Happy Song Video – Happy Ending

‘Happy’ from the sets of Happy Ending

Joining the revolution of Happy jigs from around the world (to the tune of ‘Happy’ by Pharrell Williams) here’s a fun behind-the-scenes video from the sets of Happy Ending.




  • Oh Yes ! Happy Ending seems to be a nice movie .. but for us ‘KhujliGuard’ remains the best classic movie ever made.
    “tha bass tumhara intezar .. aaya re aaya KhujliGuard”
    let me run away in my rickshaw now.

  • because i m happy !!!!!

    my favourite song this year…

    and i love minions too !!! next july in 2015 let’s set out to find the new evil master.. #Minions_the movie

  • as u all know i am not happy after watching hny so i wanna watch happy ending cuz for me saif is better and national award wining actor so his movie will be better than hny in terms of story and entertainment if not in collection.

  • @ gotya- dnt know what happened to quality of srk fans after shoking hny they are mentally challenged and will be perfect casting for humshakals ke humshakals.
    @ arjun- there are many gotya-lotya, chulli but we have bulli who alone is better than all his humshakals.
    plz both of u use itchguard otherwise u cant clap on my comments.

  • SRK the king of Bollywood!! No other can come close to him in awards and global recognition.And by the way he is the second richest star on planet!!!

  • oh! yeah……happy ending title suggests a happy ending for the film but bhai fans are still in doubt about the ending of criminal bhai’s jail journey

  • @SRK Express, Toh Kya Hua! Tere Ko Kitna Mila? Tu Kyun Itna Uchal Raha Hai, Paisay Uska Hai! Woh Bhi Kama Ya Hai Aamir Logon Ki Shaadiyon Mein Nach Nach Ke, Aur Kam Income Tax Company Tax Deke!
    Aur Woh Garibon Mein Kitna Baad Ta hai?

    @Goatya, you are not funny at all but slowly turning Khujli Kaapoor who is a fan of the biggest fan (Arjun Kapoor) of Salman Khan!
    If u want to be funny, invent a new funny character. Don’t simply copy Bulli, the rockstar, you goatya fan of goatyaking. You plagiarize exactly like your king plagiarizes others’ films.

    @Chame Leone Kapoor, you are such a waste chameleon! No fan base will accept u except for lungiwaales no matter how much you try to do your chamchagiri because you too are a lungiwala behind youngistan mask.

  • lol at the logic of king fans…talking about richness. ..u can’t compare a businessman and actors. ..srk is a businessman. .case closed

  • @ anand_the original

    dear “original” get your facts cleared.
    he is the only INDIAIN awarded by UNESCO for charity. unesco people arent blind to nominate anyone. he owns many villages. donates at the time of crisis. and does not go on TV, SOCIAL MEDIA for saying that ” look I am doing charity”.

    kya yaar. kuch ORIGINAL baatein bhi kiya karo

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