Hera Pheri 3 to be grander than previous films

Hera Pheri 3, starring Abhishek Bachchan, John Abraham, Paresh Rawal and Suniel Shetty, will be shot overseas. There are reports that the look and feel of the film will be different from the previous two parts.

Both ‘Hera Pheri’ and ‘Phir Hera Pheri’ were shot in India. But the third part in the super-popular comedy franchise will be grander than the previous two films.

“After the release of Welcome Back, another schedule of Hera Pheri 3 will start. We will start rolling in Morocco and Dubai and this time the film will be shot abroad along with the Mumbai schedule” a source close to the film revealed.

The cost of producing ‘Hera Pheri 3’ is said to be higher than ‘Welcome Back’. The film will be directed by Neeraj Vora, who also directed ‘Phir Hera Pheri’.



  • @Babaji ka thullu, you are right. john is really lousy actor. he is worst choice to replace akki in any movie be it action or comedy. no one can match akki in hera pheri and welcome for sure. all hopes are only on nana, anil and paresh to save WB and Abhi, suniel and paresh for HP3. john was really crap in comedy movies like garam masala, housefull 2, etc. he is good only for dark anti hero roles.

  • @qasim
    Oe putar ki waja ho gi
    Where srk fans talked about collections in this article?Just something clicked on your mind and you start barking.If you face such situation next time then use burnol.I dont know whose fan you are but the way you start barking was very exciting to me.

  • 1st of all HERA PHERI is my best comedy movies of all time among all Bollywood movies.I have watched it numerous times in my much younger days.

    @navin,hatred is good up to some extent.really 1st 2 parts are craps and akki is joker boy,really?????for me biggest joker boy is talentless papa’s boy is salman neither he can give expression,nor can do comedy,action,in everything he is zero required masala scripts along with good actors to make film hit.and for peoples of standard like you prefers classless comedy movies like ready,aaa(humshakals1),judwaa and many more such commercial comedy movies,in which bhai used to do laughing after delivered his dialogues like a crow and not necessarily if others are laughing or not.

    @qasim,opening depends upon 2 things while former one is STARDOM that KING KHAN has.2nd thing is lifetime collection depends upon best director,story,brands upon which sallu+amir depended,lol and at least during your sleeping time avoid of thinking about KING KHAN,LOL.even you can’t enjoy your star’s success with out thinking about KING KHAN,and that’s what KING KHAN’S POWER,Record opening and Record breaking is the job of KING OF BOLLYWOOD not childs like salman,got that?????

    @aban,your bhojpuri sense of humour is too much poisonous for society.

    And akki fans please grow up.every time don’t try to degrade these beautiful franchises.because for me PARESH sir is the show stealer of Hera Pheri as long as He will be there, Hera Pheri franchise will remain ever green.

  • @complaining complan boy

    Now you wanna talk about blind hatred…!

    Not even funny- get lost you loser- I rather be lectured to by a peasant than you…!

  • The makers of Hera pheri 3 and welcome back have kicked out the panouti Kumar….wise decision.

  • @SSS h ha ha ha. gret job. that’s why the king of paglapur is struggling to get highest grosser of the year since 2008. here is the list for you bachche!!!!

    2008- Ghajini
    2009-3 idiots
    2010- Dabangg
    2011- Bodygurd
    2012- Ek tha tiger
    2013- Dhoom 3
    2014- PK
    2015- Bajrangi Bhaijaan

    Now tell me why srk hasn’t been able to give highest grosser of the year since 2008 if he really have stardom? why was he last khan to enter 100 crores club and now 300 cr club also????? aamir and salman enter each club before srk except for 200 cr club in which salman was last because he had no release in 2013 otherwise he would have been 2nd to cross 200 cr club. now don’t blabber your stuppidity.

  • @kkm,why your decade struggler amir and salman struggled in last 2 decades?????in 1st decade (90’s) KING KHAN gave higher JGOTY than amir.in 2nd decade KING KHAN gave higher HGOTY than salman,so where was you chuha fans at that time.

    So don’t show this big and good directors and big brand,south remake associations stories of your decade strugglers,lol.it’s your star’s good luck that KING KHAN couldn’t got audience friendly script otherwise salmir would have lost their existence in bollywood,so salmir not only got success but also retain their existence and 2015 is till not over,so better don’t be so hurry in making lists which will force you later to scream and frustrate,lol.

    another time I would like to repeat OPENING depends upon STARDOM,ams lifetime collection depends upon good story/director/brand/south remake association,lol.and MY STAR already WON 2 DECADES and still this DECADE is running,and anything can happen,so actually big pain remained in your vein of your star and yours whose stars struggled to get hit in last decades and in their peak periods too gave jai ho and talash like epic flopbusters,lol.that’s what called real pain,lol.

    @navin,I know idiots like you will never umderstand,still I forced to give comments against you only because you commented against HERA PHERI,and it seems like you’re taking breathe only by watching salmir’s craps in your whole life,it’s your decission,lol.and about my hatred it’s clear whenever I’ll see talentless papa’s boy’s overhyped movie and their useless fan’s ranting suddenly I will lost my control,and don’t say get lost,because you have to make me lost from here which is just out of your reach,lol.

  • what the hell was director thinking casting john? ritesh is the better option when it comes to comedy…. john will just ruin it he is only good for action genre…

  • Paresh rawal sir, annnaaa, and ab are the only saving grace for hera pheri 3… hope they make it hit…

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