HOT! Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh on Vogue


Real-life couple Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh are featured on the cover of Vogue India for the month of October 2015.

The magazine says “Deepika is gorgeous, staggeringly successful and ambitious. Her beauty is backed by an athletic core—you get the sense that it won’t go away if she takes a break from her gym or make-up routine. She now occupies an enviable patch in the sun, loved by trade analysts and film critics alike”

Her ‘Bajirao Mastani’ co-star Ranveer Singh looks equally stylish on the cover and compliments her well.  Singh tells the magazine ”Nobody looks at anything else when Deepika is in the frame. I wouldn’t.”

Deepika and Ranveer on Vogue India Magazine Cover

Deepika and Ranveer on Vogue India Magazine Cover



  • I don’t find deepika beautiful, she really isn’t without a lot of makeup (same with alot of other actresses). Plus she seems a bit attention seeking/annoying

  • Deepika looks so ugly without make-up. She looks completely different girl then.

    Even my girlfriend looks 100 times better than her without make-up.

  • She looks more like a slut..and the above picture just confirmed ma doubts. dont wanna be harsh but i really hate her

  • Bajirao Mastani: 170 crore superhit
    Dilwale: 120 crore flop/average
    Bajirao will thrash bakriwale this Christmas.

  • This Christmas :

    Maratha warrior vs Maratha Mandir

    Next Eid (2016) :

    SULTAN vs Baniye ki kanjossi aur (chaddi) Banyan ki Daring !!!!!!!!

    Too much fun !!!!!!

  • @Damnnnn That was really unexpected from a sane guy like you.If you don’t like her acting,it’s justified but what made you say her a slut??? Maybe just coz she has had relationships in the past with Ranbir and Sid Mallya..
    If that’s the case then I think there is’nt an actress which is’nt worthy of being called a slut acc to you.
    And what’s wrong with that pose? He is her Bf and it’s just to spice up the cover and even if he were’nt his bf I would have not mind this pose at all.
    Even Shraddha and Varun appeared in a similar pose on filmfare cover few months back.

  • Dilwale mein yaar srk hai movie hit hogi deepika ki bajirao mastani 85crore because of clash with dilwale,tamasha 115 crore ranbir power

  • undoubtedly Deepika looks hot….

    actresses ofcourse have the license to pad up…..its the screen personality that matters afterall

  • Those peoples are fools who said that Deepika is Hot or Beautiful.
    Priyanka and Kareena are still gorgeous hot and beautiful than Deepika.

    Waiting for Dil Waale not Bajirao Mastani

  • They look cute together !!!! I am a die hard srk fan but i truely feel its foolish to compare him to the SALMAN KHAN … who is in a differnt league altogether… Bajrangi Bhaijaan collected 630crs worldwide with Bahubali effecting collections .. or else maybe 700crs in first phase release… nd its unfair that srkians tell that bb succeeded coz of harshali or nawaz…. SRK was at his peak before a few years but not now… now its difficult for him to even give 500cr worldwide grosser… PRDP dont be shocked if it doubles The collections of SRK’s highest grosser….

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