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The director of box office disasters like Kyun Ho Gaya Na (Amitabh Bachchan, Aishwarya Rai, Vivek Oberoi) and Nanhe Jaisalmer (Bobby Deol) is back with a film titled Heroes starring Salman Khan, Sohail Khan, Vatsal Sheth, Mithun Chakraborty, Sunny Deol, Bobby Deol, Preity Zinta, Dino Morea, Amrita Arora and Riya Sen. With such a huge starcast, the responsibility of the director only increases. Does Samir Karnik deliver? Let’s find out

Heroes is about two youngsters Saandh (Sohail Khan) and Nawab (Vatsal Seth) who travel all the way to the borders of India to deliver 3 letters as a part of their film school project which would earn them their graduation. The journey which promises to be full of adventures ends up changing their lives forever.

Heroes Hindi Film Review

The movie is divided into three short stories. The first (Salman Khan – Preity Zinta) is the best of the lot. Extremely touching, very well directed and performed. Preity Zinta is brilliant in the emotional scenes and Salman Khan makes an impact although he hardly emotes. Jessi the kid, does well too.

The second (Sunny and Bobby Deol) has been shot very unrealistically which takes the shine away from the actual story. Sunny Deol bashing 10 guys at a time wouldn’t work with today’s multiplex audience. Sunny Deol is a tad bit over the top, Bobby Deol has about 2 lines to mouth. Overall, the second story does connect to a certain extent but unfortunately some sequences involving Sunny Deol are hard to digest.

The third part (Mithun Chakraborty, Dino Morea) is poor. The performances as well as the story just do not connect.

The pace of Heroes is too slow. Ideally the second and third parts must have been shorter, crisper and to the point. The movie also has about 3 songs too many, which should be quickly edited out for better overall impact. The climax too is a complete let down. Coming to the cinematography, the locales of Ladakh have been captured beautifully.

Vatsal Sheth does well, the good looking actor has improved quite a lot since his 2004 release Tarzan – The wonder car (opposite Ayesha Takia). When Sohail Khan cries, the audience laugh! Widely known as Salman Khan’s brother, Sohail should get back to the role he performs best… that of a producer. Amrita Arora and Riya Sen have absolutely nothing to do.

Overall, Samir Karnik deserves a pat on his back for attempting something different. The director also succeeds in evoking patriotism in the hearts of the audience. But the pace and the songs kill the otherwise decent movie. At the ticket window, a lot would depend on positive word of mouth. The movie should do good business in North India and at single screens.

Rating: ★★☆☆☆

Other Notes – Roadside Romeo has also released alongside Heroes, the review of which will NOT be published today. So here is some info on the response of the audience, who have already seen the movie. The animation has received immense appreciation but the general feeling is that the story and the execution fails to match up. Much was expected of this venture as it was co-produced by Walt Disney and Yashraj Films.

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  • for me movie was simply awesome

    everybody in the review said negative about the 3rd story of Mithun and Dino but nobody ever tried to see the real pain in that story of a Father and i am damn sure anyone who loves their DAD they will feel the real pain in it

    the other 2 stories were simply awesome too…..

    and guys who simply objects about some un reliastics scenes in the film ..come on guys u should understand its a Hindi Movie and atleast a pinch of it is required in every Hindi Film…..

    i must say ……and i am not shy to admit it ….all the 3 stories in the end made me cried and my heart did felt the pain of it

    actors which were superb in the film were No DOubt …Salman Khan , Sunny , Preity , Mithun and the small kid

    Koi Kuch bhi bolein …..just understand the theme of the fiim ..feel it and then u will know whats the film is all about

    All i say in the end


  • Totally its An Awwsum Movie With Few Good Songs Lyk Mannata n Makhana . Good Script with Gr8 Performance’s Done by Salman , Priety , Sohail n Dwij Yadav . Overall its an a good entertainer with a good message in it . My Rating 4.5/5 .

  • Now.. what do we expect from a bad director who did a kachra movie called ( Kyun Hogaya NA)?! Do we expect him to do a good movie.. a brilliant one?! Ofcourse not as he’s not a talented director. I watched now online 10 minutes of this movie (Heros) and stopped it.. just wanted to kill myself, hated myself for watching this crap for 10 minutes only, couldn’t tolerate it specially when I saw Sohail Khan topless on a bike with his underwear!! and then a trashy actress showed up who’s Riyan Sen, who doesn’t know how to act and in a stupid song.. what a crap!! what happened to bollywood producers?!! Don’t they know how to select good directors for their movies anymore?! I’m sorry for Preity Zinta that she accepted a role in this movie!

