Holiday Monday Collections: Early Estimate

From the 16 odd centres we’ve tracked so far today, Holiday has passed the Monday test with flying colours. There are reports that a few mass-centres have had bigger drops, but multiplexes, especially in big cities have dropped only by 50-55% from Sunday.

Early estimates suggest that Holiday has collected around 7-7.5 crore on Monday, taking its 4-day total to around 48 crore net.

If Holiday can sustain with normal drops of 10% during the next 3 days, the film would have collected around 65 crore in Week 1. The second weekend business will then decide if Holiday can just about recover its investment or go on to be clean-hit (or better) at the box office.

Holiday First Weekend Collections

  • Friday – 11.62 crore
  • Saturday – 12.39 crore
  • Sunday – 16.58 crore
  • Monday – 7-7.5 crore (estimate)
  • First 4 day collections¬†– 48 crore (approx)


  • I told earlier that holiday is a clear winner as multiplex audience r just loving the movie.sure shot 100 cr grosser.

  • If holiday trend well like 2states then holiday also fail to cross 100cr as 2states got 4 open week where holiday max add 10cr after the release of humshakals

  • If SRK would have acted in it, then it surely would have crossed 100 crores by now. Holiday has very good script but the problem I see is there are bad songs and the heroine characterization is weak and this fatty lady doesnt know how to act.

  • Thank God that Holiday is a super hit!! Akshay Kumar is one of the most talented actor in our industry!! With this film he proved that his stardom is still alive and so his acting and comedy :D

  • With good promotions and songs and good release period (post IPL) Holiday should have collected 150 crores as it is a very good movie. Hopefully it will collect at least 100 crores and become a hit.

  • sallu fana….same will happen with kick as jai ho.. Kick will not cross 150… Nothing special in kick same movie like south indian, one man killing 100 people with one punch or kick

  • Like I said……If Holiday collects around 20Cr in its Second Weekend then It has chances to collects around 110-120Cr

  • @Floppy get a life u fuck face akki deserves this if u dont like it then go watch srk stupid films like om shanti om chennai express etc and get yourself entertained.

  • IMO, Holiday needs around 120-130 cr. to be a clean hit. It sold for 52 cr. to the distributors, so needs 100+ cr. to break even and 10-15 cr. profit from theatrical release means more 20-30 cr.

  • now I guarantee it jai ho record will break by kick.
    5/6 month’s over still no one cross jai ho record.
    this is prove that Salman khan stardom still dominated all over.
    no doubt holiday is much better than jai ho.
    Salman is salman
    kick will create new records definitely
    all time blockbuster coming soon wait and watch.

  • Loser Srk fans r criying after seeinng great buzz abt salman khans kick it will 1St 300 and 350 crore grosser so poor srgay fans cry cry ————————-_———————-

    Congrats to akki fans hope it will be hit

  • Grand masti had better trending and collection despite less nof screen. Now akhay fans will start trolling in every article and will make life he’ll of other star fans

  • from monday onwards it will start to decline depending upon the stardom of the leading actor of this movies however at least now he crossed 60cr barrier,it is difficult for it to surpass 3states.

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