Heroine Hit or Flop – Box Office Prediction

After all the initial hassles – what with Aishwarya Rai Bachchan being ousted from the project and the first-choice Kareena Kapoor replacing her – the keenly awaited Heroine finally releases in theatres tomorrow.

The film has been made on a budget of 23 crores and an additional 9 crores was spent on print and marketing, taking the total costs to Rs 32 crores. UTV will be releasing the film on 2300-2400 screens. (Source: Madhur Bhandarkar)

The trailer was liked, ‘Halkat Jawani’ is a chartbuster and although the film has no leading man to add face-value, Kareena Kapoor has a strong enough fan-following to bring in the crowds, especially since it’s a Madhur Bhandarkar directed film.

We expect the opening day to be around 8 crores and then depending on the word-of-mouth the film could touch the 30 crore mark over the weekend.

Heroine HIT or FLOP Box office Prediction

IF GOOD (positive word-of-mouth)

  • Weekend – 32 crores
  • Weekdays – 15 crores
  • Week 1 Total –  47 crores
  • Final – 70 crores+

IF AVERAGE (mixed response)

  • Weekend – 28 crores
  • Weekdays – 13 crores
  • Week 1 Total – 41 crores
  • Final – 55 crores+

IF BAD (worst case scenario)

  • Weekend – 25 crores
  • Weekdays – 11 crores
  • Week 1 Total – 36 crores
  • Final – 40 crores

The fact that Barfi is doing exceedingly well might affect Heroine at multiplexes, more so if the response is mixed.

Otherwise, Heroine is a fairly safe film. The costs are low and the satellite rights are likely to fetch a very good price.

What do you think? HIT or FLOP for Heroine? Post your predictions below.



  • superhit will be gud for bollywood… film industry should never depend on stars, if more films succeed its gud for the industry

  • Salman Khan tops tax payers list
    With his latest film Ek Tha Tiger touching a staggering Rs. 200 crores mark, Salman Khan has become the biggest star in Bollywood this year. While on the other hand, he has also emerged as the highest taxpayer in Bollywood, shelling out a whopping Rs. 8 crores for the September quarter.
    The 46 year old actor surpassed the rest of the industry by paying a sum of Rs. 8 crores as advance tax in July-September this year, as compared to Rs 5. crores in the same period last year.
    While compared to Salman, other celebs have been more modest (Katrina Kaif- Rs. 2.6 crores, SRK-5 crores, Akshay Kumar- Rs 7.5 crores), a marked increase from last year. However, Aamir Khan has notched a dip with just Rs 3.25 crores as compared to Rs 4.50 crores last year.

  • 8 crore opening?? Really? I love madhur and kareena but 8 crore opening is kind of building castles in the air. It will open with 5 crore . Weekend 16 crore if good the week will close at 33 crore. over all its a safe film with low budget so it will atleast recover its cost.

  • @mukesh kumar do you work in revenue authority? ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha or a flyer was sent to you by salman? ha ha ha ha ha ha

  • Really? For all those people calling Kareena a “flop actress”, do you know what that even is?! Just because Agent Vinod didn’t do so well doesn’t make her a flop actress! In fact, she is the most popular actress of today along with Katrina Kaif! Just because you don’t like her doesn’t mean you can just fabricate stuff about her! Anyways, my box office prediction is as follows…

    Opening day-7.50 crores
    (if positive WOM)
    First Weekend-30 crores
    First Week-45 crores
    Lifetime-70 crores +

    (if mixed WOM)
    First Weekend-26 crores
    First Week-39 crores
    Lifetime-55 crores +

    (if negative WOM)
    First Weekend-22 crores
    First Week-30 crores
    Lifetime-40 crores +

    Well, whatever the outcome is, Kareena will always rule! Her popularity soars each and every day! And, I due hope this film does extremely well as it would put all actresses {not just Kareena) in a whole new league of superstardom all together, just like how Vidya did back in December last year!

  • I don’t know why I watched this movie its stupid. No point its the same story with a different actress. Don’t waste your time and go watch Barfi instead.

  • heroine is flop.movie! But this wont affect kareena”s health as she is so much liked all over the world.
    Heroine will get only a limited audiences. Cz of adult movie no children will be able to watch it and like it unlike superhit movie BARFI!..

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