Heyy Babyy Movie Review

Hey Baby Movie ReviewExpectations are high as the superstar of comedies is back with yet another comedy directed by veteran comedian Sajid Khan. The trailers were high on energy and succeeded in creating a buzz around the movie. So does the movie live upto the high expectations? Well to a certain extent, Yes.

Heyy Babyy is about 3 womanisers Arush (Akshay Kumar), Tanmay (Ritesh Deshmukh) and Ali (Fardeen Khan). Arush loves sleeping with babes and then ditching them. Tanmay is a party entertainer who enjoys playing with babies and babes too! Ali is a gambler cum womaniser. The 3 cool dudes are having a ball in Sydney. The formula is simple Flirt – Sleep – Ditch. But a sweet little baby girl changes their lives.. Forever! The cool dudes turn into loving and caring fathers. Just then their lives take yet another twist with the entry of Esha (Vidya Balan)..

Heyy Babyy has just the right ingredients for a perfect entertainer, comedy combined with emotions. The movie begins with a bang with brilliantly executed comic scenes that has the viewers in splits. The subsequent portions with the emotional bonding between Arush, Tanmay, Al and the Baby does tend to drag a bit. At the half way mark you start wondering just what could happen next, as the story requires a twist to carry it forward. But what works for the movie is the brilliant second half. The credit should go to Sajid Khan who handles every scene with brilliance. Most definitely a director to watch out in the future. The music is average. Mast Kalandhar is the song that stands out. The cinematography (Himman Dhamija) is stylish, Sydney and Brisbane has been shot well.

Akshay Kumar rocks in comedy but way below average in the emotional scenes. He is in full form in the portions between him and Vidya Balan in the second half. Ritesh Deshmukh isnt at his best which is disappointing. Fardeen Khan is surprisingly good. Vidya Balan has no scope for histrionics. She needs to work on her look. In western clothes she looks plumb but absolutely gorgeous in the traditional Indian saree! Boman Irani is brilliant. Anupam Kher and Shahrukh Khan have a brief special appearance.

A few things that worked

– Akshay Kumar wooing Vidya Balan in the second half. Hilarious!
– Chemistry between Akshay – Ritesh – Fardeen.
– The baby leaves a smile on your face.
– The crowd reaction when Shahrukh Khan appears on screen has to be experienced to be believed.
– The one liners.

A few things that didnt work

– The slow paced first half. 10 mins can easily be chopped off for better impact.
– The Music.

Also, some interaction between Anupam Kher and Shahrukh Khan would have been interesting as SRK plays Raj (from DDLJ).

Overall, Heyy Babyy is a well made comic entertainer which mainly works thanks to Akshay Kumar’s amazing comic timing. Worth a watch in theatre.

Heyy Babyy ends with a message from Sajid Khan which reads “Love you SRK”. I’d end this review with “We Love you Akshay” your just brilliant in comedies.

Heyy Babyy Rating: ★★★☆☆ 3.0 on 5



  • Thanks for the quick and detailed review of Hey Baby

    I visit Indicine.com first to get the latest reviews as you are always first to come out with reviews. Hope you continue to give us quality reviews even before the release of the movie.

    I am watching Hey Baby tomorrow. And its not surprising that Akshay Kumar is great in Hey Baby. He is a great actor.

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  • Good review
    however i though the music was good.
    Since it’s by Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy the expectations r high but its not a bad album just not amazing like kank etc.

  • Good review. I just watched the movie after reading your review. The rating is spot on 3.5 from me too.

    Akshay Kumar is too good in the movie. Hey Baby ROCKS.

  • Hi… I just watched movie and it is complete entertainer… Akshay kumar really rocks ne ways this movie completely belongs to Akshay Kumar…personally I do not like akshaykumar but he made me like his performance.
    worth watching movie…

  • I have just gone through ur review, infact iam cleanly bowled over the story line which was outstanding.I thought it just like any other comedy but there is a drama, with message how tough the job of a mother even after giving the birth.no one can replace her.some scenes r very amazing some r ordinery.I think it can b presented much better .congrats to sajid both & thanx to akshay for entertaining.

