Himmatwala Official Box Office Collections

According to UTV Motion Pictures, Sajid Khan’s Himmatwala has collected Rs 31.14 crore in it’s opening weekend. The film collected Rs 12.14 crore on it’s opening day, dropped by more than 30 percent on Saturday and completed it’s weekend with Rs 10.5 cr on Sunday.

The film, starring Ajay Devgan, Tamanna Bhatia and Paresh Rawal opened well at single-screens on Friday, but dropped steadily since then. At Urban centres and overseas markets, the response has been poor.

UTV released Himmatwala on 3200 screens across India.

  • Day 1 (Friday) – 12.14 crore
  • Day 2 (Saturday) – 8.5 crore
  • Day 3 (Sunday) – 10.5 crore
  • Weekend Total Collections- 31.14 crore

The film has crashed all over on Monday.

Himmatwala Verdict: FLOP




  • omg sajid khans first flop woow well he said its among the top 3 hits but i think its among top 3 flops :D omg he shouldnt have so much confidence …. and ajay just proved again that he is not a bankable star …

  • now what would ajay fans say? i wonder where is sajid khan now ?? has he jumped into the arabian sea ??

  • The first weekend collection of himmatwala is 26 crore not 31 crore. And the verdict is epic disaster. The disappointment of all time

  • @indicine
    so,which collections we should believe???
    the collections you posted before(27 crores) or you posted now(31 crores)???

  • While watching himmatwala 3 persons has had left the hall in midaway. May be more but i have seen 3 of them leaving. Telling about the movie sonakshi item song was brilliant, she is a excellent dancer. Songs was the only relief. Movie was utter crap. One of the most boring movie of all time.

  • IMDB public rating is 2.3/10, WORST Film of bollywood history for STAR(Ajay).
    Overall 3rd Worst after deshdrohi(2/10) & RGV aag(2.2/10).
    SHAME to Sajid who is making scriptless film. God bless Akki for hf3..

  • you believe or not it does not matter in bollywood there is only 4 bankable star now salman hrithik ranbir srk….amir is out after talash …after khiladi akshay is out

  • hahahha now mr Sajid Khan the Great Director came to hell from seventh Heaven.
    he said that Himmatwala will be one of the top 3 grosser of this year but now he should replace word “grosser” with “Biggest flops” of he year.
    shame on a person like Sajid who didn’t given any qualitative cinema to audience i have doubt that how can craps like Housefull and Housefull were hits. there is a phrase in Hindi “Thotha Chana Baje Ghana” it will suit Sajid vry well
    if a director like Raju Hirani or Karan Johar, even Farhan Akhatar showing over confidence in their movies than we can understand but i don’t know what this Joker Sajid Khan think himself.
    i m unhappy for Ajay Devgan because he is one of the great actor of Indian Cinema and he should not waste his time in these kind of craps, we are with u Ajay hope u will bounce back Again.
    but very happy for Sajid Khan Failure now he realise that if ur last 3 craps were successful than it doesn’t mean the 4th will also be hit.
    great answer by Audience to this Pakau Director…
    hope Sajid will learn a lesson…

  • @suman ! We have only 3 real super stars in Bollywood . Salu .aamir. Akki. Stop bringing H Roshan and RK in to this list .

  • I dont understand why ppl going high over ajay devgan past film and his acting. When he was doing those films no body was talking abt him. Ppl started taking him seriously after doing this mindless masala’s. If ur talking about acting talent then der r thousands of better actor than him in india itself. If ur talkin abt national award then dilip kumar who we consider as acting power house never won a national award. Even saif ali khan won national award. Do u ppls say saif ali khan is better actor then dilip kumar ????

  • it is to them who says AJAY is notna bankable star,
    Ajay does 4-5 movies in a year if 1 or 2 of them fails at the b.o that doesn’t mean he is not a bankable
    And if srk or amir will do same no
    Of movies in a year they’ll too face the same fate,,

  • @Kareem: SRK and Aamir knows the quality of script which will work. Even before shooting start they will confident in movie is gonna work. Not like Ajay Aakshay or Salman. They just try like lotto balls 3-5 movies a year if anyone click then they happy other they just continue what they doing. They never confident any movie before its release I am damn sure on it. If they ever come forward and say my movie will work.

  • Kareem@ Lol Dude Last Year He Had Only 3 Releases And Only 2 were successful and the other tezz was disaster.
    And In 2011 also he had only 3 releases and only 1 was successfull and the other 2 like dil toh bachha hai ji was average and rascals was flop.
    So from Where You Are Saying That He Does 4-5 films per year??

  • Ajay is nothing without Rohit Shetty. Sajid is nothing without Akshay. Whereas Farah Khan is nothing without Shahrukh.

  • @suman Aamir is right there in top 3 and this year you will watch & know how much bankable he is.And P.K is also there which will come in 2014 next year.

  • @Ahsan khan,dude I don’t have any problem accepting that Akshay is a superstar but due to his box office opening of last 4 releases it creats doubt on my mind.So he definitely comes after Hrithik.

  • From wen did ajay start doin 4-5 films a yr??..;)
    Only actor who has the potential to do 5 films and cross 400crores in a yr is akki..:)

  • Ajay is one of my favourite, so it is bad that the film is already declared flop.

    Sajid thinks too high of himself, and this should be a reminder to him, that “jo zyaada ooncha uddthey hain, utne hi zor se zameen par girthey hain”

  • @Some1 ! I don’t agree with you buddy. akki has done 6 movies in last 8 months and 5 of those became success with out Joker. joker considered flop from the first day. if we see H Roshan he done only one movie since Jan.2012 and his next released will arrive after almost 2 years.

  • I pray to God no Bollywood outsider go through your comment box..
    I just wonder what they would think of this:(

  • @some1,,if your talking about rankings,,it should be(with taking every situation in mind i.e.release timing,,promotion,,genres,,everything):
    1.salman khan
    2.akshay kumar
    3.hrithik roshan
    4.amir khan
    5.shahrukh khan
    6.ajay devgn

  • @samar,@ahsan khan…….yeah dude opinion may differes.But still I feel S26 should have got a better opening than what it got and only because of opening it underperformed.Samar bro I don’t have any problem about your rank as you don’t have to accept my opinion.BTW I just feel Akshay should do less movie & choose some good one in future.

  • @some1,,yeah dude sp.26 would have became huge success if it would have taken 40 crore opening weekend.but you know what,,it is impossible to deliver 40 crore weekends in the movie which is 6th movie in last 10 months for lead actor,,that too with niche product.but yeh,, i don’t mind saying that sp.26 underperformed..
    and yeh,,everyone have different openions….acc. to you hrithik is no.1,,acc.to me akki is.so there should not be any discussion on that.

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