Hosanna Hindi and Tami – Trisha or Amy?

One of the most popular songs today is Hosanna by A R Rahman. But not many are aware that the song was originally composed for a Tamil film Vinnaithaandi Varuvaayaa, starring Simbu and the beautiful Trisha Krishnan who looks absolutely stunning in a saree.

The hindi remake features Prateik Babbar and Amy Jackson, a model turned actress. Who according to you looks prettier in a Saree? Amy or Trisha? Have a look!

Trisha in Vinnaithandi Varuvaya

Trisha in Vinnaithandi Varuvaya

Amy Jackson

Amy Jackson in Ek Deewana Tha

Watch both versions of the song below. First Hosanna Tamil version

And the Hosanna Hindi version




  • Who is Amy? Why is bollywood casting these foreign girls here? Already fake actresses like Katrina,Nargis,Jacqueline are here who doesn’t know even a word in Hindi.

  • @The Awesome One, I definitely do not agree with you since in hollywood films, there are tons of foreigners who are being accepted and appreciated with open arms, so I don’t see why bollywood shouldn’t do the same. If Katrina Kaif, Nargis Fakhri and Jacqueline Fernandez can make it big in bollywood without too much knowledge of Hindi, then so can Amy Jackson. And I would definitely know this, as I am an Indian born in Canada, and even I can’t speak perfect Hindi (I speak it with an accent), and no offense, but if you are born in Indi, you probably can’t speak perfect English just like how I can’t speak perfect Hindi. I am not just targeting you, but everyone else out there who aren’t open minded about the world.

  • @Nikhil so you wanna tell i don’t know English…hehe.lolz.and whatever you say i always hate these fluke actress that i mentioned above.

  • @The Awesome One, what’s there to tell when you just gave an example: “so you wanna tell i don’t know English”, that’s really the best English I have ever heard! Again, i’m not cornering you, i’m just expressing my opinion on it asnd you yourself are going to have to accept that the Indian audience wants to see a diversity in Bollywood with firangi girls. Katrina, Jacqueline, Lisa, Nargis, etc. are going to make it big in Bollywood no matter what!

  • there is teluge song with samantha she is 1000 times better than trisha and ami jackson specially in saree if u pplz have any doubt do watch the telugu version

  • Amy jackson iz nt as pretty as katrina,jaqueline, and nargis are..
    Just recently saw him on etc Bollywood business..
    She ws lukin awful i think she will be wiped out soon frm industry..

  • I think they both look amazing in a saree! C’mon people dont be mean,Amy Jackson is so nice,you should have met her! She is just experimenting differente things,becuz modeling and acting are very similar yet very different, just let her be,you dont need to like her but please respect her!

  • Amy jackson is a nice actress.i liked her acting,she is very beautiful and can speek nice hindi.she looks beautiful in sarees.love her.

  • amy jackson is better as she tried her best acting in a boloywood movie n has been looking absolutely goregours in evrthing she wore…. so amy jackson n pratik…..

  • Amy is one of the actresses who thinks she can be next katrina kaif..
    Bt indian people showed him door bye bye amy better luck in Tollywood..

  • Guys I know too late but I need a big help. Amy jackson wore some sarees in the song hosanna from the movie Ek deewana tha. Can you guys tell me where can I purchase those sarees. (The sarees were mainly white with colored border and a very thick line of color in the middle

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