Home of luck – Randeep Hooda

Randeep Hooda has moved still more closer to sea. He shifted to his new sea-facing apartment at J P Road. To him, this new haven is a good luck charm.

Now I’m as close to the water as humanly possible. I can virtually touch the sea water from my window at my new residence ? Randeep Hooda

“Although I used to live close to the sea at my earlier address Evershine Apartments, I have moved closer to the sea now. Now I’m as close to the water as humanly possible. I can virtually touch the sea water from my window at my new residence, Seaside Apartments.”

Randeep loves his new home. “I love the smell of the sea. I love to hear the splashing of the water incessantly on my windows. I love to put my face out of my window and feel the water splash against my face.”

Randeep not only has a new address but also a new attitude. Randeep now likes to spend long hours alone in his new haven. He says, “I am busy playing my saxophone, cooking, and rehearsing for my role as the painter Ravi Raja Verma in Ketan Mehta’s film.”

In fact, Randeep has taken up painting to get familiar with the brush strokes for his role, just as he took to cooking to prepare for his chef’s role in Love Game .

“I basically like doing things on my own. I am playing a chef in Love Game. My role is on the lines of Mr Bachchan in Cheeni Kum. He’s the head chef. I’m the chhota chef,” says Randeep.

Is he ready for a relationship? “Nah, I don’t think I want to get into a serious relationship right now. My role of the womaniser in my new film Love Game has taught me the virtues of promiscuity,” laughs Randeep.

Randeep feels that his new home has brought him a lot of luck. “Lots of bad things happened in my old home. My pet cat died. My life and career weren’t going well. I think somewhere I do believe in vaastu shastra,” says Randeep.

Incidentally, former girlfriend Sushmita Sen used to live a stone’s throw away from Randeep’s new home. But, she has moved on to Khar now.

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