Hawaizaada Trailer: Ayushmann and Mithun impress

The first trailer of Ayushmann Khurrana’s Hawaizaada was released at mid-night. Directed by Vibhu Puri, the film is based on the life of Marathi scientist Shivkar Talpade, credited to have constructed and flown India’s first plane in 1895

Hawaizaada is beautiful story inspired from real life incidents of an unsung hero. Ayushmann plays a passionate scientist who wants the first plane to be flown by an Indian. We quite liked Mithun Chakraborty’s character in the trailer too. Watch the trailer and tell us what you think!



  • awesome trailer and hats off for taking up such topic but how does it matter? this film doesn’t have the overrated khans so the stupid indian audience will not let this film make more than 40-50 cr. i wish, people in india went to see the film for its content and not its starcast.

  • its exact copy of da vincii demons 1st episode. if you don’t believe watch da vincii demons tv show first episode my favorite tv show after got.

  • If ayushmann had been ayushman KAPOOR , he would have been top actor in industry. He is much furnished than OverRAted ranbir kapoor and 100 TImes better than arjun kapoor.
    Ayushmann should take inspiration from king srk to establish himself.

  • superb trailer. this is the story of a man who is real hero of india. Salute for this kind of cinema.well done ayushman and team.

  • I just loved the trailer..ayushmann is really a talented actor much better than overrated talentless youngistaanis.

  • Still some chameleons don’t keep him in their youngistaan list bcoz his films don’t collect much..

    Waiting for baby and hawaizaada.

  • ayushmaan though a gd actor and a very gd human being but I don’t feel like making him part of youngistaan.
    the full name of youngistaan is YOUNGISTAAN-A TEAM OF FUTURE SUPERSTARS
    but I simply cant find that potential in ayushmaan to become a future superstar.

    anyways hop I m proven wrong.all d best for HAWAIZAADA

  • @babaji obviously bo success matter a lot.would akki b considered a superstar if he hadn’t given dozens of hits and superhits in his career??? nahi na.similary to b part of YOUNGISTAAN-A TEAM OF FUTURE SUPERSTARS it is important to get bo success and also show that spark to rrach d top.tiger has started with a hit but he is also not part of youngistaan bcz I simply can’t see that acting potential and spsrk in him to reach d top.anyways hope I m proven wrong

  • Haha @Arjun Kapoor fan..and you saw the spark in arjun kapoor!! lol
    Tiger might not have acted well but his screen presence his superb,dancing and action skills are great.
    But arjun kapoor does’nt know anything..Youngistaan list is badly made.

  • @babaji sambuddha won’t bash @sahir hnywaale fan raees bcoz he is srk fan. But he quickly replied to ur comment bcoz u r non-khan fan.

  • @punk, ur star need a specific type of calculator to make his movies hit…..at first tell him not to do so then talk about khans.

  • @element and u pass comments on others opinion but moment I write anything u start passing ur stupid opinions and pointing out my mistake.this shows ur insecurity.btw mr x won’t even earn 10cr at d bo.mark my words.

  • @sambuddha chatterjee good , if its a bad film, i would be happy if it earns 10cr , rather than being a crap film n still earn due to promotions.

  • @sambuddha i alleged u for not bashing srk fans and u changed topic by commenting on mr x film . This shows ur insecurity. How coward mentality u have?? Btw after tevar, which movie arjun kapur is doing??

  • @element: Arjun kapoor’s career finished after..no films in his kitty.
    Sad end for a supremely talented superstar.

  • @thullu arjun is nt like ur akki that he wil hv 4 releases every yr.he hd 4 films in 12 months and all of them hv benn either commercial or critical success.so he is nw taking a break from doing films and reading lot of scripts.he is nt in a hurry.he is a lambi race ka ghoda u unlike fussu bomb emmy who did well fr temporary period but hs fizzled badly

  • I do not even know how I ended up here, but I thought this post was great.I don’t know who you are but definitely you’re going to afamous blogger if you are not already 😉 Cheers!

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