Heroine Trailer – Kareena Kapoor

Heroine is one of most keenly-awaited films of the year and why wouldn’t it be, when it’s directed by the brilliant Madhur Bhandarkar and features arguably the most talented actress in the industry?

Heroine is about the life of a super-successful actress Mahi Khanna (female version of Rajesh Khanna?, we wonder). There has been immense speculation if the film is based on yesteryear legends like Madhubala and Marilyn Monroe, but Madhur has denied any similarity to any real-life personality, calling the character ‘fictional’.

Initially Aishwarya Rai Bachchan was cast as the female lead in Heroine, but soon after the news of her pregnancy spread, Madhur replaced her with Kareena Kapoor.

Watch the Heroine Trailer below and do tell us what you think

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  • Very disappointing with the trailer. I was expecting a lot more. Kareena is over doing it.. doesn’t come across as a natural performance.

    I’ll watch it for sure but trailer is below expectations.

  • I wish aishwarya was in it, seeing her in this would of been so nice, I am sure with this she would of sighned more films

  • The movie looks awesome. But how will I be able to tolerate this irritating Kareena? I think she is a XXY female. I only wish Madhur had signed some other heroine.

  • i dont know why i feel like it will be a similar kind of a movie as Fashion..I see glimpses of Fashion in Heroin alott..

  • As always kareena looks as though she is over-acting… needed a natural performance which im highly doubting now

  • a national award performance by kareena…adorable 1 mindblowingg ! superb kareena…..she will definitely out do the ” dirty ” pictures and old “chamelies ” for sure bebo rockss !!

  • seriously, Kareena is the worst choice for this film. Acting seems enforced, no natural appearances nor natural acting like the ones given by Priyanka or Vidya. Heroine may fare above average cos of Madhur Madabhankar, but Kareena is getting no national best actress award for this movie except Shamila Tagore (mother-in-law) that is on the national film award board influences one.This heroine trailer sucks big time. Kareena= bad heroine choice. Mr.director, pls next time stick to Ur Aishwarya, Priyanka or Konkona sen Sharma. Even Katrina Kaif would hv done a better job, at least her face will be tolerated on screen for the long 3 hrs not this expressionless, XY female and over-rated n khan-made Bollywood numero uno (that cannot carry any movie on her shoulders except with the senior khans). SUPER FLOP.

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