  • Hey Sajidyy,
    I really want to thank u for being the real movie director from bombay with the “perfect” actor [ Akshay Kumar ] who has really given outstanding performance in his movie for his son [ Aarav ] and if u really watch the movie adaptly when Akshay does something, actuaally he did everything for his son [Aarav ] b’coz i hav seen it closely. Akshay being a complete actor has really wooed Indian audiences with his unexpected screen presence. His co-stars really supported him in this movie, Fardeen Khan, Deshmukh, Vidya Balan.

    Akshay thaks for everything, as u do evrything for others, means for producers, directors, co-stars, and the crew members. Jesus will come thank u for making all the babies n audience “smile”.

    Take Care of u family- Love U Akshay !!!

  • hey,i jus like the fillm alot i watch it a hunderred times i like that baby a lot i jus love her she is so cute god bless her i really love the work done by the 3 actors it is full of comedy yaaaar.really rocking and the dance is awesome.and agin i love that baby ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah.bye

  • Hi dear friends,

    We watched the Hey Babby movie yesterday. The story, script Akshay Kumar Fardin Ritesh acting is good.

    I have enjoyed many commedy of Sajid khan but, One thing I did not understand from Sajid Khan, that When the babby is near to death, Fardin Prayed to Allah, even pray in church was also screened, but not
    a single Hindu God is screended at this scence !!!! Why ???. Who is the major auidience ? Majority of Hindu people in world , are broadminded , noble, big hearted people, admires the real thing, whether it is Non hindu hero or it is a any type of non hindu art or whatever. But some film makers in bollywood are now eliminating the Hindu element from the whole film. The audience will not immediately react, but when they will realize the true picture, they will understand.

    This is my geneuine opinion. I still like Muzfarali, Nasreerdun shah & many other actors. Jay Bholenath !!!

  • Honestly I did not like the movie- expected much more
    Music was great loved the Shah Rukh Khan Song.
    But when it came to all the emotional scenes they were so fake
    And what was the bit where the 3 of them tried to kill the baby…
    Now come that was the most ridiculous thing
    Though at times the jokes were so Sajid Khan and that was very enjoyable
    Sajid Khan we expect much more from you

  • The movie in a whole, didnt make great sense but was worth watching atleast once.. and the best part of the movie was the cute dimpled baby. may god bless her.

  • gr8 film! and gud rievew here too buh honestly… i like the slow pace in the first half hun! well still gud stuf!

  • I love this movie its soo funny and hiliarious i think i laughed the whole time and that baby is soo cute and goregeous she is soo cute i have like 10 pictures of her in my cute phone ! akshay kumar is sexxxy and so is fardeen khan but ritesh looks like he’s gay even though i love him he is good looking in his own ways u know what i mean. but akshay kumar doesnt have the best english like fardeen does u kno what i mean. but fardeen he’s kinda chuby u kno what i mean. but they all have the best and worst parts about them. but whatever! Vidya is pretty but thn in this movie she acts like a total snobu kno what i mean. hahhaha yeh i love this movie it was really good and all i can tell everyone is to not have UNPROTECTED SEX ! For the girls take birthcontrol and for the guys use a efin condom i hate guys that r like that but i always say have sex after your married! Then if u do have a kid then whatever but whn ur young and u have a kid that is soo trashy! hahhah sike idk whatever well cya ! bye everyone this is a very good comment

  • It’s a good comedy although the story has been taken from Hollywood Movie (3 men and a baby). but was done in a different way, and not a cheap comedy e.g. Welcome, a meaningless movie.
    What I didn’t like in the movie was the 1st hot & the sexy song. Just don’t understand how Arbaaz Khan let his wife Malaika Arrora do such hot scenes!! Also in the movie Kaal, 1st song. A married woman and a mother of a kid shouldn’t do these type of scenes, she should respect herself and her husband.

    I think people changed nowadays, they let their wives get almost fully naked for the sake of fame or money!

  • yes ur right about the film star wives they dont care about there behaveir .. i mean to husband dont care wht about the in laws they dont even care how there daughter in laws showing there body in film.. ur right they care about the money and they r not thinking about after they die wht is ging to happend . where they r going to be in hell or haven… they should have shame for there self and how there kids take it when they grow up… i agre with u fathiya….. thanks alot atleast some one is very honest… that why i stop watching india movies long time ago…..

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