Hot Pics: Amrita Rao from ‘The Man’ magazine

Is Bollywood’s much-loved girl-next-door trying too hard to win over the ‘sexy’ tag? We don’t really know, but clothes in Amrita Rao’s wardrobe seems to be getting skimpier with each passing day.

After a real-hot and-sexy  photoshoot for Maxim last month, Amrita has gone all out for “The Man” magazine appearing in some rather bold outfits – atleast by her standards.

Hot: Amrita Rao - The Man Cover

Career-wise she has no upcoming releases, as of now. Her last appearance was for a guest role in “Life Partner”, before which she was seen with Arshad Warsi and Akshaye Khanna in “Shortkut – The Con is On”.

Check out Amrita Rao’s Hot pics from ‘The Man’ and drop in your comments below.



  • I like her very much in main hon na, ek vivah she act’s so good. I liked her in that kind of image in which she represent india. She was so preety & beautyful. I will sugest her not to go behind glamour its nothing but showing body. That’s doesn’t have to do anything with the character. Be what you are evry ones like you bcz you are an ickon for those girls who love acting not show off.

  • Is this the girl of the movie Vivah?!!!!!!!! just see her in the last picture! Why some girls want to be sexy and they kill themselves to look hot on screen, on magazine covers?!!! I don’t think that this is the right path for the success!! idiot girls.. don’t know what to do to win the audience!

  • Hi Fathiya you are right some people think only by showing there body will atract the audience the don’t think what the character need. Like malika sharawat, rakhi sawanth,lara dytta, nehadupia. ,celina jately etc etc this girls dosnt know the meaning of acting the can just show there body. So only few days people like themafter that they will forgot they will part of jokes. But u can see actress like kajol madhuri & somany are there whome every one wants to see again & again. I hope this girls can understand this. To make such image in industry u have to keep patients. This girls want name & fame in next day when they enter in industry. In saab ko kab samaj ayegi ye baatien.

  • Kaleem: do u know why they show off their body?! because they’re not gifted actresses.. they don’t hv a strong charisma.. screen presence.. even if some of them are talented e.g. Malika Sherawat and Amrita Rao.. both are talented actresses.. they act well but they (lack) this heroine look, there4.. that’s their only way ( according to their level of thinking) that when they do nudity, they publish their sexy photos in men’s magazine.. so they’ll get money and support.. they do for money ofcourse in the 1st place, and probably they know.. they’re aware of this fact.. that they’ll never reach the top in their career.. so why not doing for money!

    Madhuri, Kajol, Aish, Rani, Juhi they all hv strong presence and charisma, plus (luck) there4 they reached the top.

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