Hate Story 3 Movie Review

Hate Story is a money making franchise of revenge-sex drama films which have found their audience in Bollywood and found a formula to make money on the back of sex, and good music. For the third part of the series, the makers have employed Sharman ‘Hirani’ Joshi, Karan Singh Grover from Tellywood and two Salman Khan heroines from his two rare failures in recent times. Does the formula continue and does the content get better with the third part of the series?

Story: Aditya Diwan (Sharman) marries Siya (Zarine) who was pregnant with the child of his dead elder brother. But Siya suffers a miscarriage. We are introduced to Saurabh Singhania (Karan, that reminds us how many Karans are there in the industry?!) who is a big business magnate. He offers Aditya a blank cheque to get to sleep with his wife for one night. The reason for this is revealed later on. We are also introduced to Kaya (Daisy) who is Aditya’s confidante. Thus beings a game of cat and mouse between the two men in which the women are played like pawns and used in the game of oneupmanship.

Screenplay and Direction: Hate Story 3 can be best described as the poor man’s Race movie with a smaller budget and lower grade actors. For all of its promise of sex, it seems as if most of the steamy scenes were already shown in the trailers and the movie is basically a skeleton of revenge twists and turns. The twists in Hate Story 3 are so bizarre that even Abbas Mastan would hide their faces on seeing the movie. There is no coherence, no respect for any semblances of any logic and the dialogues are just another level of cheesy. Why can’t these movies at least have relatable dialogues? Only thing that works in terms of direction is that it is never boring, as something always keeps happening on screen.

Hate Story 3 looks like a cheaply made film because the set designer and the costume designer don’t even try to hide the fact that they had to make do with a smallish budget. The editing is haphazard with some scenes ending seemingly at random.

Music: The music of a T-series is always expected to be good or at the very least, hummable. Sadly, Hate Story 3 fails in that benchmark too. The only song which makes a mark is the reimagining of “Tumhe Apna Banane Ka” by Amaal.

Acting: Hate Story 3 is a train wreck when it comes to the casting and acting reaches new depths. To make a film so reliant on the hotness of the actresses in it, surely more appealing women could have been cast? Ignoring that, neither Zarine nor Daisy are able to make any sort of impact in their roles. The expressions are forced and they are basically just reciting their memorized dialogues. Yes, it’s that bad. What is Sharman Joshi doing in a film like this? Why is he ruining his image of doing films like 3 Idiots, Ferrari Ki Sawaari and Rang De Basanti with this drivel? Karan Singh Grover tries his best because we can assume he saw this film as an audition for bigger and better films. He is good looking but lacks in the acting department.

Conclusion: Hate Story 3 is incoherent, doesn’t give the sexual amazement that it promised and the revenge plot is too twisted with bizarre logic. However, even with everything that it doesn’t get right, it gets one thing right. It is never boring. It keeps throwing plot points and twists at the audiences at a rapid pace which ends up keeping the audience occupied. That doesn’t mean the film is entertaining either.


  • It is never boring
  • Karan Singh Grover is good
  • Tumhe Apna Banane Ka song is hummable


  • The two lead actresses are jarring and unattractive
  • Sharman Joshi is miscast
  • The plot twists are plain and simple stupid
  • The editing is random
  • The costume design and production design is cheap
  • The music disappoints

Rating: ★☆☆☆☆



  • Two SRK heroines are working with top production houses and two Salman khan heroines are working in B Grade sex movies.

  • @Muscat – That’s because SRK only launches actresses with talent like Deepika and Anushka. Salman is forced to launch every daughter of filmi people because of his family filmi ties.

  • nice review… agreed in all things expect the music segment…

    bcz two of the four songs r just amazing nd chartbuster nd liked by all i.e wajah tm ho nd tumhe apna bnane ki… nd tu ishq mera is also plyed in djs etc.. so its enough for a movie to have two or three chrtbusters…

  • Well this is a film that just dont need reviews. Those who want to watch it will surely watch it. They wont take anyone’s advice.
    Weekend collections will decide its future but with a very small bugdet this kind of film should be very profitable for its makers.

  • Heroines need Salman to revive their careers. Eg. Kat, Zareen, Sonakshi
    Shahrukh needs heroines to revive his career. Eg. Deepika

  • Like Zareen khan today, even Srk was so desperate to save his career he had to work in softporn films like maya memsaab in 1990s.
    Two strugglers :'(

  • Atleast its watchable because it has sex and romance and the cast is not greedy like Akshay Kumar who demands a lot of money.

  • I can’t understand why this type films are always rejected by critics.
    If a comedy can’t make you laugh then will critic says it is boring.
    What the indian critics always want from a s*x film???
    This film has enough bold scenes but now what they expect.

    • @Balika Bad-hu, the problem is, Hate Story 3 doesn’t even have enough sex scenes. What you have already seen in the trailer / song promos is what you see in the film too. Hate Story 1 was by far the most erotic film in the series.

  • he two lead actresses are jarring and unattractive… this is not true.. Zarine is super hot.. look @ the no of views for Hate story 3 on youtube… no one clicked on the link to see sharman and Karan

  • Agree with indicine, Hate Story 1 was the most erotic movie of Bollywood.. I have seen many clips of it on YouTube. Paoli Dam was on another level.

  • Hollywood has great erotic thrillers like basic instinct, body double, eyes wide shut, wild things, dressed to kill and others. And bollywood has pseudo erotic thriller hate story 3, what a crap movie)

  • Rofl at Rangil Singh comment
    comment. Chotu Indicine dady dekhenge toh kya bolenge.. :’D
    By the way what does that mean “It is never boring”?

  • Salman must be really proud of the “talent” of Zarine and Daisy. It was Salman who advised them to act in such “content driven” movie. We are happy Salman. Pls keep launching more such new heroines.

  • @ Rangil : Awesome comment :) Reality is this movie was always for only tharkis. Other than hot scenes what else was there to look forward in such movie. If everything has been shown in trailer wats the use of watching the movie. Salman Khan is the only lucky person who can watch and get more :)

  • Tharki indicine ..haha awesum comment
    More like tharkicine
    Bw good to see indicine replying to it and giving it thumbs up…good fun

  • Its completely wrong review , this film is complete paisa vasool ,zarine khan is too hot . Indicine you have described more clearly , you said the heroines are not good and sexy then how come the trailer is getting a record views , and what if it is not boring then how come it is not good film to watch, everyone could tell what is the story base then why you are saying a senseless story . And how come low production it is ,ab kya 50cr ki film bnega kya ye sb
    heroines are much sexier in this film ,all i have to say that
    it is quite decent film to watch out not a waste like shandar and bv ..

  • hate story3 film collection prediction

    Opening day : 8-9 cr
    Sceond day : 9-11 cr
    Third day : 10-11 cr
    Four day : 4-5 cr
    Five day : 4 cr
    Sixth day : 3 cr
    Seven day : 3 cr

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