Happy New Year Saturday Box Office Update

UPDATE 1AM on Saturday: Happy New Year has collected around 36 crore including all versions on Saturday.

Happy New Year is on a historic run at the box office, as the morning shows on Saturday are only about 10-20% lower compared to yesterday at most multiplex centres that we have been tracking. Noon shows have picked up, most shows are running to capacity and the gap between Friday and Saturday business should narrow towards the end of the day.

For most films that do well at multiplexes, collections tend to peak on Saturday night, and this should be the case with Happy New Year too. The Shahrukh Khan film could record its second straight 40 crore day, but for that business has to pick up in the evening.

Happy New Year is rock-steady at single-screens too, which suggests that the word-of-mouth even with the masses is pretty good. Most films that aren’t carrying appreciation, begin to show drops at single-screens as early as Friday evening, that hasn’t been the case with Happy New Year. The film opened very well on Friday and remained steady throughout the day. Saturday too has opened on a very positive note.

Some updates from various cities across India

  • Pune: Multiplexes are steady with average occupancy of around 75-80% so far today. Advance booking is very good here, so occupancy could touch 100% for the night shows.
  • Kolkata: Huge! At some plexes the occupancy is comparable to Saturday, even though today is a working day.
  • Bangalore: Normal Saturday morning drop here, picked up in the noon. Night expected to be packed to capacity, as advance is very good.
  • Mumbai: Plenty of shows here, so the average occupancy including single-screens seems to be hovering around 50-60% today. Will pick up.
  • Mangalore: Yesterday morning the occupancy on 3 screens was a little lower than big films like Dhoom 3, but night shows were houseful. Today, the opening shows were better than yesterday!

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