HOT: Katrina Kaif Filmfare Magazine Cover

Ever wondered.. Who does Katrina considers competition? How does she react to being called a Barbie Doll? Is she dating Ranbir Kapoor? And is she still friends with Salman Khan and family?

Katrina answers all the above questions and more in the March 2013 issue of Filmfare.

And like always, the gorgeous Dhoom 3 star looks super sexy on the cover. Have a look and tell us what you think. Katrina on Filmfare HOT or NOT?

Katrina Filmfare

Katrina Filmfare


Katrina Kaif Filmfare

Katrina Kaif Filmfare



  • @JC i know you are a kat fan and i am sure you will visit the page. What you are say last time if katrina did’t in jthj then it will not recover it cost and i think you say worng. After watching jthj everybody and me also say katrina does not act perfactly only impress anushka sherma in jthj and if she did’t star in the film then jthj did’t recover its cost not for katrina. You know priyanka, vidya and karena has more fan following then katrina and if pc or bebo pair opp srk and no lip look then it will collect atleast 140cr plus remember srk katrina a flop jodi , it reflect srk poor performance i have seen ever. Katrina not cast in hny say fk may be cast pc. Srk kajol is the best jodi till now and i think every one agree with me

  • She is the most beautiful woman in bollywood right now…to hell with acting skills….angels like her have to worshiped unconditionally….goddess of beauty!!

  • I just hate katrina.No expression in her acting.I don’t understand why filmmakers choose katrina for his film.she is the worst actress ever.

  • @john cena fan, Katrina sells tickets- simple economics. She puts bums on seats.
    Abit like your name sake, John Cena cant wrestle but he sells merchandise like no other.
    Now repeat that a 100 times coz I want to make sure you understood that.
    PS Hellllllo missssssss Katrina :-)))
    Absolutely beautiful.
    @romance express- accept facts, people only remember jthj for katrinas presence otherwise the film had nothing going for it at all. She was a ray of sunshine in an otherwise boring film with srk not knowing who his character was, was he rizwan khan, or shreyas talpades character from OSO. If he didnt know then the audience had no chance neither. :-P
    @star bhai roxXxXxXx Kat roxXxXxXx john cena fan still suxXxXx like john cena the wrestler

  • @romance express,

    You are right, am here.

    I guess Navin & Outlander explained well, but since your question is directed at me, here is what i feel.

    First things first, Katrina is NOT KNOWN for her acting skills. If you need that, tell srk to work with Vidya Balan.

    Katrina is popular than all the other actress who are around currently.

    She is most searched in google and other search engines since the last 3-4 years.

    She tops facebook searches too.

    Her image is the most downloaded image on net since the lasst 4 years.

    As to her movie pull, take eg,. of Tees Maar Khan. The super flop movie was only able to recover the money thanks to the Sheila number from Katrina.

    The only other actress who can get people to theatres is Vidya Balan. I accept that, but in terms of popularity Katrina still is the queen. If Katrina is average in acting, Vidya was below average in his glam roles eg., the movie with Shahid, where she tried a different image, got flopped and accepted that she does roles that suits her image. So, each to her own.

    This is the very reason a commercial movie maker would sign Katrina in a top movie than others, simply because of commercial reasons i.e, profit.

    And this is the very reason SRK wants to cast Katrina in his next movie. Why doesn’t he take Kajol? She is still available and have been bragging around in press that current heroiines are no match to her (may be she didn’t see Dirty picture, Kahaani etc.,.. lol)

    The fact is that SRK the businessman knows the fact Katrina is hot property currently, and hence you see more of srk-kat tours, their new film etc., etc.,

    It is a different thing that you as a fan of srk hates katrina, but the thing is that your star knows business, better.

    Katz rocks….. :-)

  • @JC superb answer and at the end of the day if Veena Malik sells out tours at nightclubs then srk would take her on tour with him too. :-P
    The man is a greedy business man, not necessarily a good one as fiasco proved but nonetheless a businessman, nothing more nothing less.

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