and 10% lower than Agneepath and Don 2. Housefull 2 is also the highest opening weekend for an Akshay Kumar film, going past Tees Maar Khan (36.5 crore).

  • Ra One – 52.9 crore
  • Bodyguard – 52.6 crore
  • Dabangg – 48.8 crore
  • Don 2 – 46.3 crore
  • Agneepath – 45.7 crore
  • Housefull 2 – 42 – 43 crore
  • Ready – 42.2 crore
  • 3 Idiots – 38 crore
  • Tees Maar Khan – 36.6 crore
  • Golmaal 3 – 34.8 crore

Note: Films like Ra One, Bodyguard, Agneepath etc had extended 4-5 day weekends. The figures above are for the first 3 days only.



  • anyway pplz like the movie that does matters but its not just akshay kumar starrer, john abrahan has equal footage as akshay and there 2 other supporting actor and so many former stars, so it cant be credited as asshay kumar starrer,first ashay shud give solo hit to say he is back

  • 12 actors leke bhi 6th position pe aur ye akele akshay kumar ki film nai hai so dnt compare him with other actor becaz he dnt deserve for competition with top actors. and H2 such pathetic and mindless movie again prove tht akshay dnt hav choice about movie.

  • don’t forget guys housefull 2 released on non holiday with IPL, friday was not even a national holiday apart for some government workers. akki shows his true power, and you can’t put oldies like mithunda to say houseful did big because of them and akshay also stole the show the main principal character. akki showed when given good product, he can’t beat all the odds, few set backs don’t make any difference. only akshay has got the balls to release it against IPL

  • Rohit ! if Housefull 2 didn’t take huge opening and declared disaster then who would be blamed. Akshay rocksssssssss
    sham on all Haklu khan’s fans. this is just beginning waite for king kumar’s RR. i am sure RR will be sonami for people like you

  • Monday 9th April 2012 14.00 IST

    Boxofficeindia.Com Trade Network

    Housefull 2 has been hit by around 4 crore nett over the weekend due to the IPL matches and regional films. In Punjab it has lost around 70-80 lakhs due to Punjabi film Mirza – The Untold Story. In Nizam its a loss of around 50 lakhs due to Telugu film Racha.

    The IPL is hitting business by around 5-7% on a daily basis when there are two matches on a day which has been the case since the release of Housefull 2. IPL has taken around 2.50 crore nett out of its weekend business.

    If it was not for the IPL and two regional films the film would have gone towards 46 crore nett which would be in the range of the opening three days of Agneepath and Don 2. A 40 crore nett plus total was always expected going by the pre release buzz while 45 crore nett plus would have been a fantastic result.

  • Raone realesed in 3500 screen and don2 realese in more than 3000 screen.ready in near about 2350 screen.and bodyguard realesed in 2500 scren.agneepath 2600 screen.dabangg and 3 idiots realesed in 1800 and 1600 winner is salman khan then amir khan then hrutik then akshay and finally bakri khan.salman khan rockkk…

  • wow how come tese regional films not affectd by ipl.ter was a time wen producers of regional films scared to release ter movies wit bollywood boggies.look now bollywood films must fight wit regional movies too.wat a shame!

  • at all don2 has three day weekend its some thing hughest bigger than movies like ra 1 bodyguard dabbang its great it would have broken ra 1 record if it had similar day weekend

  • wat a escuse, ipl may be affect business bt regional movies release every week n’ with every big flick. Even bodyguard release with makatha which is biggest film of last year. who cares ?

  • if IPL don’t affct films why do producers even srk always avoided releasing their films in IPL? haters are jealous that akki had the balls to do so and still end up successful, IPL is still doing well and it did lose major chunck and will do more so in the long run, also if it had a proper holiday it wud of been even more.

  • Rowdy Rathore will be a huge FLOP!!! I bet it won’t break any records. Just wait for SRK’s Next , Salman’s Dabang 2 and ek tha tiger and Amir’s Talash!!

  • @Khans chutzzz….all the record making khans movies released on holidays and broke records. everyone know Eid,Christmaas are the best time to release movies. tell me one thing if it is Salman’s power then why Ready did not broke any records as it was his next movie after Dabangg.SRK’s Don2 released on Christmaas and earned just a hit status without making any record. u people are jealous of other actor’s success…. Housefull 2 did extraordinary business despite being a comedy movie and tough competition from regional movie and IPL.. AKSHAY rocksssssssssss…….

  • Look bro,if ready didn’t break any record then how it became a blockbuster ? Do u know the lifetime collections of ready are 130 crores exactly in India only with 1800 screens and grossed 185 crores in its theatrical run Worldwide whereas agneepath is an action movie released in 3000 screens on a national holiday and its lifetime collections were 125 crores so it became a superhit,in case of don it is only 106 crores with 4350 screens but hardly managed a hit status.Finally i juz wanna say that Ready is simply an all time blockbuster which released on a non holiday moreover was a comedy film which ruled over many high budget movies. (KOI TOH ROK LO)

  • @ prem….correct urself….ur Ready did a business of 121 crs not 130 crs….Don 2 was released in 2600-2700 screens not 4000….agneepath fetched 120 crs and finally don 2 fetched 114 crs all over india….
    While both ready n agneepath enjoyed successful run at single centres aka fake centres(which make 70% of total indian cinema halls) don2 was below average in these fake centres but excellent performer in multiplexes(don2 target audience) and about 80%(92 crs) of don2 collections came from multiplexes while ready would have not more than 60% collections came from multiplexes(real centres)…so the ranking from true centres would be
    1.Don 2-92 crores
    2.Agneepath-85 crores
    3.Ready-70 crores
    so both srk n hrithik rockss at true centres(multiplexes)…

  • agneepath’s weekend collection were higher, much higher than Don 2. u’ve made a blunder indicine!!!

  • why are u ppl fighting. isn’t it obvious that the 3 khans and hrithik have no competition & treat from any1.

  • ‘Housefull 2? rocks!
    * By Taran Adarsh,(For Reported Centres only)

    HOUSEFULL 2 has embarked on a flying start in the international markets. It ranks amongst the biggest openers there [see chart of ‘Biggest Openers’ below each market]. The 3-day total from international markets is approx. [Rs. 14.34 crores] …

  • Agar khan apni mu v republic day, diwali, eid, christmas, new year or other nationalizd holiday se hat kr bussines kre to mane. Only akshay realese his film in off season. Ipl b tha, koi holiday b nh aur c.b.s.e exam k dauran agar aisa 43 cr ka weekend nikala wo to shreyas, aur ritesh ki wajjah se to hua nh h.

  • Why suddenly bring regional films as an excuse?? Regional films have released with bollywood films a lot of time. IPL can be taken as an excuse. And Don 2 didn’t release on a holiday

  • @indicine …it is wrong to take first 3 days as weekend ….film relese on friday ..obviously get good collection as it is first day…then saturday and then sunday which is huge for any movie..while cinema like agneepath which has only one holyday thursday and then friday and saturday..this is not fair agneepath collected 18cr on sunday..why???????????????????indicine

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