Heropanti Review

Lately, when it comes to newcomers in Bollywood it has mostly been about star kids and television stars taking a step up to the world of films. So with Heropanti we have another star kid making his debut. This time it is Tiger Shroff, the son of Jackie Shroff, being provided with the mega launch. The publicity campaign has been relentless around this film. Does it all work out for the lead actor and for the film? Let’s find out.

Story: Heropanti is a remake of the 2008 Telugu hit film Parugu starring Allu Arjun which has been remade in almost half a dozen other languages. Heropanti tells the story of Bablu (Tiger Shroff), a wisecrack and a daredevil, who gets caught up in a mess because he helps his friend elope with the daughter of a powerful village lord Chaudhary (Prakash Raj). The twist in his life arises when he falls in love with the younger daughter (Kriti Sanon) of Chaudhary. This leads to a series of chases and action set-pieces that give Tiger Shroff ample opportunities to exhibit his chiseled body. Heropanti also serves as the umpteenth derivation of the evergreen blockbuster Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge.

Heropanti Movie Review

Screenplay and Direction: Director Shabbir Khan (who debuted with the intrepid Kambakkht Ishq) is entrusted with the responsibility of remaking the Telugu hit for Hindi audiences. Shabbir is a smart adapter as he adds North Indian elements like the Haryana honour killings. If only he had chosen to make the film a little less predictable. The biggest issue with the Heropanti script is that it doesn’t jolt the viewer with a sudden dose of surprise or unpredictability. Everything happens as it is meant to happen. But thankfully, Shabbir gets the pacing of the film right as Heropanti chugs along at a swift pace.

Heropanti being mainly an action film (specifically focusing on martial arts) hits the right notes when it comes to cinematography and action choreography. The action set-pieces catch the viewer’s attention because of the fine execution. The editing is decent. But the costume designs seem very unrealistic. The music of Heropanti is good with more than one hummable track being a part of the soundtrack. Whistle Baja, and Rabba shine.

Acting: As has already been mentioned, Heropanti works less as a film but more as an advertisement for the skills of Tiger Shroff. He gets to do almost everything that is required of a Bollywood actor in Heropanti – dance, romance, comedy and action. Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on how you look at it) Tiger Shroff seems to be more at ease doing his action and dancing scenes than he is in scenes which require him to be expressive. He needs to work harder if he has ambitions of becoming a big superstar. Kriti Sanon, however, is like a breath of fresh air. She sails through her scenes with Úlan. It helps that she is a looker. Prakash Raj is the main antagonist in the film and does a fine job as expected. He shows his range in emotional scenes.

Conclusion: Heropanti follows the template of Prabhu Deva’s recent blockbusters and to a large extent holds up. The pacing is right and the entertainment is also there. Even though Tiger Shroff isn’t much of an actor right now, you can watch Heropanti for his action capabilities. He pulls it off masterfully. Watch Heropanti if you are in the mood for a youthful bollywood masala.

Box Office: Heropanti will take an average opening because of the fine publicity campaign. If the tone of the film clicks, then Heropanti could go on to be a good earner.


  • The entertainment quotient of the film is high
  • Tiger Shroff masters his action and dancing in Heropanti
  • Kriti Sanon and Prakash Raj shine
  • The action choreography and cinematography are in unision.
  • The music


  • The predictability of the script
  • The bang bang action won’t work well beyong the youth segments
  • Tiger Shroff can’t act
  • The costume designs are unrealistic
  • The attempts at a social message come across as convoluted and manipulative

Rating: ★★½☆☆



  • @Ri@d, HR was a complete package of talent, awesome acting,awesome looks,awesome dancing, awesome body rolled into one. Tiger though a hardworking guy and humble, is no match to Greek God. no one has all the talent in one person.

  • “Tiger shroff cant act”

    Neither can Sarkar so he still has a chance to sustain in Bollywood. Go Tiger Go- ROARrrrrrrrrr

  • Leave the highest grosser,with the kind of reviews coming in,I hope it recovers its costs!!!

  • This movie is completly copy of south movie starring allu arjun
    Tiger cant act..
    I just wasted my money and time

  • Its an avg. movie but Tiger acted same like Sallu…one more thing Tiger is more a gymnast than a Fighter.

  • Look at this moron @navin saying SRK cant act………………thats all lallu fans can do, use lies as arguments……………….everyone knows SRK is one of the finest actors in India (even with a little overacting) but the REAL TRUTH is that also everyone knows that it is lallu bhai is the one who cant act!

  • Srk cant act he is mostly self concious and whenever you look at him he is bit unconfortable in front of camera and only gave 2-3 great performances.
    Sallu is not a great actor but whenever you look at him he is always cool and full control of the scene. Look at Dabangg, Wanted, etc.
    When Salman is on screen you cant look anywhere else. He is has the coolness which many superstars lack.

  • #navin i think tiger can give some acting tips to bhojpuri bhai …….. otherwise his winning steak of ghanta award will be unbreakable

  • @Triniman : Salman does not need acting his presence & style is enough. Having said that it does not mean he cant act, MPK, HAHK, TERE NAAM, GARV – THE PRIDE & HONOR, PHIR MILENGE & Dabangg are his most intense performance people want to see him in larger than life roles rather than a common man !!!!!!! Dont cry, Srk is an actor !!!!!

  • Over all movie is good time pass, when Sanjay Dutt came as a hero in Rocky everybody said the same that he can’t speak properly and can’t act. Tiger shroff is young and will improve with time..my personal opinion is he is better than, Sidharth Malhotra, Aditya Roy Kapoor and Ranveer Singh.

  • am sure ( and I still didn’t see his movie) that he’ll make it big in bollywood.. if he just knows how to select his movies.. I will watch it today and will be back with my review.

  • That Awkward moment when Sallu fans talk about Acting.. Lol.. SRK In Swades>>>>> Sallu’s Whole Career..

  • I saw the film today at cinema.. wl let me say one thing: all the critics didn’t give it a good rating because it’s a love story and it’s a movie for girls, ladies.. I enjoyed watching it.. Tiger Shroff is so good as a debut ant, very handsome, got a great charisma, good body, a good dancer. he got a nice voice too.. he’s a complete package to be a “hero” or the next superhero
    The film reminded me of Hero.. his dad’s, and the Heroine reminded me of Twinkle Khanna in Barsaat.. interesting film, u enjoy every moment, never get bored with good songs.

    The negative was minor which is the following”
    1) the producer or director chose a wrong name for the hero Tiger as (Bablu).. what a stupid name!! didn’t fit with his look.. Bablu was good to be named for the funny short guy, one of his friends in the film..who used to say all the time.. what’s the position.
    2) His hairstyle, girly, and I just don’t know why the director asked him to wear a lipstick!!!!!!

    These are the negatives in the film otherwise it’s a good picture ( missed the last 10 minutes as I had to leave the theater)

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