Video: Hot Genelia and John in Force

Force is directed by Nishikant Kamat, who received acclaim for films like Mumbai Meri Jaan and 404 Error Not Found. This time around, the talented director takes up a action masala film that features John Abraham and Genelia D’Souza.

One of the music track – Khawbon Khwabon is well composed, KK and Suchitra have lent their voices to the song. The song is picturized on a super hot Genelia D’Souze and John Abraham. Check it out


Video Details

Video Title: Khawbon Khwabon
Music Director: Harris Jayaraj
Lyricist: Javed Akhtar
Singer(s): K K, Suchitra
Picturised On: Genelia D’Souze, John Abraham

Movie Details

Movie: Force
Director: Nishikant Kamat
Producer: Vipul Shah
Banner: Fox Star Studios, Sunshine Pictures Pvt Ltd
Starcast: John Abraham, Genelia D’Souza
Force Release Date: September 30th 2011
For more details: Force Movie Page
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  • cannot beat ‘uyirin uyire’the (original version) in any aspect…………but since harris is the music director magic can be recreated……………….

  • Aai Prem … Yala koni tari AWARAA…!
    Are isko actor kisne banaya?? I mean he cannot dance, he cannot act just the SAME expression throughout.
    I can act much better than this guy. And I am a PATHETIC actor …. so just imagine….
    Guys are you really enjoying this song with wooden-john???? I don’t know but i can’t tolerate this plastic boy!
    i.e song is really good but john’s wooden expression killed it . here is the original song frm khaka khaka(south)…just see the diff. between john and surya.

    Surya rocksssss guys!

  • John always manages to look good.. but he’s such a non-actor.. zero expressions and hes more like a rock in romantic scenes..

    if anyone will ruin this film itll be him.. with a better actor this would have been a huge hit.. why doesnt Hrithik do action films? He will rock big time..

    Genelia looks hot and cute.. rare combo :)

  • @Suniel: couldn’t say it better, exactly my thoughts.
    One apart from great looks needs talent, like say Hrithik who combines both talent and looks.
    And yeah, the only reason ths film can fail is John Abraham.and thre is high possiblity of it.i hope im proved wrong.

  • Hrithik or Sallu would be a perfect choice they both have exellent action style, just imagine the level of charm and energy they could ahve brought to this song.
    I watched theoriginal version of Khaka Khaka and it was truely a terrific movie, Surya is such a class actor especially in romance.
    Anyways let’s see the fate of this one…

  • Plz guys don’t ever dare compare Hrithik to John, gosh!! I’m no Hrithik fan but still i’ve never seen such craze like KNPH since QSQT(Aamir) and MPK(Sallu), Hrithik is a true superstar and is the only one who is able to compete with the great Khan trio despite being young and new, i.e, 4 Filmfare awards, 4 Blockbusters, exellent openings, success with alomst all type of movies…
    This guy will be the N°1 after the Khans retire.
    Yes–Hrithik is one of the most talented stars India ever saw— one of the most popular—one of the most successful–most successful in terms of relative success— take that from an Aamir n Sallu fan!

    Do not eat humble pie–live cinema..drink a Coke–raise the glasses for a cheers!

  • I know Hard core John Abraham fans will be furious with this statement but John Abraham is still called a bad actor in Bollywood albeit in hushed tones. The poster boy looks of John Abraham can work against him and most of the times, it has done that way.

    Kabir Khan, John Abraham’s friend agrees “Beyond a point, if you are focussing on your body, it can go against you. Like Aishwarya Rai’s beauty prevented her from getting many rules. John Abraham’s physicality is such that he just cannot play any character. He just cannot play an office going person”.

    There is no doubt that John Abraham is among the top 3 best looking guys of Bollywood. Even Mahesh Bhatt who had given John Abraham his break, accepts that Jism remains John Abraham’s best performance till date. Believe it or not, John Abraham has done 22 films and only 2 are hits: Dhoom and New York . He cannot take credit for the above average Garam Masala because his performance took a beating and Akshay Kumar lapped it up all the way.

    Shahid Kapur and John Abraham had started their career in the same year but Shahid has raced past John Abraham especially after ‘Jab We Met’. Vivek Oberoi is also considered notches above John Abraham in the performance department. Even new comers like Imran Khan and Ranbir Kapoor are noticed for their performances, which John Abraham has not be able to achieve.

    John Abraham has been called names like Brawn Abraham and Gone Abraham because of his non-performance and spate of flops. He was overshadowed twice by Arshad Warsi in Kabul Express and Dhana Dhan Goal. John Abraham was overshadowed by Nana Patekar in Taxi No.911 and he was sidelined by a better performance by Abhishek Bachchan in Dostana. Kabir Khan says, ” John needs to loosen up a bit. If he could even get 50 percent of what he is off-camera on to the big screen, he would rock. In real life, John has such a brilliant smile but I have never quite managed to capture it on camera”.

    Apart from friend Kabir Khan who is repeating him in New York, none of the directors have worked again with John Abraham. When he reportedly asked for 13 crores, director Nikhil Advani reportedly got wild,”You have exactly 13 expressions. Do you expect to be paid crore per expression?”

    The problem with John Abraham is he will be in top form when it comes to flaunting his body or looking good as he did in Dostana and Dhoom. But when asked to get in the skin of the character, John Abraham begins to falter.

    John Abraham has also been criticized for his dancing skills. The silly dance of John Abraham in Dostana became a butt of all jokes. John Abraham cannot afford to be a pin-up forever, he has to dish out performances before it is too late.

  • @Prem: I second ur thought, i too find the craze of Hrithik after KNPH unmatchable, and yes only two enjoyed it before: Aamir after QSQT and Salman after MPK.
    Even Ranbir didn’t enjoy such craze after his debut, Imran did.
    The only thing which is going against Hrithik is the number of films he’s doing!! same for Aamir.
    I want to see them both in more movies hopefully, we will Duggu in Agneepath & Krrish2 and Aamir in Dhuaan & Dhoom 3, so yeah great year to come , can’t wait :)

  • John abriham sucks to the core, the most overrated actor(non-actor) in the history of indian cinema, he can’t act or dance or even express, he carries the same dumb expression throuthought….
    Plz anyone stop this donkey from acting!

  • Ok, we got it, you are good-looking, hundsome, hot, sexy, top 3 best looking actors in Bollywood.
    I’m Ok with all that, but WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING IN FILMS??????
    Seriously?!!!! what terrible expressions!! zero talent!! absolutely no acting skills!
    Plz for the sake of human society give this man a lifetime achievement award and shut his acting career.

  • I can never see Genelia to be acted like a sexy and bed queen. she should not show her body in the public to earn money. she has a lot of talent, so she should go for it.

  • Dont judge a cool actor like john based on a sample promo HATERS! John will continue to act and will make many more hits… Who cares if a film flops here and there? He was voted as the top 10 most handsome men in the world for a reason. Btw, the movie became an average grosses recovering the costs and didnt flop, so take that haters!

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