Happy New Year shoot resumes without SRK

The shooting of Farah Khan’s Happy New Year has resumed without Shahrukh Khan. The superstar is still recovering from his shoulder and knee injury that he sustained on the sets of the film.

However, the actor is expected to re-join the Happy New Year team this week.

“And another big schedule starts of ‘Happy New Year’ today (Monday, 3rd Feb)! It’s always like a family reunion…and yes am letting Shahrukh Khan rest today”

The actor was also spotted at Ahana Deol’s wedding reception (picture below)

An injured SRK attends Ahana Deol's wedding reception

An injured SRK attends Ahana Deol’s wedding reception



  • Srk is far far better actor than irfan khan and naseer. MJ is nowhere near srk’s dancing . Srk is much more intelligent than albert einstein.Celine dion,mariah carey,MJ are nowhere near srk’s singing. Srk is 10000 times more popular than tom cruise. CE is a much bigger film than avatar,titanic. Srk is the most handsum fellow in da world.

  • hmmm…..next film to touch 500 crores after dhoon-3……Mr.salman khan yet break into 200 crore club…

  • Look at Salman and Akshay. They do so many action stunts themselves and are quite fit. This fellow does one small stunt and his whole body breaks down. Buddah Khan.

  • What a big issue these HNY makers made of the incident.
    After the incident I understood 1 thing-
    SRK can do only romance, not action
    Hope they dont sign SRK for Dhoom franchise otherwise we will see Ambulance chases in the film not bike chase LOL

  • @indicine congrats as first time i have seen ads on this site, so i am happy that this site growing day by day, though the first ad i seen is of Congress Campain the party i hating).

    Srk best of luck, i hope you will recover very soon and join the crew.

    @nipun good jock dear, i know for whom you typed the same comment, but i agree Srk is one who given birth to God…

  • Haters are barking consistently. What happens with Lallu? Why Flop Ho was delay? Coz of injury and surgery. Every actor faces this. Not only KING SRK.

    Girte Hain Shahsawar Hi Medane Jang Main

    And by the way is so called load of stunts favours Flop Ho? Boss? OUATIMD? Talash?

    Lallu even tries to get the sympathy of KING’s fans through dancing on Lungi Dance. Hugging KING & Abhishek. But nothing helps him. Flop Ho shows him his reality. Back to the Past. Series of Flops.

  • @indicine my mistake as i haven’t noticed, but i think today first time site updated ad on top of every post before the article, so i noticed this time, any way its good.

  • Hahaha!! SRK, action is not your cup of tea. Don’t try something what you are not good at! It looks like your physicality is not made for doing action films.
    HNY aka Players 2 will be the Besharam of 2014. Life-Time Collections: 65.5 Crores. It is a revenge plot against the Thakur of Paglapur by Farah and her hubby, Shirish, for pulling his (shirish’s) hair down at a party.
    Anyway, pray that SRK stays fit and healthy. Nothing personal against him!

  • Isn’t he supposed to be on bed.Why this man can ‘t take rest yaar!!I love him and want him to be healthy.
    @True fan,aaccident happens suddenly.u can suddenly get hurt when u go out that doesnt mean that u will stop going outside.
    @nipun,what happen to u!isn’t 2nd favorite srk?

  • @nipun. Nice jaouke I can’t stop laughing. Please provide such joke sometimes. Sharukh is not handsome but he is stylish unlike Alien Hrithik. He is not best dancer but he has his own style. He is not a good singer but has a good voice and is the best speaker in bollywood. His film don’t make more money compare to hollywood star bcuz hindi is not universal language. But he is idolised more than any hollywood stars. He may not be the best actor in the world for critics and those who believes them but he is the best actor in the world for the public who idolize him
    In short, he don’t have looks, body, height, weight, martial arts, family backing but still he came and conquered the bollywood. Howzatt possible?

  • Poor fellow…..so sad to see him like a patient….he should take two stick and sing song like aaj purani raaho se koi mujhe aawaz na de hooohooooo…….lolzzzzzz

  • My suggestion is for haters, instead of spread hate against Sir KING SRK, better to go na watch Flop Ho thay may help Lallu Bhai Jan. Overconfident Khan triend to made his brothers carrier forcefully. Sohail is a Crap Actor Disaster Director. But Lallu bhai jan want him to become Rajkumar Hirani as a Director and Aamir Khan as an Actor. hahaha my foot. Point to be noted i mentioned Aamir (Perfaketionist) coz its impossible to match that crap[ with KING Size Actor that is Sir SRK.

    3 Cheers

  • hey guys u see this pic shows clearly that SRK performs his owns stunts which was apparant in Don 2 unlike bhojpuri bhai who clearly needs stunt doubles for 95% of his action scenes (reference Ek tha tiger)and VFX to hide his rolly polly delhi belly(pun intended) with digital 6 packs……………..

  • Sohail Khan 1st Director in Bollywood and Worldwide 2nd after Stephen Spielberg who delivers 4 All Time Blockbuster in a Row.

    1. Hello Brother
    2. Auzzar
    3. Main Aur Mrs Khanna
    4. Jai Ho

    Amazing spellbinding, Unbelievable.

    3 Cheers

  • Thakur on crutches is not a good sight….! Serious Comment. Get well soon.

    PS Its clearly evident that Thakur is struggling to get his leg over with Deepika and deep down that must hurt him but atleast Deepika has some respite from this philandering cradle snatcher buddah and his free roaming wandering dirty hands…!

  • Picture shows that Srk now needs the support of a cane for walking.Even Manoj kumar sir was walking without cane in Star guild awards.lol

  • @nipin alcoholic Sarkar is though a better dancer than Rohit Roshan, we can all safrly agree on that…!

    Sarkars lungi dance rocked the nation- of that there is no doubt.

  • HNY shooting can continue without Srk as Deepika is the main lead and her name will come 1st in the credit list in starting of the movie like CE.So Farah khan must be relieved that her main lead is fit and fine while other supporting cast can take a break.lol

  • @True fan They will sign Srk for Dhoom franchise in future and he will replace Uday chopra(Ali) as Uday has announced his retirement.Srk’s comic timing has also improved after CE so he will be perfect choice for that role and also he and his fans have a habit of day dreaming like Ali.lol

  • @sachin11 lol

    Thakur will be a good choice to play Abhisheks sidekick as hes had plenty of practice being a supporting actor to Abhishek like in KANK and this years Diwali extravaganza ‘Farahs Tees Maar Khan meets Shirish Kunders Joker’…!

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