    If bollywood didn’t have Yash Raj, Yash Chopra, Aditya Chopra, SLB, Ashoutosh Gowariker.. and didn’t hv SRK, Hrithik, Aamir, Saif.. Akshay, etc.. then he’d hv watched bollywood movies?!!

    And.. this is the 3rd movie with the same title.. first one for Jackie Shroff durig 70’s (hero) then the one Sunny Deol did, a few years ago ( The Hero) and now (Heros), 3 movies with the same title!!

    Alexbutt: Don’t be surprised if u r not indian because, and since discussing with indian commentators here, they never see any good in any movie or any bad in any movie.. and all they care about is the box office collection ( not all of them but most of them)!! all they care about is: how much this movie worked in the weekend..how much profit it did.. how much ppl went to watch.. yah.. if there were lots of audience at the box office so this means that the movie is great!!!! (Oh.. now Golmaat2 will be great for them!) that’s the way they value any movie even if it’s the crappiest and shittiest movie u hv ever seen in yr life too!! ( and please guys.. don’t misunderstand me as I don’t mean to insult anyone here, but it’s the fact which I realized while discussing with most of the commentators on this website, and just visit the page ” the top 5 actors – box office battle” on this website and see the discussion there.. the main concern for most of them is :how much profit this actor did at the box office.. so this actor shoud be at no. 1 position, and the other one should be at no. 2 position, etc. and not according to their talents, capabilities to act, charm, etc.

    Alexbutt: this movie is not even worth to be watched while u r bored.. just kick it out and dump it in your trash! I watched yesterday the movie 1920 and enjoyed it till the end and I don’t want to know the rating for this movie.. I don’t even care about the rating anymore because we have many examples for the stupidest & the silliest movies which did well at the box office and for the past years!! and believe another fact.. ppl who praised this movie (Heros).. if they get to know that they were wrong.. the movie didn’t do well, became a flop.. they “immediately” change their mind and would say: the movie isn’t good!! do u know why? because they never value any movie according to themselves, to their opinions but to the box office.. they never watch any movie with their own eyes, they’re just like: ppl go right.. we also hv to go right.. ppl go left.. we also go left.. and would never know which one is the correct way to go!!

  • Wen Totally crap movie sing is king can bcum a blockbuster With Few good songs and 80’s script wats wrong in dis movie it can b an blockbuster . ppl who have feeling they can understand dis movie well . Wonderful movie must watch at theater’s . My Rating 4/5 .

  • it ws a gud movie xcpt dat sunny deolz action scene(disaster)….salman bhai ws superb n so ws preity……script ws gud too…my ratings…4 on 5….

  • This movie was the worst movie of several years. We walked out of this movie after the interval. Poor acting, poor story, cheap emotional communication, poor direction, poor script..one word yuckkkk. It is surprising to see positive reviews for this movie while some other really good movies were blasted by critics. There is no doubt that these reviewers are clearly biased and/or bought by few rupees.

  • The scarier part is if all these positive review here are genuine, it just shows the low-level state of Indian people who have become so shallow and emotionally needy that they praise such movies that attempt to make money off some sleazy artificial patriotic emotions without really meaning it. Love story 2050 was a blockbuster compared to this crap.

  • it was the fantastic movie of the year i really like it sunny act very well and as well salman preety and the kid one it was the best movie of the year belive me guys wen i was watching this movie i was crying it was superb movie 10/10

  • good movie with lot of emotional scenes which touchs our heart make us cry . good work mr.samir karnik . rating 4/5 .

  • how sad some people saw it online and commented in negative. Watch the complete film and then talk. Bharatputra you got to be from anwhere but India. And speak for yourself dont talk on others who ve liked it.

  • great movie.outstanding acting by macho man sunny deol.salman do a great jod as sardar.the movie is best movie of 2008.sohail ,preity are superb.vathsal is good.i give 5 out of 5.super hit.sunny deol action scene is abest action scene in 2008.

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