HOT: Aishwarya Rai on the cover of Filmfare

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan has hit the cover of several magazines the world over and this week she released the November 2009 issue of Filmfare, which once again features her on the cover.

At 36, Ash still looks gorgeous doesn’t she? Drop in your comments below.

(For full resolution, click on the image below)

Ash on the cover of Filmfare



  • i still think she is the world’s most beautiful woman and a role model..whatever her personal stroy is..well..who dont have a garbage in their own personal lives? we all do…even the likes of angelina,jessica alba,salma hayek ,beyonce,megan fox etc..dont have the charm that our desi beauty has..isnt it folks?

  • Rai is not eternally youthful as rekhaji–saw her in central mumbai recently and minus lights and make up she is a plain jane.most of the guys looove long legged sexy,sultry lass susmita any day..rai lacks that kind of sex appeal sush has,,ask any hot blooded male and he would agree—salman agreed that he went out with her just because of her title–that too she acquired only because india did not win in a long time–the judges even confirmed that in print.

  • how can this bachan bahu wear a see through that reveals her breasts?she should show some respect now that she is married

  • akshay

    well said on both counts. you are right, ash is absolutely crap in real life without make up. and her personality sucks and is very vile and demented retarded inside.

  • no matter who comes..she is the most beautiful woman in india right now..after dhoni, abhishek is the luckiest person in india..son of big b..wife of aishwarya rai..even his movies flop he continues to stay in the news because of these two legends…

  • ahhahaha I don’t even have to say anythin, you sound very dumb LOL beleivieng what magazines say ahha do u live in a cave or something? lol ahha Catholics who believe a virgin gave birth to a child ahhaha haha LOL ya sure !! LOL you are clearly jealous of her, why don’t you comment on other actress videos too..clearly you have something against hindu’s. she hasn’t done one sex scene in her career lol ahha u r so pathetic.oh so sad must be very miserable with ur life!!

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