Happy New Year – Farah Khan to direct SRK!

WHo would have imagined that SRK and Farah will ever work together, after the ugly incident between SRK and Shirish Kunder, that took place at the Agneepath success party?

In less than 2 months after the incident, all is well between the two best buddies of Bollywood. The duo are likely to join hands for a film titled ‘Happy New Year’.

Choreographer Farah Khan made her directorial debut with SRK in Main Hoon Naa (2004). The two Khans re-created the magic with the 2007 blockbuster Om Shanti Om. After OSO, the SRK-Farah friendship turned sour, as she signed Akshay Kumar for Tees Maar Khan. THe film didn’t do well at the box-office.

Happy New Year was initially planned before Tees Maar Khan, but had to be shelved as SRK was busy with Ra One and Farah had just delivered her triplets.

Sources say, Farah flew to London to discuss the schedule with the actor who is currently shooting for Yash Chopra’s next film.

Expect an official confirmation soon!



  • Wow..a blockbuster coming soon now..what a family yaar..shirish directing salman im Kick..and now..Farah directing Shahrukh in next..manna padega boss!

  • It is not confirm new.mujhe nahi lagta ki wo sath kam karenge .it is fake news.jab farah khud batayengi tab vishwas hoga.

  • some big projects coming from srk
    yrf next,chennai express,happy new year,a r murugdoss remake film.he is going to rule next 3 years.

  • @Indicine And its been said that in next Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s film,SRK will be paired with Aishwarya,is it true?

  • srk how much ur upcoming going to earn?
    it will break all records of my previous films

    previous films means ra.one which was failed to recover even budget of the film?
    actually i tried to make my fans fools by promoting my film as a super hero film but i forget that most of them have grown up
    thats y it didnt earn money for me that was probably my biggest mistake ever

    making fans fools means?

    ha ha ha …………
    actually i made them fools with almost every movie
    like in rab ne banadi i did one role with muchtach and another without and my heroin didn’t recognized me till climax
    same i did in my name is khan like as soon as kajol ask me to meet president i start saying my name is k……………..
    and in ra.one i crossed limit like promoted my self as super hero my fans dont even know the meaning of super hero
    super hero means human with special powers but in that film i played a role of game sprite ha ha ha…… now u can understand how big fools they are ha ha ha ……….

    i understand thats why u tried to sell ra.one toys and mp3 player which plays chamak challo?

    ofcourse man they are just mad but i dont know when they grown up and didnt buyed it man i lost lot of money in making dolls and mp3 players

    ok tell me what is your position in bollywood ?

    you dont know my position i am king of bollywood

    can u tell me how?
    i am ruling from years on boxoffice.
    sorry but reality is that u have only 4 biggest hits of year but salman has 7biggest hits of years and amir has 3 biggest hits of year so i dont think u ruled it ?
    hm hm ……………
    ya u r right they even give more atbb than me like salman 4 and amir 3 and me only 2
    any ways i am the king

    even dog will tell i am king so do we believe .do u thing i am a fool like ur fans?
    hm hm…………
    actually u r right .
    since my fans are big fools if say my self king then they will start believe it without knowing the facts.

    ok tell me why are you mimicking others actors in award functions dont you have ur own skills to entertain on ur own y u r using others name to earn money?
    actually i dont have much skills to show i can do only roti surath films
    so in awards we cannot do like that other wise people tune in to other channel so i try to become comedian like Sunil Pal,Raju Srivastava,Naveen Prabhakar etc

    ok last question its been long time u delivered all time blockbuster?
    atbb need lots of fan following which i used to had 15 years ago so i think i cannot give it any more

  • Actually it was SRK who refused TMK..shrish followed him..but SRK was unhappy with Script..and did the right thing..
    SRK said yes..so Script of Happy New Year might be good..so lets…see how SRK strikes back in Full On MASALA..Film…like OSO..which did Record Breaking business..

  • At last Farah realizes that there is one king in bollywood the king SRK. And without srk she is nothing in this industry.
    Good luck SRK. Waiting for another blockbaster.

  • Its pretty shameful that A lady’s husband got a slapped by someone then also that lady is working with the guy who slapped her husband…..what a loserrr….

  • very nice….ye dono ab ek saat aa sakthe hain tho salman-SRK kyu nahi?plz dost ban jaao yaar..!!


  • I dont know why sallu’s dogs n idiots i.e his fans r so jealous of srk n his films……..when farah khan come backs to srk 4 a movie they started barking n even abusing both srk n farah…..
    Arre gali k kutton have you ever seen srk fans abusing sallu n his director….srk fans reacts back only after some dog(sallu fans) abuses srk n his wife or family…….

  • 3 idiots = My name is khan Ra-one Don 2 You decide original King khan [Vote aamir khan Up symbol] [Vote sharukh khan down symbol]

  • srk refused TMK & JOKER that is what caused the sour relationship .

    Although i didn’t liked the story of OSO but MHN was good.

    All in all , iam hoping SRK good luck.

  • dear @indicine there is a lot of ramours which states that srk will do many movies next year at least three , so can you write an article which tells us the SRK upcoming movies.

    Also there are another ramours which are stating that aamir khan is in dilemma to choose between DHOOM3 & RAJ KUMAR HIRAN’s next , do you hear any news about that? if this is true who can replace ?


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